Seems Competition Coming For Josh Freeman

December 31st, 2012

It sure smells as if struggling Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman may get a decent backup to help push him to be his best self.

In this morning’s press conference, Greg Schiano made it clear to the Tampa Bay pen and mic club that he believes competition at all positions is beneficial to a football team and did not duck the notion it could also help Freeman.

“I will meet individually with josh. Again, it was an up and down year but you look at 4,000 yards and records all over the place. A lot of positives there. Certainly when an expectation level is set and you don’t make it, there is disappointment. Josh is probably his own toughest critic so I don’t know if anything I am going to tell him is going to shock him. I think perspective and sequencing what he has to do until we get back together April 15 , first thing he has to do is get away from the game a relax a little bit. Then there is a sequencing of things that I think has to happen for him and we will discuss that and part of that will come out of the evaluation.

“I am not all in with myself yet so how can I be all in with Josh Freeman or any other player? I need to evaluate. What I can say is, [Freeman is] a 4,000-yard passer, a [team] touchdown record [holder]. There are things you say, ‘Wow!’ Does he frustrate me? Yeah. But those things frustrate him too. Quite frankly I really like Josh Freeman. [I have] to evaluate every single thing for what is best for this organization Do I think Josh Freeman will win Super Bowls in this league? Yeah, I do. I hope that happens here. But I have to evaluate everything before I can say, ‘That is what I am doing.’ I do believe in competition at every spot including the quarterback. I want to have as many good football players on our football team as we can at every single position. As much competition as we can create throughout the football team rises the level of everything. It’s human nature when there is competition the level rises.”

Now there is a rule of thought that Freeman getting pushed may just rattle him and unnerve him and he may regress.

This is the quandary the Bucs find themselves in with their quarterback. His contract runs out after the 2013 season. Should he hit the lottery or should the Bucs sign him to a team-friendly, salary cap-smart pact?

Maybe seeing how Freeman reacts to being pushed will give the Bucs an idea about the details of his new contract.

40 Responses to “Seems Competition Coming For Josh Freeman”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Josh was given enough opportunity …but gezzo ohhh pezzo…potential vs inconsistency…can’t hang the hopes of the franchise soley on his shoulders next year….

  2. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Need a change-of-pace #2…either someone super accurate or super fast

  3. Raphael Says:

    Makes sense to me, really like Shiano…really like Freeman ..and really like Martin….

    I agree with coach Shiano, that Josh will win a Super Bowl somewhere. Hope it’s here. That would suck if that happened for the 4th time….lol

  4. pewterpirate99 Says:

    ” Now theres a rule of thought that Freeman getting pushed may just rattle him and unnerve him and he may regress.” Tell him to shake it off and put on his big boy pants! For crying out loud he’ll be a 4 year nfl veteran, grow up. If he’s that mentally weak that he can’t handle some possible competition that will make him and/or the team better, then he’s not the franchise quarter back a lot of people want to crown him as. See Mark Sanchez. I want to believe that he’s mentally tougher than that.

  5. BucfaninMi Says:

    competition is already on the team, Adam Weber put him on the roster!

  6. Theodore Says:

    “Now there is a rule of thought that Freeman getting pushed may just rattle him and unnerve him and he may regress.”

    Better a backup QB rattles him first before a DC rattles him later in a big game.

  7. buccanay Says:

    If freeman cant handle competition at his own position without the possibility of a mental meltdown, we got BIG problem. Its hard to say, but I do believe he’s been “coddled” to a degree for his ENTIRE playin career. I think he’s gotten by on pure physical talent alone, and not sure how he would handle REAL competition. Always hear “competition brings out best” so you’d think it would help him, if it doesnt, maybe he’s not our QB. No matter Josh’s feelins, we cannot afford NOT to bring in competition.

  8. eric Says:

    “Will that happen here”

    “Frustrates me”

    “I like him”

    Hes finished.

  9. Nick2 Says:

    I like that Schiano doesn’t just give the pat wringing endorsement you hear most head coaches say about their QB. The man gave his honest opinion and I like it!!

  10. FlBoy84 Says:

    May have a new QB coach coming in as well now that Whisenhunt has been fired in AZ. Schiano was trying to get McNulty last year and may now have the chance to do so. Would be the perfect QB Coach who could possibly step into OC role if Sullivan ends up moving on for a HC gig in the next few years.

  11. Mavsmoney Says:

    Josh Freeman can’t throw accurately to the slot reciever.

  12. Raphael Says:

    And…cue the silly Freeman hate group

  13. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Been feeling for weeks that it’s time for the Bucs to invest a third or fourth round pick on a good QB prospect to be at the very least the backup or at most move past Freeman on the depth chart in a couple years. I’d love to see Landry Jones, Zac Dysert or Ryan Nassib drafted by the Bucs. Those guys should all be available in the third or fourth round and all have a lot of upside. It’s time to upgrade Orlovsky and give Freeman some real competition.

  14. FunkYxMunkeY Says:

    So I’m thinking Geno Smith would look great in a Bucs uniform. He is super athletic, but more importantly. Can throw and insanely accurate pass!! He is just like RG3 in concern to his throwing ability and his ability to escape pressure! He would be a great QB to have. We should still keep Freeman and give him one last season. But if it doesn’t work then Geno could step in and hopefully succeed! IF Freeman was to work out, then Geno would have great trade value.

  15. buccanay Says:

    good point flboy…ron Turner is current QB coach I beleive, and he’s gotta be around 70. IMO, Josh needs a younger guy who’ll physically and mentally work with him, also some who may relate better. turner was a strange hire as a QB coach. freeman needs a PJ Fleck, kinda in-your-face, emotional type of coach. Josh McDaniels type, but those guys dont last long as QB coach’s.

