Schiano Says Expect More Blount

November 23rd, 2012

Today Greg Schiano shook off a reporter’s question that asked whether it was fair to consider D.J. Ware the Bucs’ No. 2 running back given LeGarrette Blount’s lack of work.

Blount didn’t get a carry against Carolina, but Schiano says that — and one carry against the Chargers — is just coincidence and reflects the flow of those games.

“I wouldn’t read too much into the last two weeks,” Schiano said of Blount’s workload. “That’s just kind of the way the games played out. He’ll have a role. And he’ll do fine. I’m confident that he’ll do fine.”

Schiano and players continue to talk about the constant evolution and steadily-enhanced rollout of the Bucs offense making the team more dangerous each week.

If the Bucs are to become more of complete attack, it stands to reason that they’ll find just the right use for Blount, which likely, as Schiano says, is more than one carry in two weeks.

29 Responses to “Schiano Says Expect More Blount”

  1. Mainebuc Says:

    I couldn’t care less if Blount didn’t touch the ball again this year.

  2. Back up kicker Says:

    I know Joe loves him some Blount. But I think we have found the perfect role for him. Unless Doug needs a blow, I don’t want to see him loose any carries to Blount.

  3. espo Says:

    How about the role of headache inducer? For the birds, of course. Let the man run!

  4. raphael Says:

    high and tight Mr Blount

  5. BadNewsBucs Says:

    Blount’s a pair of fresh legs, while I like what Martin’s done so far, I still believe Blount can be put to good usage for our offense. The day he and Martin get it going in the same game, I predict tears of joy will follow.

  6. RustyRhino Says:

    We need to pound Blount, some in the first half put him and Martin on the field motion one or the other out of the backfield to run or pass with either RB. We can only wear down a Defense with Blount by running or passing to him more than 2-3 runs or 1 pass a game. We know how difficult he is to tackle. Looking forward to seeing coach Schiano use Blount.

  7. Pewter_Power Says:

    Schiano has been singing this same song all year. I don’t expect anything to change.

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    Blount has done some damage against Atlanta in the past. He should surely have a role this week. We will need both Blount and Martin this week if we want to shorten this game.

  9. ElioT Says:

    Once they can get a lead in the 4th, they will be able to use him. Martin is the best option as long as the game is still tight. As soon as the Bucs have a nice lead they can give Martin a rest and pound the crap out of a tired defense.

  10. SteveK Says:

    Blount will find a role.

  11. SteveK Says:

    Carolina had Stephen Davis *and* DeShaun Foster when Jake Delhome tooled to the Super Bowl.

    If a playoff run is going to happen, then we need Blount too.

  12. Bob Says:

    I still would like to see some of Blount and Martin together in the backfield… might be a defensive players nightmare.

  13. Snook Says:

    Blount is no Stephen Davis. Easy with that.

    Blount doesn’t see the field because he sucks. Period.

    And the “he ran for 1000 yards” argument is crap. So did Cadillac Williams. Keep Ware as the #2 back. At least he doesn’t shuffle his feet every time he gets the ball.

  14. mikeck Says:

    I dont get your negative comparison to Cadillac snook. Cadillac was a great back until his injury…didn’t do too bad in 2010 for us either

  15. SteveK Says:

    Caddy was a warrior. Would’ve been a damn good back if not for injuries.

  16. Oahubuc Says:

    Raise your hand if the trolls flamed you on here for expressing confidence that a competent offense was being slowly rolled out.

  17. blackmagic00 Says:

    My fear is next year Blount will eat us alive playing for Atlanta. I love Blount as a buc but come on.

  18. Jwayne Says:

    If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Martin and the offense is doing just fine with Blount on the bench. Any time he’s in that means the Muscle hamster isn’t. And i don’t know how that helps in anyway!

  19. espo Says:

    Its still a work in progress jwayne. Imagine our offense with 2 homerun threats that have very different styles

  20. andres Says:

    Can’t keep running Martin like they have, Blount has to get going ASAP.

