Don’t Expect A Blackout Sunday

December 4th, 2012

Count on the Bucs-Eagles game being televised locally Sunday.

The game should mark the second time fans in the Tampa and Orlando markets will get to see a 2012 Bucs home game live on television without connecting computers to their TVs for unlawful game feeds loaded with European cyber-viruses.

Unless the Bucs have been having ongoing major issues with TicketMaster (and there’s no reason to think they are) the Bucs are approaching a sell out of Sunday’s game right now. And that would mean the Bucs comfortably would break the 85 percent threshold of “non-premium” tickets sold to avoid the NFL blacking out the game from local TV.

According to, only one section at Raymond James Stadium has anything better than “only single seats available,” and numerous sections are sold out.

There are three major factors at play: the 10-year reunion ceremony of the 2002 Super Bowl champs, a preseason fan poll on showed this game to be the most anticipated by Bucs fans, and too many stinkin’ Eagles fans have gobbled up tickets.

Lesser variables would include the Bucs’ playoff hunt and extra millions of sports entertainment dollars in the Tampa Bay market thanks to the ongoing NHL lockout.

Joe’s happy for Bucs fans, and pleased that the Super Bowl champs will get their just applause, minus Keyshawn Johnson.

14 Responses to “Don’t Expect A Blackout Sunday”

  1. Jimmy Delach Says:

    Actually, I saw a tweet from the Bucs that said Keyshawn is coming so apparently somebody talked him into showing up.

  2. ComeBucs Says:

    European cyber-viruses..I NEVER GOT ONE HAVE U joe..shame ON U FOR NOT USING anti virus

  3. Dave Says:

    Someone bring a big poster showing the score of the Bucs – Eagles game from the playoff run to put in the Eagle’ fan faces…

    and I would love to see a CHUCKY FATHEAD!

  4. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Actually,I think joe was referring not to Keyshawn being a no show but that he doesnt expect applause. If you read prior articles you would see he’s coming but expects to get boo’s

  5. OAR Says:

    European cyber-viruses…..Isn’t that something you can catch from Europe’s red-light districts?

  6. Jimmy Delach Says:


    OK. I was confused a bit. I did see an article on that did say Keyshawn is expecting to be booed

  7. Eric Says:

    This will keep Jon’s streak of consecutive sell outs at the stadium intact.

  8. New2Site Says:

    European cyber-viruses????….Not one here ever

  9. BucFan20 Says:

    Sure hope this game does not turn out like the first half of the Eagles/ Cowboys Game. We know oue defense can’t get pressure on a QB. Foles will be the QB. But at least the wings did fall off in the second half. Ltes send their fans home pissed again!

  10. BucFan20 Says:

    ^our lets

  11. Andrew Says:

    listen i hate key as much as the next guy but he does hold a team record for most receptions in a single season by a wide receiver in bucs history… so you got to give him a little respect. I mean he was actually one of the best receivers we have ever had, but im sure now VJ will surpass him, thank God.

  12. Jrock Says:

    Man, I was going to try and scalp a ticket to go to my first Bucs game this year this weekend. Looks like I picked the wrong weekend… guess I’ll watch it on TV instead, and wait patiently for the lambs!

  13. CRRaysHead90 Says:

    The sad thing is that I bet the halftime ceremony won’t be televised. I know they do that to get you to the game, but there’s only so many tickets and this is a once in a lifetime 10th anniversary celebration for the 2002 Bucs. PLEASE TELEVISE IT FOX!

  14. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Sending the boys of our church youth group to the game. Cost a pretty penny but worth it. My son will be among them, along with 4 adults. I can’t go due to health reasons as usual. But I’m glad I can contribute 16 tickets to the cause. Most of the kids would never get to see a Bucs game because they are underprivileged, so it’ll be a feel good moment. Also bought a surprise for them…Bucs shirts for each to wear.