Really Hard To Defend Josh Freeman

December 16th, 2012

First, let Joe get this out of the way: Josh Freeman will be your Bucs starting quarterback for the rest of the year and, barring injury, in 2013.

But the way Freeman has freefalled the past four weeks, seemingly growing worse by the week, Joe is beginning to wonder if the Bucs will just wash their hands of Freeman after his contract expires after the 2013 season. If Freeman plays next year like the past four weeks, it will be awfully hard to justify the Bucs re-signing him.

As of this typing, only two quarterbacks who have started this season, John Skelton and Chad Henne, have worse pass-completion percentages than Freeman who is at 54.7 percent, No. 34 in the NFL.

Here are some of the quarterbacks who have better accuracy than Freeman this season: Christian Ponder, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb, Nick Foles, Michael Vick, Blaine Gabbert, Cam Newton, Matt Cassel, Jake Locker, Ryan Tannehill, Mark Sanchez.

Joe remembers when former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFL Championship game, suggested Freeman needs to see a shrink, and Bucs fans howled in outrage.

Joe remembers popular sports radio personality Adam Schein state he trusted Ponder more than Freeman, and again Bucs fans screamed in protest.

Looks like King and Schein may be onto something, huh?

And, don’t even suggest Dan Orlovsky should start. Only those who never watched Orlovsky (or are blind drunk on Jack Daniels) would think such nonsense.

Right now Joe has to wonder if Freeman is approaching Jason Campbell territory, where Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik just lets Freeman walk after his contract expires?

Last week Joe thought Freeman could be a serviceable quarterback, but not one to trust to win games. Joe’s reevaluating that thought after Freeman’s pathetic four-pick, 26-of-47 loss against one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Freeman didn’t put one point on the board and threw two picks in the red zone when the game was still in doubt.

Freeman is currently 23-31 as a starter.

Joe is hoping that with a full offseason to work with Freeman, perhaps Mike Sullivan can find the magic bullet. Joe is very confident that, barring a direct order from Team Glazer, the Bucs are not nor will not be shopping for a quarterback before 2014.

Freeman has all the toys in the world an NFL quarterback could desire. He has all the tangibles a team would want from a quarterback. The job simply is not getting done.

The Bucs were in the playoff hunt and Freeman’s lousy games the past month knocked them out. That is not acceptable from a starting quarterback.

It’s pretty clear though that Freeman’s career will hang in the balance next year. It’s do or die for Freeman. In 2013.

61 Responses to “Really Hard To Defend Josh Freeman”

  1. Patrick Says:

    “where Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik just lets Freeman walk after his contract expires?”

    Uh……Dominik will be fired along with Freeman if he doesn’t pan out.

  2. Mr Lucky Says:

    The Bucs could get Matt Flynn from Seattle

    I’m all for taking Tebow from the Jets. Tebow’s completion can’t be any worse than Freeman’s.

    Plus Tebow knows how to do something that Freeman doesn’t: WIN and LEAD

  3. SteveK Says:

    I wonder what Freeman’s reaction to his horrid day will be?

  4. Patrick Says:

    Tebow isn’t the answer either.

    Although, he would bring some media attention to Tampa Bay for once!!

  5. canadianbuc Says:


  6. SteveK Says:

    We cant win with this kind of inconsistency behind the helm. We need a Leader taking the snaps.

  7. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I know this sounds bad, and some might say a fan shouldn’t feel this way, but I actually wouldn’t be disappointed if the Bucs lost out and Freeman looked bad in every remaining game. This would put them in a top ten draft position and they could draft a QB in Geno Smith who does three things Freeman can’t: read defenses, go through ALL his progressions, and throw a very accurate pass. I’d give up all my Christmas gifts if I could just have that one outcome.

  8. SteveK Says:

    I’d take Rivers in a heartbeat!

    Give me Vick!

  9. kaymbee Says:

    Orlovsky looked better in the last 4 minutes than Freeman did in this game.

  10. Matthew Says:

    If Freeman walks it will only emphasize how BAD rock star general manager Mark Dominik is at drafting. Joe – PLEASE stop standing up for this guy…

  11. bucfan999 Says:

    I think the Dominik should look into trading Freeman this offseason for Joe Flacco. It doesn’t seem that Baltimore is to keen to give Flacco a new contract and he’s a free Agent come March. They will probably Franchise him this offseason so a trade would not be out of the possibility. Flacco has proven himself to be a winner at QB and a change of places might be the best thing for both Flacco and Freeman.

