Schiano Feeds Talking Points To Roy Miller’s Agent

December 28th, 2012

Gerald McCoy surely is the Bucs’ comeback player of the year, but sidekick defensive tackle Roy Miller can’t be far behind. Miller wasn’t on injured reserve last season, thoiugh he often seemed to on a different team.

This season, however, Miller is one of the anchors in the NFL’s best run defense. And Miller plays primarily on first and second downs.

“He is a heck of a run stopper and plays the position, you know we call the tilt nose in our defense, he plays it very well. And he’s really custom-built to play it,” Schiano said yesterday. “I mean his traits really fit the position.”

Miller, 25, is an unrestricted free agent after the season, and these takes from Schiano must have brought smiles to Miller and his agent.

Schiano couldn’t have offered a stronger endorsement to re-sign Miller. But a head coach’s desires don’t always matter.

Raheem Morris openly and similarly cheered the importance of Barrett Ruud and Cadillac Williams at the end of 2010, and Raheem wanted them back in 2011. Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik did not grant his wishes.

35 Responses to “Schiano Feeds Talking Points To Roy Miller’s Agent”

  1. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    I’m almost positive we draft a DT in the 1st Rd (after we trade down b/c Dee Milliner will already be gone…plus, why would Bucs want ROOKIES trying to fix the worst secondary in NFL History??????) Roy Miller is expendable but Michael Bennett is NOT (franchise tag him)

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I don’t see the Bucs paying Miller to come back. I expect other teams to outbid for his services.

    I’d like to take a look at Randy Starks of the Dolphins or Alan Branch of the Seahawks. They has been above average their entire careers and are solid in all phases.

  3. drbinshore Says:

    Every team needs a good DT rotation…..Miller and Gibson at the nose. What we need is another decent 3 tecnique to play behind McCoy. That’s 4 guys plus Bowers rushing inside on 3rd and long.

    As far as Miller being “expendable”…….I seriously doubt that this defensive minded coaching staff agrees with that garbage.

    They will resign Roy Miller- he’s not going to be terribly expensive and he’s a total workaholic who does everything that’s asked of him (and then some) and he is durable. He has played through many injuries without saying a word about it……even when this clueless fanbase was saying he “sucked”.

    After the Brian Price experiment…..Mark Dominic will go with the proven, reliable guy in Roy Miller.

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Ian – Who in the free agent pool is that good value? McKelvin? Houston?

  5. Raphael Says:

    Joe- do you agree that they will jump all over Hankins or lotulelei if either is available in the 1st rd….?

  6. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    In a league where everything is uncertain where nothing is guaranteed, including player performance. Why would you let a guy go, whom you know what to expect you know what he can bring to the table, he has had great consistency, total work horse give every play 110%. When you cant see the uncertaincies of bringing a guy who may not pan out.

  7. Nick2 Says:

    Run stopper yes, pass rusher ummmmmm no!

  8. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    @Have a Nice Day….Bucs are in a tuff spot again..because they have the money but the CB is thin (can’t over pay for injured guys). Hopefully, the Bucs do research and find guys at a good value. Rutgers has an excellent CB that we can draft in the 2nd Round.

  9. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @drbinshore you seem to be in tune with the game as well as how to manage

    @Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s Drinking Problem doesnt have a clue is about football nor could you manage to get to an AA meeting you sound a very hung over

    Bucs need another horse to fill in behind McCoy, i felt he could have had a better seasnon if he wasnt on the field every single play, very hard to make any adjustments or get into his ear when he is winded between series when he knows he will soon be back on the field as the offense is not performing

  10. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s Drinking Problem :
    you are all over the place first ya say dont draft rookies as help in the secondary now you are saying we need a CB in the 2nd round….. you should log off because you are making yourself look like an ass

  11. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @ Have A Nice Day: you are wasting your time asking Ian any technical potential prospect questions as they absolutely have zero knowledge about what they say it’s all emotional a non business perspective

  12. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    @get the bang 4 your mouth <—- Actually, I'm a TRILLION times smarter than YOU….and the 2013 NFL Draft will prove it

  13. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I like Miller and think we need to sign him to be our run stopper next to McCoy. With that being said, I do think we need another DT next to McCoy that can get after the QB which is something Miller can’t do very well.

