Mole To ProFootballTalk No Big Deal

December 21st, 2012

There has been all sorts of Bucs news this past week and little of it has been good for the team.

Sports talk radio has been non-stop raging on quarterback Josh Freeman, after his weekly freefall led to the Bucs dropping four straight and out of the playoff race, culminating with a grotesque shutout to the Saints in which Freeman threw four interceptions.

Then there was a special teams captain getting all handsy on the sideline with front seven coach Bryan Cox.

Not to be outdone, a mole reached out to Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of, claiming Bucs coaches need to go back to college.

To which Josh Katzowitz of writes, so what?

It’s certainly not out of the question that one player — or perhaps a faction of the team — isn’t happy with Schiano, but you’ll also find some kind of dissension on just about every football team in existence. That doesn’t mean Schiano has lost his team; personally, I like the direction in which the Buccaneers are headed.

Interesting point Katzowitz has there. Even when the Bucs won the Super Bowl, not everyone was on Chucky’s side. Remember when Meshawn Johnson and Chucky got into it on the sideline on Monday Night Football? Difference was the Bucs were winning and those hostile to Chucky kept quiet as a result.

Joe’s pretty sure the Bucs will have a second purge of players in the offseason to ensure the team is filled with Buccaneer Men.

13 Responses to “Mole To ProFootballTalk No Big Deal”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “Joe’s pretty sure the Bucs will have a second purge of players in the offseason to ensure the team is filled with Buccaneer Men.”

    Without a doubt.

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Still need to weed out the Rah era of guys. This team is going in the right direction for the long term. Just going thru growing pains now.

  3. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Florio is a little weasel just like Mike Lupica. He’s turned NFL News into the Tabloids…..smh

  4. holymoly Says:

    Win and all will be forgiven .

  5. stevek Says:

    Time to re-clean house!

  6. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Can we have a purge of posters on this site who aren’t “Buccaneer Fans”, too? I’d love to pick the weeds outta these roses as well.

  7. Miguel El Magnifico Says:


    It must hurt your brain when the Amen Chorus is not singing in perfect harmony.

    Joseph Stalin continually purged his military, shooting his general staff. When Hitler ordered Operation Barbarossa, there was no one capable of defending the Soviet Union. Luckily the Russian winter stopped the blitzkrieg or we might all be speaking German.

    First Dominik purged the heart and soul of this team when he fired Brooks, Gruden, Dunn and the others. Then Schiano purges the DL and depth the team had acquired. Another purge and they will be as defenseless as Stalin was.

    An interesting note: the Soviet’s plan was to send the troops into battle with only one weapon for two soldiers expecting the initial casualty rate to exceed 50%. Anyone who did not move forward, armed or not, into the abyss was executed.

    Maybe, since the Little General, who seems to be a student of military history will issue only 12 helmets since only 11 are used at a time. That makes as much sense as his yearly purges.

  8. OAR Says:

    el raton
    While the weather played a part, especailly in supply routes, the Russians were more capable of defending than you give credit. The gravity of the beleaguered German army’s situation towards the end of 1941 was due to the Red Army’s increasing strength and factors that in the short run severely restricted the German forces’ effectiveness. Chief among these were their overstretched deployment, a serious transport crisis and the eroded strength of most divisions. German war planners grossly underestimated the mobilization potential of the Red Army: its primary mobilization size was about twice the expected number. This alone implied Operation Barbarossa’s failure, for the Germans were forced to limit their operations to bring up new supplies.
    Please stcik to posting things you know more about like the Oregon Ducks and Chip Kelly.

  9. Capt. Tim Says:

    Miquel- uh, yeah-ok. Nice lil tirade about World War 2. Don’t know how that has anything to do with the GAME of football- unless you think Schiano is gonna shoot his staff( after the last four games- I wouldn’t convict him)
    But if you are trying to imply that dumping more Quincy Black types, is similar to Stalin shooting lugheaded, vodka pickled, Rear General sitsonasski, then you’ve been gulping too much potato liqueur yourself!

    Does anyone remember Quincy making a play this year? Myron Lewis? Arrelious Benn? There’s a lot of Weeds that shoulda been plucked already

    And I’d care what some Vodka slosher thinks about it

  10. Miguel El Magnifico Says:


    Sorry off topic for most fans

    The Russian winter stopped the unimpeded onslaught of Barbarossa, which slowed the Nazi’s ability to re-supply. This bought the Soviets time to manufacture thousands of T-34 tanks and stamp out hundred of thousands of PPSH sub-machine guns to replace some bolt action Mosin-Nagants.

    You do make some good points though. If Chip Kelly was in charge of the blitzkrieg we would all be speaking German. He would have by-passed Stalingrad and advanced to Moscow. Check freaking mate!!

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Sorry I forgot a link.

  12. lurker Says:

    fbid called it. we need real “buc fans” not el payasitos who slithers in the weeds.

  13. Paul Says:

    Dude, nobody said it. Players don’t go seeking out journalists in order to make anonymous quotes. They just don’t do it. Nobody reached out to this guy to make a one-line anon comment, they just didn’t.