Martin Grounded Again

December 2nd, 2012

Joe sees the burst in Doug Martin, the leg drive, the explosion, the improved vision since early in the season, but his production has fallen off.

Maybe it’s the patchwork offensive line? Joe routinely sees Martin turning rushes that look like sure losses into positive — and almost positive — plays. But more likely it’s the reality of being a running back in the NFL. There are plenty of rough days unless you’re a Hall of Fame back.

Martin has an ugly 39 carries for 106 yards over his past two games. He’s got 82 rushes for 312 yards over his last four games, following his historic effort in Oakland.

The Bucs are mixing up Martin’s runs, but the yardage isn’t coming.

Perhaps using multiple running backs would help. Joe’s not getting on a LeGarrette Blount soapbox tonight, but it shouldn’t be such a foreign concept to use two backs for an NFL offense.

And no, running D.J. Ware on 3rd-and-20 today doesn’t count. Joe hated that call.

11 Responses to “Martin Grounded Again”

  1. Kyle Says:

    It’s for no other reason than the patchwork offensive line. Getting Blount involved will do nothing.

  2. Patrick Says:

    Martin still made a couple of nice runs today.

  3. lurker Says:

    3rd and 20 run was awesome. didn’t someone named rice do 4th and 29 last week. it could happen again…lmao


  4. Dave Says:

    Th O-Line has held up rather well, but you can only expect so much missing 2 pro-bowl caliber OGs.

    I would definately like to see Smith or Blount to get some carries to rest Martin some. The wall is setting in possibly and they need him 100% healthy next year when the line and entire offense should be a top 5 machine, with a much improved defense if they do it right.
    Not that I am throwing in this year’s playoff push, but they are basically 2 games behind seattle with 4 left because of the tie breaker.
    Seattle has Az, San Fran, and Rams at home and Bills on the road.
    Bucs have Philly and Rams at home and NO and ATL away.
    3-1 with Seattle going 1-3
    Vikings are probably out with games at home against Chi and GB and on the road vs Rams and Texans

    Anything can happen but Keeping Martin healthy and fresh is the best thing for this year and the future IMHO

  5. 1976Buc Says:

    I agree Joe. Take out a couple of awesome games for Martin and his season is very average. We haven’t seen Michael Smith but Blount has talent. I believe he brings a different dimension to the game and could prove well for a change of pace. DJ Ware is DJ Ware and he is average at best also.

    @Kyle: Blount didn’t have those Pro Bowl linemen a couple of years ago either and he banged out 100 plus. Just saying the kid has something and we are obviously not going to change things up until and if the Hamster gets injured.

  6. JMoney Says:

    I didn’t like all the run up the middle play calls that were being called but still I am not worried this team is getting more and more experience. Plus Denver had a legit top 5 defense.

  7. Macabee Says:

    Not Martin’s fault! The guy has a 2nd string line that knows it and holds frequently to make amends. The Playbook has become predictable. Sitting at home, I can tell when they’re going to run and Martin will be the ball carrier. It has become a 1 back system and he has no help as a rookie dealing with a 16 game schedule.

    These are not necessarily team faults, it just is what it is due to injuries and unforseen circumstances. Even so, this must be fixed next season!

  8. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Martin had 15 of his 18 runs in the first half and darn near as many forced missed tackles.

    The O-line is garbage, martin is a beast, and the defense is terrible.

  9. Adam L Says:

    It’s easy to see why. Ray Charles can see it.

    There are no holes. Either D’s have enough film on the Bucs’ third-string O-Line and know how to get into their gaps better, or the line is spoiled that Martin has turned nothing into something too many times. There’s just a mass of bodies at the line now and he’s not popping out to the next level.

  10. mikeck Says:

    I agree Joe, its not teh back, Martin is doing great. We have line issues. He is getting hit squarely at teh line b/c there are no holes. In comparison, its easy to blame our corners for pass defense but at the same time, teh real problem is that we cant get any pressure on a quarterback.

  11. mikeck Says:

    I should have said “I disagree Joe”