  14. Macabee Says:


    Just for conversation Glen Dorsey is not going to be re-signed by KC. Several NFL analyst believe he is a 4-3 DT forced into a 3-4 system. Won’t cost a lot of money and may be worth a look. I want to keep Miller, but just in case.


    Any top-level CB in FA is going to cost money – 8 to 10mil minimum. There are several that are available – Sean Smith, DRC, Derek Cox, and the Eagles are going to cut Asomugha (15mil) unless he takes a huge pay cut.

    In the draft there are 3 CBs mentioned in early mocks for the 1st round – Dee Milliner, Jonathan Banks, and possible Xavier Rhodes who would be late 1st. There are a lot of really good CBs slated for the 2nd round, all rated before Ryan Logan of Rutgers – Jordan Poyer, David Amerson, Blidi Wrey-Wilson, and Leon Mcfadden.

    Personally, If we get any one of the CBs slated for the 1st round, I would take a FS like Eric Reid, Kenny Vaccaro, Phillip Thomas, or TJ McDonald in the 2nd. Bottom line, if the Bucs are interested, there is enough talent to get good people.

  15. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s Drinking Problem…if you make enough predictions you are bound to get something right…. I have never claimed to be smarter, you dont have to be all that intelligent to know football.

    i have provided you a resource for you to use your trillions of knowledge I think its a good start.

  16. drbinshore Says:

    Ok……let me clarify something for you guys who don’t understand D-Line play. Roy Miller (and Gary Gibson) play a tilted nose tackle position- it is the tecnique that our defense calls for. The tilted nose tackle is a “sell out” position in that the player who plays in that position has one job…to basically take the center out of the play and control the middle of the line.

    When the center is occupied properly he can not engage in a double team against the 3 technique (McCoy) and/or engage the middle linebacker (Foster) allowing those 2 players to have a more favorable matchup against the run or pass.

    The tilted nose tackle will be the LAST guy to get QB sacks in this defense-it’s just not his job- his job is to occupy the center and disrupt blocking assignments so his TEAMMATES can get sacks/pressure.

    So, “getting a guy next to McCoy who is a pass rusher” is not going to happen….whoever plays next to McCoy is going to play the “tilted nose tackle” position and will have the responibilities that go along with that.

    We don’t run the “tampa 2” anymore where both DT’s are pass rushers….like Sapp/McFarland or McCoy/Price.

    We need a quality back-up 3 technique to spell McCoy…..not “a guy to play next to McCoy” who can rush the passer.

  17. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @Macabee- I concur sort of Dorsey not a good fit and would almost be a downgrade from Miller, I think it’s time we go get a good FA for the secondary as well as look at getting one of the guys mentioned from that draft, this way you have a good veteran rookie mix allowing for mentorship and longevity

  18. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @drbinshore you are the man and you know the game well thanks for enlightment of some of our readers. let me add a little more insight here the tilted guys gives up his ribs and thighs and knees to the tackle as he attempts to neutralize center, you wont find a guys with a frame built nor a mentality to do that like miller anywhere

    @Ian’s Gay Lisp & Ron’s Drinking Problem
    hopoe you still reading and learning and ya havent gone over to Rocket Science quite just yet

  19. Meh Says:

    Just FYI, I totally tune out those of you who toss insults at each other. Try making your points without them, if you have any confidence in your position.

  20. Meh Says:

    And drbinshore has it right regarding how we play the nose now. The only exception next year might be on obvious passing downs. Assuming we keep Bennett and Clayborn comes back healthy, I could see a line of Bowers, McCoy, Bennett, and Clayborn on obvious passing downs. That line would never work in normal situations though, where Miller should be eating up the center of the line.