  16. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    Was there any news or hint of coaching additions or changes? As coaches are dropping like flies today anyone speculating on what we will do at wide receiver, DB and/or defensive coordinator? QB coach too?

  17. Ali Says:

    “Do I think Josh Freeman will win Super Bowls in this league? Yeah, I do.”

    Doug Williams
    Steve Young
    Trent Dilfer
    Josh Freeman?

  18. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Schiano won’t give him the vote of confidence because it would make himself look stupid. Gosh is a coach killer.

    Many among us went to a 4 year college and were a little confused and out of sorts the first few months. Even though they threw new professors at us every semester, after 4 years we figured it out and graduated.

    When my son graduated college, after two years, the Dean asked how many students had been attending without attaining a degree for over a decade? 30 students stood up. Two decades, 10 stood. Three decades, one stood.
    Which group is Gosh in?

  19. eric Says:

    Lots of folks joining the ffca today.

    Greg may take note when deciding which horse to hitch his wagon to.

  20. Raphael Says:

    He should hitch it to Freeman if he wants a Super Bowl.

  21. Patrick Says:

    Raphael, I think it’s pretty obvious that Freeman played like sh!t for 5 weeks until yesterday’s game. His consistency hurt this team all year. Why can you not grasp that simple fact?

  22. Patrick Says:


  23. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Greg may hitch his wagon to the JCP, Jadeveon Clowney Project.

  24. eric Says:

    Perhaps if we had bill walsh, joe gibbs or the best defense in history those guys mighta won a super bowl here.

  25. Raphael Says:

    @ Eric. …actually Joe Gibbs was here once upon a time…

    @ Patrick. … 2 weeks. In row. Not 5.

  26. Northend Says:

    Bring murray back to tampa…develop properly= next brees

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    Yesterday he was ok, its not like he eased anyone’s unease about his inconsistency.

    Bravo Schiano, now let’s watch and see hahaha.

    And thanks Ms.Kleo for your psychic analysis on Jekyll/Hyde winning the Superbowl. That gives us such confidence… nah

  28. Gus Says:

    If competition rattle him then he doesn’t have what it takes to be a consistent starting quarterback. Either way we will know what freeman can do and what he is made of next year.

  29. Gus Says:

    If competition rattle him then he doesn’t have what it takes to be a consistent starting quarterback. Either way we will know what freeman can do and what he is made of next year.

  30. Mr Lucky Says:

    I’d like to see another QB come to town to push Freeman – right into Tampa Bay.

    Freeman = young Bryon Leftwich

  31. mark2001 Says:

    I’m on fire…said it during the game….no more retread journeymen to hold the clipboard. A young in in the third or forth round that has some athletic ability, brains, and character to bring in and at least give Josh a little competition. I don’t want a revolving door, or folks yelling “get the hook” after one or two poor games, but EVERYONE must feel some pressure and accountability to play their best.

  32. PRBucFan Says:

    Agreed Gus.

  33. Patrick Says:

    Either sign Kyle Orton or draft a mid round quarterback…….Landry Jones maybe?

  34. raphael Says:

    LMAO ^^^^^^^^^

  35. Machiavellii Says:

    BREAKING NEWS : Bucs trade Josh Freeman to Dallas Cowboys for Tony Romo and 1st /2nd round picks lol only if dreams could come through……

  36. Machiavellii Says:

    I like Josh Freeman as much as everyone else but I am also a realist and I do not think that he is going to improve any more than what he has shown us in the past few seasons. It’s not like he is going to magically transform into a different QB over the course of the offseason. It that was the case we might as well hang onto all the cornerbacks on the roster too in case they magically transform into better players as well…

    Unfortunately I think it’s time to move on.. Trade him while there is value we should be able to get some decent picks for him. This team will be ready for a playoff push next year and I for one don’t want to take a chance on freeman. The NFL is a touch business and sometimes we just got to let go and start a fresh.. Josh Freeman as it stands now is a lot of work..

  37. mark2001 Says:

    Wouldn’t like the Romo deal. I’m not sure how good Freeman can be, but Romo will never lead a team to a SB championship. How many years do you need to see him self-destruct in big games? He’s a slightly better Jeff George or Rob Johnson, but nothing more. He doesn’t have the mental toughness of a A. Rodgers, Bradshaw, Aiken, Elway or a P. Manning…or even a Trent Dilfer.

  38. Tye Says:

    I see this as good news…. At least Coach Shiano makes it sound like the Bucs will STOP giving JF a free pass season after season just because and actually do what it takes to make this team a constant competitor again…

    I can not remember any other past Bucs QBs that were ever coddled like good ole JF!

  39. PRBucFan Says:

    Agreed Tye

  40. Ladyz Says:

    Let me get this straight, “bringing in a little competition for Josh might make him regress.” By all means don’t let him read this blog or it will put him into a deeper depression. He has stated on his radio show he doesn’t like to run the ball, so he will never be another Vick or RGIII. Can’t throw short so will never be another Fran Tarkinton. Not constantly accurate so there’s another negative . Stares down receivers , has happy feet, makes bad decisions, as Miguel ( still can’t get over – it only took 7 min into the new year for some one to call him an idiot ) is astute to assess, “you can’t fix stupid”. All I can add is what Nancy Karidan screamed, “WHY”!

    Is Freeman a real Buccaneer man? Not unless he got new courage, new heart and new football smarts for Christmas.

    Bring on the competition and may the best man play!