  21. buccanay Says:

    Dont know how else to put this, but…one of the reasons we cant sell out our games, is the ignorance of a large portion of the fanbase. Why does everyone feel the need to bash Blount? He was the lone highlight on this team with very little preparation and off-season practice, yet produced multiple highlight runs and has been a team player throughout. Look no further than the mirror why we have such an apathetic fanbase.

  22. buccanay Says:

    To say Blount has no use for this team, shows the ignorance…..its no wonder we cant sell out the stadium with fans like these.

  23. BamBamBuc Says:

    It’s funny watching NFL Network and other channels with highlights on random screens in the background. If you watch, you’ll see Bucs highlights… all featuring LGB. The helicopter into the endzone, trucking 5 guys on the way to a score, hurdling poor DBs going for his ankles. Sure, in the future, they’ll all be Martin runs in the background, but it shows what LGB has meant to this team over the past two years. Fans are so quick to move on from what was pretty good, and so quick to crown the next “king of the team”. Two years ago, with no off-season, no pre-season, and new to the team in week 1, LGB came in in week 4 to thrill us against the Steelers carrying Polamalu about 7 yards for a first down and continuing on his way to 1000 yards. He was the next great thing. Last year, on a horrible team, always playing from behind needing to throw the ball, LGB had a down year and is immediately reduced from “next best thing” to “never was”. Martin is brought in and is a phenomenal back, but LGB still has what he’s had the past couple years… the ability to break through (on occasion) and make opponents look like fools. Why would you hide that on the bench and then lose that in the off-season? Because he fumbles? That’s really funny, because when he was getting the touches, he wasn’t losing any more fumbles than any other back getting significant carries. You’d have to look back two years to see the carries per game and fumbles per carry equal to any other starting RBs. He may never be a good #2 back, because he does better with more carries, but if he can learn to play that role (and we don’t know he can’t, he learned to pass block better, and catch the ball better), he could be a great keeper for this team or a nightmare for some opponent down the road. All I’m saying is that those crying to let him go may regret it down the road because they were too short-sighted to see the potential of having Martin and Blount used together. The moment Martin tweaks an ankle or gets turf-toe is the moment fans will wish we had Blount instead of Ware. Just one concussion away from being in dire need of a RB for the next week or two during a playoff push. Not what I want to see, but I’m realistic enough to know it happens all the time in the NFL and really don’t want to see our chances jeopardized by an injury and lack of backup potential. Even teams like Minnesota drafted and played backup RBs before AP was injured, Texans use Ben Tate to keep Foster fresh and productive, Saints use Ingram/Thomas/Ivory to always have some threat to run… you’d really rather have Martin/Ware over Martin/Blount? Doesn’t make sense….

  24. Snook Says:

    If Blount is so great, why is Schiano not playing him? I guess you all know best.

  25. SacBucs Says:

    I agree TOTALLY.. I think we shood use Dougie like Sproles..Use his ability to make tacklers miss in the open field. I just hope Doug don’t get hurt from being over worked. Whats with the love affair coaches?

    Gruden had a love affair with qb’s
    Raheem had a love affair with cb’s
    Schiano has a love affair with working the heck out of the Muscle Hamp!

    There has been no rb rotation all year..ok 3rd down whoopty doo…We need Blount!

  26. Tampa2 Says:

    The GREAT backs like Terrell Davis, Ladanian, Adrian Peterson, Emmitt, Barry, etc etc etc. You FEED them. You don’t give them the rock 14 times a game. What is it now a days with this F shi-t over working pussified crap. Gimmie a break. Your best players stay in the game. Period. You put LG in for a breather for Dougie or if they have a large lead in the 4th quarter. That is LG’s role and will always be his role. If you don’t like that well then go have a good cry about it..

  27. Biff Barker Says:

    Seeing is believing.

    Best offense in Buc history sans LGB.

    That said, I’d still would’nt mind him trample some Falgoons.

  28. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Snook says, ” Keep Ware as the #2 back. At least he doesn’t shuffle his feet every time he gets the ball.”

    I hate that “Alstott Shuffle.”

  29. buccanay Says:

    So Doug Martin is already in the same class as Barry, Emmit, and Adrian Peterson? Is it any wonder we cant sell out any games. We have the cumulative NFL IQ of No. 2 pencil.