  21. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    @ Meh- you are absolutely correct, I do Apologize for those comments. not to “Ian the idiot” but to true fans and students of the sport

  22. Deminion Says:

    We def need a DT that can get after the QB a guy who can beat 1on1 miller is a good run stuffer as I looked at the DLine GMC is doubled and other guys aren’t beating the assignment

  23. SilenceTheCritics Says:


    Feel Free to call me out when you want to act intelligent. I promise I am up to the task and wont be offended. As far as how you described our Nose tackle position you are right. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having versatility. Joe talks about it all the time and so does Schiano. You say “it’s never going to happen” I say that is nothing more than your over inflated opinion. Unless of course you are in the coaches room when these decisions are being made.

  24. kfc Says:

    this is a top ten defense… if you upgrade the CB position; A top FA CB, and First Round CB should do it.
    Watch out..
    TE, RT, SS also need upgrade.
    Were almost there… SB2014

  25. Meh Says:

    SS doesn’t need an upgrade. Barron will be in that spot for years. I assume you meant FS.

  26. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    @ian you amaze me with the nonsense you are able to type on a regular basis. Pick another website to spill your garbage on. Miller is a really good DT who happens to be only 25 years old. He will continue to get even better and is a great teammate to have.

  27. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    As far as the draft goes. I would love to see us get Jarvis Jones in round 1. Then go CB n rounds 2 and 3. If the right guys are there. We also need to sign a FA CB, but unlike this past offseason…do not overpay for an average CB. There isnt a lot of depth there but still has some talent. I wish we would’ve paid for Brandon Carr instead of Wright. But you cant change what has already happened.

  28. Get the Bang for your Buc Says:

    i am glad to see there are other people who feel the same way about Ian the gay lisper no offense to being gay….if that is the case. We dont lose games for better draft picks nor is a guy who is as tough nails and has been more consistent is not easily expendable….we have the run stop piece together and if you watch the film Miller and McCoy have been just steps (QB Pressures) away from sacks if we get a just a little more help with coverage we will be hard to stop in “13” keep the guys we have up front and possibly getting a guy to spell McCoy and to rush in the dime package when Miller is out would be a good look for us

  29. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    my dream offseason would be as follows…sign either Michael Johnson from Cincy, or Israel Idonije from Chicago. At DB sign Derek Cox or if his cost doesnt get too high, DRC. I would love to see us sign Jarius Byrd to pair with Barron. We would have an insane Safety combo if that were to happen!

  30. Macabee Says:


    You’re right about upgrade, but we will need depth. I don’t think Cody Grimm is coming back. I once thought that Ray-Ray Armstrong would be a late round possibility as a project due to his problems at Miami. I have recently heard that he may return to Miami to try and get his career back on track.

  31. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    Then in the draft I would love to get Jarvis Jones in the 1st. And hope David Amerson would be available in the 2nd. Jones gives us a dominant DE to pressure the QB and Amerson is a solid DB to build around. Getting Byrd, Amerson, and say Cox would fix our secondary issues. Allowing Jones, Bennett, McCoy, and Miller to disrupt QBs for many years to come!!

  32. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    I also wouldn’t mind signing Danny Woodhead to backup Martin. He can do a little bit of everything. And allow us to get rid of Blount. Since the staff obviously has issues with him. I know this is a lot of wishing. But if we want to win. Ownership will have to spend loot again to improve our heinous secondary and pass rush.

  33. FunkYxMunkey Says:

    If Clayborn comes back healthy and Bowers continues to get better. Can you imagine a rotation of those 2 along with Bennett and Jarvis Jones. That would help our secondary out in so many different ways!

  34. Meh Says:

    They won’t grab Ray Ray imo, too many off field issues. Totally agree on us needing depth, and we need it in a lot of places.

  35. drbinshore Says:


    So, what your saying is……there is a guy out there (in the draft or FA) that can play the tilt nose as good as Miller AND also rush the passer on 3rd and long?……and let me guess- he can be had for less money than Miller because teams are going to “overbid” for Miller’s services?

    Who is this magical nose tackle/3 technique that you speak of?

    I bet the Vikings feel stupid knowing that they never had to have the “Williams Wall” consisting of Pat Williams (the run stuffing nose tackle who played mostly on 1st and 2nd down) and Kevin Williams (the pass rushing 3 technique)……instead they could have just gone out and got 2 magical DT’s that can play both positions better that the “Williams Wall” did.