Chucky Talks To Joe

December 11th, 2012

As just about every sane Bucs fan knows, Sunday was the reunion celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Bucs winning their (thus far) lone Super Bowl, a treasured, historic moment in not just franchise history, but in the annals of Tampa Bay history.

Just before the 2002 Bucs were to take the field at halftime to be honored by fans, Joe was humbled to have a brief moment with Chucky, the man who brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Tampa Bay.

Joe thought it was cool that the current Bucs are very much in the forefront of Chucky’s mind and that Chucky even asked/told the fans, when he spoke at halftime, if locals support the Bucs now like they did 10 years ago, equally good fortunes will follow.

“We are very appreciative of the Glazers for making this happen. This is a great day in Tampa. For all former Buccaneers, all the current Buccaneers and the future Buccaneers, it is really exciting to be together again and give some incentive to this team and teams that follow.

ā€œI am aware of what they are doing and Coach Schiano has a great program. Iā€™m a big fan and supporter of him.

ā€œI see a lot of these guys here from time to time; I stay in touch with a lot of them. To get them all back together and reunite is a great thing. Hopefully we take advantage of modern technology, e-mails and text messages and keep an eye on one another like we did 10 years ago.ā€

One last thing for Joe to get off his chest: When Chucky was introduced at halftime carrying the same Lombardi Trophy he hoisted aloft in San Diego nearly 10 years ago, Joe heard boos. That was shameful and for those who did boo Chucky, you would have been better off staying at home.

Sure, Chucky’s final days with the Bucs weren’t idyllic, and he had rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. That, to Joe, is now water under the bridge. The man brought home long-awaited hardware for this franchise and this community, for goodness sakes!

For that feat, Joe still believes there should be a street in the Tampa Bay area named for him.

20 Responses to “Chucky Talks To Joe”

  1. Raphael Says:

    Well said Joe….

  2. Justin Says:

    The boos were from Eagles fans. Didnt you see how many of them were there? Gruden has been back before. He was in the booth for the MNF game last year vs Indy and received a thunderous applause.

  3. Keith Says:

    Justin, what do boos Sunday during a special ceremony have to do with a silly wave from the booth in a Monday Night Game when hardly anyone was paying attention.

  4. fridgebob Says:

    Why wouldn’t eagles fans boo? I’m sure gruden would admit they are the best in the league at booing.

  5. Justin Says:


    Gruden was announced over the public address during a stoppage in play during the MNF game. The whole stadium heard it and responded with nothing but cheers. More people saw that than the halftime ceremony when 1/3 of the stadium was in the bathrooms. It was those miserable Philly fans booing.

  6. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    I heard boos for him and Meshawn as well. Pissed me off. But I think your at least partially right Justin. There were a ton of Loser Philly fans there.

  7. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Looks like the trophy is on fire in the pick. Great shot.

  8. Chris Says:

    I was at the game. I feel like most of the BOOs you heard were from Eagles fans. There were a good number of them there and they were very loud and annoying. It’s funny, I was at the game in 06 and don’t remember them being nearly as obnoxious. And back then they weren’t 3-9 with a backup QB.

  9. PHIL Says:


  10. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    The local sports media had A LOT to do with destroying Jon Gruden’s image. Perhaps THAT is where the blame should lie.

  11. eric Says:

    Typical bucs fans. Cant even drown out boos from philly fans to honor a super bowl winner.

    Reminds me of the skins and giants home playoff games after we won the division.

    I wonder whether we deseeve a winner.

  12. thegregwitul Says:

    Awesome picture and a great article, Joe. Regarding the boo birds; well, if we listen to Andy Reid, it was practically a home game for the Eagles, and he was the coach for that squad when Gruden and co. beat them in their own house, so do you expect anything less? *eyeroll*

    But seriously, I’m glad the Glazers brought basically the entire team together, and I’m happy that Monte and Keyshawn were able to make it. Even though Key got himself sent home and traded and Monte was around during the infamous collapse, I still love those guys and both of them were instrumental in helping the Buccaneers win a Super Bowl.

    Remember, a Super Bowl win is forever. Be it five years, ten years or one hundred years, a championship squad becomes immortal. Just take a moment to think about what happens if McNabb led a comeback against the Bucs to push the Eagles into the Super Bowl. That incredible 2002 defensive squad, one of the three best defensive units in modern football history (which for me begins around 1980 or so), along with the 1985 Bears and 2000 Baltimore Ravens, would not be included in the discussion of all-time great defensive teams. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Buddy Ryan coached Eagles teams of the early to mid-90’s. They played in some classic games and had one of the best defensive lineups in recent memory. They had the stats to back up their defensive dominanc , but what did they win? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Yes, Reggie White would go on to the Packers and would win his championship to cement his storied career, but what about some of the other guys on the squad? Winning the Super Bowl is the stamp of approval for greatness and what will one day result in at least five defensive players on the Bucs to get serious Hall of Fame consideration (Brooks and Sapp are the sure bets, Lynch should get in on his second try, Ronde Barber will also eventually make it and Simeon Rice will at least be on the ballot, and I think should be in the Hall of Fame, but he might not make it in until he’s a senior committee nominee).

    When that team took the field at halftime, I’m confident that every true Buccaneer fan stood up and did one thing; cheered.

  13. SacBucs Says:

    All you fans that get the honor of being in the stadium around my team and don’t go home with a soar throat, busted blood vessel in your hand from clapping should walk the plank.

    How do our home field advantage turn into the opposing teams advantage. In Oakland opposing team fans get stabbed jumped beat the hell down( Im totally against that its just a game) and we can’t cheer louder then beagle fans on a important day like that. We had OUR CHAMPIONSHIP BUCS ALL BACK TOGETHER and our fans in the stadium let disrespectful f&$#S OUT CHEER US! Get that stick out your a$$ for one second and realize the moment.
    Its my dream to be on the ship or the sideline in Raymond James with our Bucs. So u lucky! UNGRATEFUL F&@#

    OFF TOPIC: SportCenter says Talib has made the Pats better! How many games has he played. Lol Haters

  14. AK Says:

    I thought I’d posted this earlier but maybe not…I was there and at first I thought I heard some boos, but then thought, might those people be chanting “GRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” . I also saw a group of Eagle fans who had made a big sign, written on it “PLEASE GRUDEN, COME TO PHILLY AND SAVE US”

  15. Dave Says:

    Those who booed are not real fans. They are ignorant a-holes.
    So it didn’t end well. Get over it. This was about celbrating the SUPER BOWL year.
    Was that not good enough for you either? losers

  16. Eric Says:

    If my memory is correct of the seven home playoff games played by the Bucs, Gru coached three.

    Of the six division championships won by the Bucs, Gru coached three.

    And the only super bowl championship team.

    None of the above has occurred since his departure.

    The worst of Gru is way better than what we’ve gotten lately. It only ended badly due to ignorant fans and brain dead owners.

  17. Ricky Bobby Says:

    PHIL CAN’T CONTROL THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE! LOUD NOISES! Seriously though, turn off your Caps Lock! šŸ˜›

  18. bucobruce Says:

    Joe, I agree they should have one of the streets right next to the stadium named GRUDEN!!!!!!!!

  19. rhenry Says:

    How about honoring Kiffen as well. Lets change Himes into Grufin Blvd. LOL

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    Chucky made possible one of the best days of my life. End of story.