Aaron Morgan vs. Jimmy Graham

December 16th, 2012

“Yes, sir. Yes, sir. As you wish, sir. We’ll kill that one.”

Yes, Joe busted a remote control when the Bucs opted to cover Saints super tight end Jimmy Graham today with backup defensive end Aaron Morgan on a third-down play in the first quarter.

What the hell was that? Of course, Graham got free and caught a first-down pass.

To close his Wednesday news conference, defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan was asked about Morgan and said his speciality is that of a straight-ahead, speed pass rusher. That’s his game.

So what was Sheridan tyring to do with Morgan on Graham? That’s like Joe trying to outmuscle Carl Nicks en route to a buffet line.

Did Sheridan think he would fool Drew Brees? It’s that kind of decision-making that drives Joe nuts. There was no sound logic to it.

8 Responses to “Aaron Morgan vs. Jimmy Graham”

  1. Justin Says:

    Listen Joe, that was one player that resulted in a ten yard gain.

    It was a zone blitz and I think the Saints motion resulted in Graham being matched up one on one vs Morgan. Certainly not what Tampa wanted. You could see Morgan before the snap alerting that he needed help.
    Those plays usually result in the DE covering a RB/FB. Dont get two upset about that one.

    The game was lost when it was 10-0 Saints and instead of a MW touchdown to cut it to 10-7, its 17-0 after a Freeman INT.

  2. BIG SIR Says:

    Sheridan needs to go. We don’t have talent on defense but he damn sure isn’t putting the defense in the right plays. A def end on Graham is a terminable offense.

  3. Vic Says:

    Schiano needs a new puppet

  4. knucknbuc Says:

    Exactly why sheridan needs to be canned next year. I have seen far too many of the aaron morgans and roy millers dropping back into coverages and zones.

  5. BucFan20 Says:

    At what point in the last few years has this or just about any team been able to cover Graham. With all their weapons Graham vs Who??

  6. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    What’s wrong with Roy Miller playing a little man on man against a WR? He’s a stud.

  7. Mr. Patrick Says:

    If I see another zone blitz, a d-lineman in pass coverage or a 3 man rush, I’m gonna barf

  8. Ship Wrecked in Kentucky Says:

    Normaly don’t do this but damn, all I can say is we are lucky to be @ 6 wins. I know we had some close ones we could have won earlier in the year but lets be honest, the NFL had no idea who the bucs were, now starting @ week11 they figure it out. Run the ball and go deep, no inbetween or over the middle, whats a screen play, no..lets try to drop a deep one to Dallas Clark who pulled a double move on the invisible man. Bad play call, bad pass, no effert by Mr.Clark, it stunck all around. Why is Blount on the side line,were are the split sets,why are we hiding are silver bullet when we’re surrounded by wharewolfs.I know Blounts not the xfactor,I’m just saying we are to predictable and extreamly to balanced and under couched. I said the same thing about trying to cover graham with a D.E…stupid…Bring back Kiffin, Im onboard with keeping Sullivan but we need a more creative Off. playbook and to hold open try outs for all D.B’s in the tampa Bay area..PEACE