  12. SteveK Says:

    I’ll take Glennon in the 2nd.

    Draft Dee Milliner or a BPA, if multiple guys are there, then trade back picks and get more picks.

  13. Adam L Says:

    Freeman’s a Buc because of Raheem. Getting player analysis from Raheem is like getting a rehab recommendation from Lindsay Lohan.

  14. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    In all fairness Freeman has been far superior to Sanchez, so his draft position in the bottom half of the first round is justified. Dominik will NOT be fired over Freeman. Take that to the bank and deposit it, ’cause it’s good as gold. Won’t happen. Ever.

  15. greg slother Says:

    Again will everyone please look at his HS and college competion% and tell me why we should be shocked

  16. Buc fan south Tampa Says:

    Play him out until the end of his contact, draft a new QB. One thing may be in his favor, this is his first year with Sullivan’s offense. Maybe another year with it will help him. The guy is not accurate in the medium yardage plays. Those are basic skills you shouldnt have to teach.

  17. SteveK Says:

    Gotta complete 60% + of passes, or else you can’t compete.

  18. ctord Says:

    Agreed on all points joe. Winning quarterbacks find a way to get things done in the face of adversity. So tired of hearing pressure. Most defenses are designed to produce pressure. So get used to it. I hate to think we are possibly looking at another down season if Freeman can’t pull it together. Hopefully, he can but it is beginning to look doubtful. Worst overall d in the league today and they pitched a shutout. Oh boy.

  19. Mr Lucky Says:

    Isn’t it amazing how Freeman make the NFL’s WORST DEFENSE look great with a shutout of the Bucs?

    Wonder why the Bucs don’t get any national attention or love – Today’s performance is Exhibit A.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    If the coaching change excuse works for Freeman, then if Sullivan leaves Josh should go. Can’t subject this budding Marino to anymore variables he can’t mentally cope with.

  21. Booth Says:

    Freeman has enjoyed nice job security the last few seasons. We should have benched Freeman last year and kept Raheem Morris on board. Raheem took all the heat for Freeman’s poor play.

    Let’s just let him go and start over, it would be for the best

  22. Eric Says:

    Once again Dom’s collection of talent can’t seem to get the job done. Meanwhile Bruce Allen’s team goes on the road with a rookie back up QB and stacks up 38 in a critical game.

    But he’s no rockstar of course.

    This is fast developing into a post McKay to Dungy type dry spell. That one lasted 15 years. Hope they wake up soon and realize we gotta loser as a GM.

  23. MTM Says:

    Everytime the Yuc’s are in a position to break out of mediocrity. They play horrible. There is a reason the stadium doesn’t sell out. How many years of this crap must the fans endure. What is the plan to turn this around? Nothing!

  24. Marknlutz Says:

    LOL. Freeman is a head case. As I said to jeers two weeks ago and last week. He looks like a deer in the headlights. Tell his agent dad to sit down and STFU.

  25. Timmer4444 Says:

    Game was bad all the way around I am and am to stubborn at the moment to say in not a freeman fan, since I watch my family jump on every bandwagon that can stop in time to hop on, but yes he has had 4 bad games but the blames shared, even Dougie fresh could get on his feet, I need more rum and eggnog

  26. Kirk Says:

    I think Freeman should grow his hair long again, he seemed to play better.

  27. blops Says:

    if we trade or release freeman and he the wins a superbowl can we start talking about a doug williams curse

  28. princespanky Says:

    It’s time to start talking about Aaron Murray because that was deplorable.

  29. Robbie_G Says:

    They gave Freeman EVERY weapon you could dream of, and STILL is around 50%. I know the win as a team/loose as a team, but why is it Freeman is the OONLY player who does not have to play for his job? We have seen players come and go and loose their jobs, but #5 can play REAL bad the last 4 games, and he can go home knowing his check will clear. 4 int’s, and 2 in the red zone? We are stuck with him…. ( crap!)

