Ronde’s Blessing

November 14th, 2012

“Coach gives a pretty strong message. I think more than anything that resonates with guys. I mean there’s, you know, there’s obviously a bunch of different ways you can do this deal, but his way is very clear. He’s very concise about what he wants done. It’s not that he’s immovable on things, because he’s actually been pretty good to us as a team. But his word is really kind of his trademark. You know, he tells you something and he’s going to do it. And he’s always done that. He’s fair. He’s obviously difficult. I said earlier in the year during camp, it was probably one of the hardest camps I’ve been through in my 16 years. And that’s not only because I’m old, it just was a tough camp. It was a big committment, a lot of things we were trying to get done. He’s very honest. And I think guys really like that feeling of honesty. He tells you exactly what he expects. He tells you exactly what to expect during the week and those results will show up on Sunday and they do. That’s probably about the biggest amount of proof you can get. … He’s got the trust of the entire team. His way is a good way. There’s a lot of consistency in the way he’s doing things.” — Ronde Barber on Greg Schiano. Barber spoke Tuesday on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

What could Joe possibly add to Barber’s take on the New Schiano Order?

15 Responses to “Ronde’s Blessing”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    “He’s got the trust of the entire team”

    Even after the gauntlets? Surely Ronde’s wrong!

  2. BucKing 3 Says:


  3. holymoly Says:

    Hey , long as they keep playing well , i’m all for it . It’s nice to see the Bucs as relevant again .

  4. T.Howard Says:

    “What could Joe possibly add to Barber’s take on the New Schiano Order?” How about some paragraphs?

    lol I kid Joe, I kid. I enjoy reading Joe’s articles as much as anyone and as such I know Joe will find humor in my answer.

  5. Snook Says:

    Wow. Could there be a bigger endorsement?

    Come back in 2013, Ronde.

  6. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    But…but…but…the torture test.

  7. james in dunedin Says:

    Its good that they are all buying in half way through the season, it could have been a disaster if there were no positive results by now. I’m sold on the new coach, hell I’m even considering buying season tickets again.

  8. TONY850 Says:

    I bet you that fool Kellen Winslow is regretting not buying in now. I guess since he never took anything serious, then no one would take his sorry ass serious.

    What I love about Schiano is that he is his own coach. Doesn’t really come from another head coach’s tree branch. He developed his own style at Rutgers but learned @crafted his own style from learning from a variety of coach’s like Belichik, Paterno, and Butch Davis.

  9. Rob in Orlando Says:

    Holding my breath in anticipation of our resident “El Idiotico” spewing his mindless banter about gauntlets and toes on the line. I said from day one that Coach Schiano and his approach would work if people were patient. The results are actually better and faster than I anticipated. Love our offense now. Actually fun to watch us score from anywhere. Best Buccaneer offense since I became a Buc’s fan in 1980. Defense has the effort. Key losses like Clayborn really hurt but another draft, another key free agent defensive back or two and a pass rusher and we can dominate for years. Goooooooooo Bucs!

  10. thegregwitul Says:

    What’s Kellen Winslow up to these days? How about Tanard Jackson? Aqib Talb? We knew what he was up to…Where in the world is Brian Price? Dez Briscoe?

    To be fair, at one time or another, I was a huge fan of all of those players listed above. I defended K2 up until late last season, when it became painfully clear that he was causing Freeman to regress. I was almost as high on Tanard Jackson’s talents as he was on the reefer. At one point I thought Brian Price would be the better player than Gerald McCoy. Dez Briscoe flashed star player potential to me, or at least viable red zone target, now, he can barely get on the field for a depleted Redskins WR unit. And finally, Aqib Talib. I was one of his biggest fans. Was he a head case? Of course he was, but I defended him when he got in the gun trouble and for a long time I thought he would be a top ten or even top five CB. The last two years he suffered through a damning trio of injuries, off field issues and ineffectiveness to the point that I felt the team was better when he was off the field, so youngry (I’m sorry I had to) players like Leonard Johnson could get more experience in game situations.

    All of them are gone. And one of those castaways netted the Bucs a fourth round pick, so I’m a happy camper. I was a big fan of the Schiano hire but I didn’t expect things to start picking up like this so soon. I hope it continues, and I’ll play my part by supporting the team and reading this site for all the Bucs news my eyeballs can take!

  11. TAC Says:

    Not sure which one this says more about, Ronde, or the Coach. There is an old saying in the Military that you can’t be a good leader, without being a good follower.

    There are variations that you can’t be a good follower without picking the right leader also.

    There are people who can adapt to any situation, and Ronde is obviously one of them. Hopefully the Coach can keep reciprocating adaptability where needed, along with the other leaders of the team.

    Good stuff Joe, Keep rollin’ bucs.

  12. Drew Says:


    You beat me to the punch in reference to our all time favorite mouth spewing Miguel. Can’t wait to hear Miguel spew off about how Barber’s comments not holding water because of his age or some sort of a conspiracy.

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    What you guys don’t understand is that Joe didn’t put Ronde’s entire quote in. Before he said all of that, Ronde said this only happened as a result of Miguel (ego) Maniaco changing The Little General due to his insightful posts on JBF.

  14. King Says:

    I heard that interview on my way home the other night. Ronde most always puts on a good one hour show. He should do very well if he decides to become part of the media after he hangs up his cleats (hopefully not too soon) unlike his brother did after he left the game.

  15. Bobby Says:

    I agree, Ronde has a great career in broadcasting after football. Very intelligent and coherent in his analysis of the game in all aspects.