Bucs Not Working Hard Enough?

December 28th, 2012

There was a candid moment for Greg Schiano today at his afternoon news conference. The leader of the New Schiano Order was asked whether he thought his team was tired, and the head coach opened up,

“I don’t think they’re a tired football team,” Schiano said. “I think the number of reps we do are very, very selective. You know, I don’t know if there’s an NFL team that’s doing less. Maybe I got to examine that?

“I do think we utilize walk-through and jog-through as a substitute for live repetitions to try to save their legs. Some of the things we do, you know, on Fridays, where we’re running with hats on, not even helmets so that no one will get physical. You know I think we’ve made every attempt to keep our guys fresh because I do know that is the key when you have talented guys over a long period of time that are, you know, some of them are older. So I don’t feel that. But, you know, when you lose, and you don’t have that emotion because you’ve lost and you’ve lost, that makes people emotionally tired. And when you’re winning, as we were for five weeks straight, it emotionally energizes you. So I don’t think it’s a physical thing. I think that’s been really scrutinized.”

Schiano went on to praise his captains for valuable feedback on the team’s physical/emotional condition, and Schiano said he’s typically “erred” on the side of not pushing players hard as the season has pressed on.

Clearly, like any obsessed, detail guy, Schiano is struggling to figure out what he could have done better to avoid the Bucs’ freefall. Remember, it was Schiano who said, “I know what to do” immediately after the New Orleans blowout, yet the Bucs didn’t respond against the Rams on Sunday.

The Bucs must look like winners this final Sunday in Atlanta. Joe really wants to see Schiano overcome the demons that have infected the Bucs. There’s just no way to put a positive spin on a six-game losing streak on top of a five-game winning streak.

14 Responses to “Bucs Not Working Hard Enough?”

  1. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Come on with the ridiculous excuses. This is not a tired football team! Just a frustrated one. Dam I wish I was a member of the media and got to ask Schiano some real questions.

  2. RastaMon Says:

    They are probably worked hard enough and coached up enough…..they are either not talented enough or sandbagging …quitters….pick one of the last 3 choices

  3. Keith Says:

    quitters. hate to say it, but they are what they are. Schiano’s a bit over his head, but I believe he can figure it out.

  4. Macabee Says:

    Save it for next year when it will matter again. Everbody gets a pass this year! looking forward. Go Bucs!

  5. Vic Says:

    Sheep mentality Macabee

  6. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    They’re kids on the last day of school. Cue Alice Cooper, Schools out forever.

  7. Ladyz Says:

    Sandbaggers/Quiters? You don’t think some are trying to torpedo Schiano do you?(coaches need to go back to college). In some eyes they started to hot and was showing up Raheem real bad / that’s been leveled out now. We need to win this weekend. It’s on your mind, arm and skill Freeman. Go Bucks !

  8. Seth B Says:

    This team quit on Raheem last year. Thats a FACT!

    If this team is quitting on Greg Schiano this year, which seem to be being implied.

    I say the hell with the players and Captains on this team and we need to fire Dominick regardless of how well we’ve drafted because he is ultimately responsible for the roster that be.

    I blame the players who are quitting. I blame the Captains for not being better leaders (No1 quits on Ray Lewis), and blame the man who assembled this roster.

    Schiano has done a fine Job as a coach. I know if we fire dominick the new man may want his own coach, but i’m willing to deal with that.

    Nothing is more disheartning as a fan then to see a team with no charecter or desire to fight. JMO

  9. Andrew Says:

    they are not physically tired, they are just emotionally tired. that’s what happens when you work so damn hard but are not successful. it drains you, but somehow, someway its the coaches job to curb those emotionally tired feelings. I hope Schiano can figure it out.

  10. Macabee Says:



  11. Rob Says:

    Millionaires who earn a living playing a game have no excuse for finishing a season like the Bucs. Do your flipping job, all of you, or get a real job! Any loafers should be jettisoned from the team. Go Bucs!

  12. Meh Says:

    Weak. Soft.

  13. RastaMon Says:

    I love the fact that they are super football athletes …bothers me to no end the behave like 1849 drunken sailors….hard to find a good game of football to watch anymore……HS has been corrupted too

  14. doc Says:

    May be the coaching staff is lost,and do not know how to coach pro Football players. You get what you pay for the saints will pay more for their head coach then the entire buc’s coaching staff.