  30. C. Alaka Says:

    I’m a BIG Bucs fan & it pains me to see this kind of performance Joe. 1st off w/ Freeman whenever the play isn’t on sch his feet are NEVER under him…when he has to go to his 2nd read or during the blitz…that’s why he’s soo in accurate!…he needs to seriously work on that & a lot of his problems would be solved…it’s his footwork & same as last yr

    The defensive consistently gets beat b/c Sherdian REFUSES to press receivers!…just like you said this wk it’s like the receivers are free to run whatever route they plz…he has to switch it up at least once in awhile…this is the reason he got the boot in NY…he keeps this up & the same will happen here

  31. Rajah Says:

    Im with @canadianbuc we should trade for Rivers. Freeman proved to BucNation today that he is not a leader or even a game manager QB. If we sign this bum to a contract ext. my head will explode.

  32. Rajah Says:

    Amen @Robbie_G Amen! Brother! Lets axe this POS QB!

  33. Rajah Says:

    @Adam lol good one Freeman looks like he belongs in rehab.

  34. Ali Says:

    Freeman is Eli….Eli got shutout today by a NFC south team in a dome as well.

  35. Dark_Boo Says:

    Trade for Ryan Mallet from New England, dude can make every throws…but not sure if he smart enough lol

  36. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    It would be complete stupidity to pay Freeman $8.3 million next year and then let him walk without any getting anything for him.

    Tell his agent that he can start talking to other teams, all the Bucs need is a !st round pick in return. Kansas City would love to have him, although if he sucks this bad for the final two games, his value may drop.

    Geno Smith is a franchise QB, if the Chiefs are unwilling to give up their 1st pick we may have to trade up to get him.

    I would suggest that they fake an injury and bench Freeman the rest of the way. Maybe, they could say he pulled his groin a month ago and he had been hiding it from the coaches.

  37. grif4foozball Says:


  38. grif4foozball Says:

    @OAHUBUC,RIGHT ON!!!!lol.

  39. grif4foozball Says:

    @ALI,Are you f—in- kidding,Freeman couldnt shine Elis shoes,LMAO!!!!

  40. Drew Says:

    Freeman only has one issue to fix to be an elite QB and it’s something that can be taught. Under pressure his passing thought process breaks down due to anxiety. His eye hand coordination, muscle memory becomes flawed under pressure which forces him to throw an errant throw resulting in an INT or ball in the dirt.

    The only way to fix this is to find the same comfort level with no pressure when there is pressure. If he learns to maintain the same breathing rhythm under all circumstances this will eliminate some of the anxiety when he sees pressure coming allowing him to maintain the same thought process.

    If Josh can learn to control the anxiety he feels when under pressure he’ll be elite.

  41. Drew Says:

    Freeman should consider learning Tai Chi to find that balance.

  42. Richard Says:

    Freeman’s performance is especially damning when there are four rookie QBs (and two on the same time) who are playing better than he is.

  43. Architek Says:

    The Bucs need to make a tough decision like Washington did when they traded the house for RG3. If Geno fits the bill, package the picks and go get the QB to change the course of the future.

    It’s painfully clear that Freeman is not the long term answer.

  44. Tye Says:

    I have read comments about how long it took Alex Smith to figure it out…. Well, at this point I’d prefer him over Freeman as Bucs QB…. If he has figured it out he is light years ahead of freeman…

    2013 Bucs QB…. Michael Vick, Alex Smith, Matt Flynn, Ryan Mallet, Kirk Cousins, somebody but Freeman…. He has been given opportunity after opportunity and he FAILS….. ONly the Bucs would keep such an under-achiever…. I do not believe he would be able to be a starting QB for ANY respectable Franchise!

  45. Bob Says:

    Horrible! Freeman is joke. Wost qb como in nfl, we have to get at
    East abackup for next year, or just move team to london

  46. Mr Lucky Says:

    Freeman sucks – no excuse for him being personally responsible for 5 turnovers today against the NFL’s worst defense.

    Don’t let him play anymore all it will do is lower his trade value.

    Hey Dominik better start talking to Seattle (Flynn), Chargers (Rivers) or my choice the Jets (Tebow). Get rid of Freeman before the 2013 season – I can’t take any more of his crappy play.

  47. Eric Says:


    Johnny U is turning in his grave.

