Bucs Find A Sharpe Believer

December 1st, 2012

Line up with three wide receivers, force Denver into nickel coverage, and then run at the nickel.

That’s what former superstar receiver Sterling Sharpe says the Bucs need to do against Denver’s sometimes porous run defense in order to let Doug Martin put a resounding December “stamp on his rookie of the year performance,” and set up explosive plays off play-action.

In this NFL Network “playbook” segment, Sharpe lays out on film why he believes the Bucs will be beat the Broncos.

On the flip side, cohorts Brian Baldinger and Ronde Barber hater Donovan McNabb explain why Peyton Manning will carve up the Bucs and why the Broncos’ defensive line is so deep.

First and foremost, Joe wants to see the Bucs start fast, as they’ve done literally all season and preseason. That’ll give them confidence in the tough conditions at Mile High, and allow the running game Sharpe talks about to develop. 

16 Responses to “Bucs Find A Sharpe Believer”

  1. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    McNabb is still having nightmares of that pick six to Barber. This guy is a joke!

  2. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I like Sharpe’s analysis here. The offense has to keep the ball away from Manning. We know he is going to carve up our young secondary, we just have to limit his time to do so. It would be so cool if Martin could have another Oakland day out west!

  3. FLBoyInDallas Says:


  4. andres Says:

    I sure wish we had Joseph and Nicks right about now.

  5. Kyle Says:

    Well, last week on that show they showed a certain running play we ran against the Panthers, and said the Falcons were vulnerable against that same play. Yet I didn’t see us run it once.

    I would love for us to run out of a three wide receiver set, but unfortunately I think our coaching staff is obsessed with the heavy set, 2 WR formations, where you have a TE/FB or 2 TE’s.

  6. tha truth is... Says:

    Freeman should run tha no huddle offense out tha gate. Keep Doug in on 3rd downs and checkdown 2 him if nothing is open. If its room 2 run, run. If nothing is open throw it away and avoid taking sacks.

  7. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Why does anyone give any credibility to Sterling Sharpe who refused to participate in any give and take during his playing days. He gave a cold shoulder to the NFL media, which is his 1st Amendment right, but hypocritical that when his career ended he became the media.

    Another critique, when I hear most studio analysts, they are silver tongued devils. When Sterling speaks, I have to rely on closed captioning to understand what he is saying.

    Who gave him that job and why?

  8. tidalguy Says:

    Javon Belcher a line backer with the Chiefs…hell you know by now. Should they play or not? Lets not forget that a young woman was murdered.
    Cancel the game.

  9. Pete 422 Says:

    Miguel there is nothing wrong with how Sterling Sharpe speaks. To put it mildly THAT was an inappropriate comment.

  10. Pete Dutcher Says:

    I think the Bucs will have to constantly evolve their gameplay during the game because Manning will adjust each step of the way. If something stops working, he’ll sit on the sidelines and figure out something that will.

    If the Bucs do the same, we can win the game. It’s as simple as that. Whichever team adjusts best on the fly will win.

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    You’re right, I apologize to Sterling and to anyone who was offended. I didn’t watch the clip.

    I believe it’s his brother who can’t speak correctly.

    I still feel Sterling has no business making a living in an industry that he shunned while he was a player.

  12. raphael Says:

    lol @ the previous poster… 7- 5 Bucs win

  13. SacBucs Says:

    Its seems as if miguel thinks he is a english teacher…Or try this on for size..MIGUEL thinks he is better! I am Portugese..Not..Sucka…On Yo Helmet-means On your case..ya nerd..Visit the sports bar homie..We speak ebonics lil girl..I hope you won a noble peace prize smart a$$!

  14. teacherman777 Says:


    You are a maricon moron. You try to act intelligent to cover up your misery.

    You are a racist and a horrible analyst.

    Still complaining about Coach’s conditioning tests?

    Oh wait. We have the fittest team in the league!

    You have no idea what youre talking about. Just be quiet.

  15. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    I agree, Shannon Sharpe’s speaking skills are not that good and he is hard to understand. I could not do any better, but I’m not being paid to speak on TV. Sterling on the other hand, speaks quite well IMO.

  16. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    teacherman says, “Oh wait. We have the fittest team in the league! ”

    One day torture tests don’t make them fit, handing out Adderall to help survive them doesn’t make them fit. Fining players for hands on hips does nothing for fitness.

    In an interview on JBF a couple weeks ago, backup QB Orlavsky said the Little General had to make several adjustments to life in the NFL. One was that he couldn’t beat the players up during the week and expect them to play well on Sunday.