“Another Episode Of The Lack Of Coverage Skills”

December 16th, 2012

Following the Raheem-era-like shutout beating absorbed by the Bucs today in New Orleans, Buccaneers Radio Network analyst and former Bucs tight end Anthony Becht said fans witnessed another episode of the lack of coverage skills in the Bucs secondary.

Frankly, Joe thinks the key word there is “skills.”

The Bucs are just so outclassed at cornerback, it’s impossible to even be upset with the corners themselves, other than me-first Eric Wright.

Joe must wonder why the Bucs have been so insistent that Ronde Barber remain at safety when Ahmad Black is better at his position than the Bucs’ cornerbacks are at theirs. While Barber doesn’t have the speed he once did, Joe knows Barber’s better than what the Bucs are trotting out there right now.

Greg Schiano has said repeatedly how he wants to get the best players on the field, but that seems to not be ringing true given the situation in the defensive backfield.

10 Responses to ““Another Episode Of The Lack Of Coverage Skills””

  1. Eric C Says:

    No surprise here. Has happened every single game this season. They are really trying to earn the record that they are so close to smashing. I really think this secondary would get eaten up by even some college teams.. I mean, how much more awful can you get? People pass at will. Anybody anytime. Its like they get lucky when they actually happen to break up a pass.

  2. houseofbacon Says:

    I hate football lately.

  3. tj Says:

    Said it once will say it again should have drafted Clayborn and not Mark Barron

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Barber has been splitting safety and nickelback a lot the past couple weeks. We haven’t played much 4-3. A lot of 4-2-5

  5. Luther Says:

    We need corners sooooo bad.

  6. Adam L. Says:

    I think Becht meant “lack of coverage…..PERIOD.”

  7. Rajah Says:

    This secondary is the worst I have ever seen in my years as a Buc fan. Totally pathetic and totally useless. I would cut every one of them except for Ronde. They are a disgrace and shouldn’t be allowed to line up next to him.

  8. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I miss college ball.

  9. BucFan20 Says:

    Barber is no better. He was getting burnt bad last year. Just as bad as Biggers and missing as many tackles. As for the rest of the conversation. He also said You were counting on Talib and Wright. Now you have neither. Barber can’t do it all by himself. You need more Vets.

    He is right. Draft as you will. It’s a gamble. Rookies will need time. We have some now that need more time. Look how far Biggers came this year. He may have given up a long pass today but they were in cover 2 and guess who was late gettig there? Barber.

  10. Celly Says:

    My guess would be that they’d rather have Barber truely LEARN the position of FS so that next year, when we have more talent at CB, he will be more comfortable? Makes more sense to have him perfect his new spot reather than moving back to his old spot just to move back to his new spot again next year?

    all this is just guessing and speculation…hence the ???