“Dallas Lost It In The Lights”

December 20th, 2012

So what really happened with Josh Freeman’s third interception Sunday in New Orleans?

“Dallas lost it in the lights,” Freeman said tonight on his radio show on WDAE-AM 620.

Freeman called the high-altitude deep ball to Dallas Clark “an opportunity ball” that absolutely was intended for Clark to go up and make a play. But Freeman explained Clark told him he lost the ball early and never found it before Isa Abdul-Quddus picked it off.  

Freeman went on to say it was an “everything-that-could-go-wrong” day and his confidence is not shaken in the slightest.

Stuff happens, but Joe’s confident a jump ball to Clark is not a wise idea even if he can see it.

20 Responses to ““Dallas Lost It In The Lights””

  1. Saskbuco Says:

    It was merely a horrendous game and performance from Bucs and Freeman, but he will bounce back and lead the team to a win on Sunday. There is a fantastic article on Freeman bleacher report, a must read for all the fans who have given up or are ready to start over at the most important position on the field. I’m a Freeman supporter and always will be, he’s our QB, he’s the best QB in franchise history and will break all bucs single season records and possibly all time TDs thrown. He has played bad last 1.5 games and average in other 2, it happens. Win as a team and lose as a team, as fans we have the right to be angry/disappointed and passionate. For once I would like to see bucs fans rally around Free like his teammates have been, if they defend him so much can’t as fans we defend and support him even a little?

  2. Saskbuco Says:

    http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/1450368-tampa-bay-buccaneers-is-josh-freeman-a-franchise-quarterback another great article for all the Freeman “non supporters”

  3. Timmer4444 Says:


    Good article thanks

  4. PRBucFan Says:

    For his sake he needs to “bounce back” for the entire season next year.

  5. Vincente Says:

    Sasbuko great article! I believe in freeman the guy is passionate! I love my bucs! The years ahead are gonna be great for Tampa!

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    Come on Freeman, do the usual 50% pass completion and help the team lose five in a row – nothing to gain but a better draft pick and hopefully someone who can play QB on a consistent basis.

    On the plus side with Freeman at the QB position in 2013 the Bucs are assurred a top 5 draft pick in 2014 as well as this year! Maybe someone can convince Johnny Football to skip his Junior year and enter the draft in 2014 so the Bucs could draft a REAL franchise QB instead of this current pretender.

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    What a piece of dribble and fluff. With an article like that no wonder Morris said Stats are for Losers.

    Sure Freeman may have the ‘stats’ but he’s still a loser, tossing away the 2012 season when the Bucs very easily could have been in the run for a playoff wildcard.

    Yeah Sanchez looks bad this year but how many playoff appearances did Sanchez lead his team to versus the Franchise QB call Josh Freeman?

    Keep spouting stats while the current losing streak grows – just like last year.

  8. Saskbuco Says:

    Mr.Lucky I’m guessing you picked the bucs to make the playoffs this year? It’s 4 losses in a row and before the meltdown against Philly, a winnable game. Actually before the worst game of the season and arguably worst of Freeman’s career, 3 looses by a combined 11 points, but I’m guessing you picked them to beat Denver on the road? So thinking Sanchez is a better QB and Johnny Football is an NFL QB tells my your football knowledge

  9. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Kind of strange Clark lost sight of the ball. He actually must be more used to it than many other TEs considering he spent all of his NFL career before Tampa in the dome of Indy.

  10. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I can’t believe Dallas Clark lets him get away with that. Dallas was breaking for the pylon with his back to the ball when Josh threw it. The defender was facing Josh and like BJ Upton, called for it and made an easy interception. The only time you throw a jump ball is when your receiver is facing you and the defender has his back to the ball.

    It was under thrown by 15 yards although Freeman could have eaten a sandwich in the pocket the blocking was so good.

    The Bucs should be proud though. On Inside the NFL with Chris Collinsworth last night they had a segment called NFL FILM’S IMAGES OF THE YEAR. The Bucs had two highlights featured.

    First my favorite clip of the year, where Joe Morgan of the Saints catches the ball at the 10 yard line, Barron whiffs on an arm tackle, Wright tries to squeeze his helmet in a leg scissors hold but is easily flipped off and then Biggers does a flying hip bump which knocks him into the end zone. All done in the embarrassing creamsicle colored uniforms.


    The other is Dallas Clark celebrating his miraculous overtime TD catch against the Panties. Where he jumped into the air and caught a wildly inaccurate throw by Gosh Freeman. Didn’t show the throw or the catch, just him raising his arms in celebration.

  11. Gt40bear Says:

    A “jump ball” assumes the ball is in the vicinity of the receiver. That bal. was under thrown by 10 yards. Nice try Josh, how about just sack up and play better!

  12. Eric Says:

    I though a jump ball was thrown to a guy with an athletic advantage over the defender. Clarke?

    Josh really thinks that ball was thrown to the right spot? High and short over the middle?

    I’m finding it hard to believe.

  13. Jimmy Says:

    Josh Freeman = J.P. Losman.


  14. DaMayan Says:

    I don’t the Dallas Clark praise. He’s been pretty mediocre here, hasnt shown any speed, separation, catching, yac, etc. that any average TE couldnt do.

  15. Jessup Says:

    If “lost it in the lights” is code for….You don’t throw a deep jump ball to a 50 year old TE in double coverage….then yeah, sure.

  16. Jlynch Says:

    Um yea um we got to play better um miscommunication ah um yea um this guy is a clown um To stupid to know the plays???????????? Um its all um about um 5

  17. Miracle Says:

    @Mr Lucky.. “Yeah Sanchez looks bad this year but how many playoff appearances did Sanchez lead his team to versus the Franchise QB call Josh Freeman?”

    0 .. Sanchez did not LEAD any team to the playoffs. His team carried him to the playoffs. Even the coaches said that they had kid gloves on him and minimized his abilities all the way up until this season.

    So Sanchez LEAD 0 teams to the playoffs.

  18. PRBucFan Says:

    Lol playing with words. FACT is Sanchez played well enough to allow his team to make the playoffs. Managed the team just right.

  19. Miracle Says:

    There’s no playing with words. To assume leadership is to say someone paved the way and was a driving force behind the road to the playoffs.

    Sanchez was not. But you are right, he did manage the team just right by handing the ball off.

    But so could’ve any other qb in the league including Freeman and even Greg McElroy.

    Well maybe not Michael Vick

  20. PRBucFan Says:

    It doesn’t matter what the argument and or excuse is. With Sanchez at the helm the jets have made the playoffs end of story.