“Not Yet”

November 26th, 2012

Veteran columnist Gary Shelton offers his views on the Bucs 24-23 loss to the Dixie Chicks in this Tampa Bay Times video.

3 Responses to ““Not Yet””

  1. Dave Says:

    Basically the Falcons are a damn good team and the Bucs are a damn good up and coming team who aren’t quite there yet.

    From what I have seen this year though… the Bucs should be contending for the division for he next 3-5 years

  2. gracelivin Says:

    I don’t know what this putz is talking about, not yet good enough. This game could have went either way, one play here or there and the game was a buc’s win. They are good enough to win any game they are in. including next week. Go Bucs!

  3. ctord Says:

    we are one corner and a consistant pass rush away from the league kissing our A**. Sorry I don’t have the same respect everyone else has for the Falcons but I would rather be in the bucs shoes then in the Falcons. Falcons are soft and we have a better team overall. We are a year away from owning the south. The system is working.