  48. Seasontixsinceoldsombrero Says:

    But accuracy doesn’t matter – right?

  49. BucFan20 Says:

    He had these issues in High School, College and now the NFL. How many more years and how much more money are the owners to waste? How many Millions would you spend?

    I remember at the time his toys were signed stories written here were like … this was it. He has his toys. Do or Die time. Well? Guess the owners got snake bit. To bad because after this year we probably get an easy schedule with bad teams and he looks just like 2010 again. Pro Bowl.
    He has worked with Brees. He has had coaches here. He has had help a little south of Tampa. Nothing changes. He folds under pressure. Yet everyone else is to blame.

  50. Rajah Says:

    @drew @Richard josh freeman is TRASH and once u are trash that’s all u ever w
    Be is TRASH. Second every rookie qb that’s is starting is outplaying you is a damn shame.
    I hope schiano cuts him Monday morning. And as for trades would u trade anything for trash? Think about that.

  51. PRBucFan Says:

    I’m entirely done discussing Free and/or the pathetic excuses week in and week out about his play. Bottom line is NO QB in the NFL will be a STARTING QB in the NFL EVEN IF they do have a spectacular game here and there if they GUARANTEE you about half to less than half of those games will be BEYOND horrendous and that he’s completely inconsistent and unreliable. Someone mentioned the RockStar not panning out if Free doesnt pan out… News flash, if he allows Free to take this young team into Free’s whirling free fall without putting a stop to it his behind he’s gone anyways. Especially when this team and most of its new components have only spent 1 season with free and could very easily “move on” without em. I want Free to pan out but I’m unwilling to continue to test that theory out while watching the prime years of the talent on this team go to waste as year after year passes much longer.

  52. Nick2 Says:

    Drew you forgot to throw in a weekend with Tony Robbins to get Freemans head right. Tired of the excuses for this clown 24 or not he has Jason Campbell perennial backup written all over him. Foles, RG3, Luck and Wilson all rookies all looked better than our 3 year vet. Thsnks Raheem your still destroying our team with your idiot cant miss franchise qb pick.

  53. Rajah Says:

    @nick2 ditto bro morris is. Pos and this bum qb is a pos too. It’s like watching a pile sh!t throw the ball.

  54. MTM Says:

    I thought Freeman was safe but after todays game I’m convinced he will be gone. It maybe what he wants. Tank and get traded or cut. The picks are hard to believe.

  55. James Pearls Says:

    Used to love freeman but gotta say get rid of him !!!

    He’s had more than enough chances to prove he’s good enough, and yet he’s still getting outplayed by rookies as a 4th year pro!

    Even when he has a good day his numbers are never outstanding, say 15/25 2TD 0INT, and his bad days, well… they come far too often for a ‘franchise QB’

    get a new QB and maybe this team can win a friggin playoff game before the 20 year anniversary of our SB!

  56. BIG SIR Says:

    For the love of everything holy and sacred, please never bring up Tebow again. He is 10x worse at QB than Josh. The Jets haven’t even started him over Sanchez so wake up and realize Tebow isnt a good QB.

    It sucks we have 1 more year of this up and down crap from Freeman left. Alex Smith 2013. That is what I am hoping for. Complete opposite of Freeman.

    Also, if we have to draft another QB I don’t want Dominik deciding. Let us remember that before he drafted Freeman he tried trading for Cutler.

    Colin has it locked up in San Fran, so lets send that 4th rounder we got for Talib

  57. BIG SIR Says:

    ….to San Fran for Alex Smith

  58. Pelbuc Says:

    After 3 terrible games, this is how Freeman shows up to play? Are you kidding me?! Every time I hear excuses about him and that it could be worse if we don’t keep him, I wanna puke. Freeman has shown he’s every bit as incompetent as the QBs for KC, Arizona and the Jets. c’mon TB fans, how many years do we have to endure pathetic play from the QB. Defenses can be improved by the draft and FAs, but we are doomed as long as Freemanis the QB.

  59. Dr J Says:

    everytime he throws off his back foot, its a horrible throw. when he steps up into the pocket his throws are spot on.

  60. ChefPaul Says:

    If we even sniff Tebow, I’m out!

  61. hcesarfla Says: