More Fuel For Sullivan Head Coach Possibilities

November 30th, 2012

As Joe wrote several weeks ago, and took criticism for it, Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan is all but certain to be in the mix when teams start interviewing potential head coaches for 2013, assuming a few things: Sullivan is interested, and the Bucs don’t implode or go deep in the playoffs. The latter would prevent Sullivan from interviewing until the Bucs are eliminated.

It just makes too much sense given Sullivan’s military-officer background, rings and success with the Giants, and now credit for crafting a new offense and reviving a quarterback with the Bucs.

Now does Joe think Sullivan would make a good head coach? Well, that’s not relevant, nor is Joe thinking about it. What’s important is that the Bucs could lose him at the rate Sullivan’s career is progressing.

Tampa Tribune beat writer eye-RAH! Kaufman penned a sharp feature on Sullivan today, including info. on Sullivan’s daunting Army Ranger training and an endorsement from Falcons head coach Mike Smith.

That wouldn’t surprise Falcons coach Mike Smith, who worked with Sullivan in 2003 on Jack Del Rio’s staff in Jacksonville.

“Mike’s one of the most intelligent guys I know, and he’s got an unbelievable work ethic,” Smith said. “He’s got West Point connections, and you can’t say enough about a guy who spent time there. He did a great job with Eli in New York and he’s got a great mind in terms of how to attack people.”

It’ll be interesting to see what the buzz is when head coaches around the NFL start dropping like flies in a few weeks. If Sullivan is interested in being a team commander, his agent should have no problem drumming up interest — real or hyped.

13 Responses to “More Fuel For Sullivan Head Coach Possibilities”

  1. NJBucsFan Says:

    Shhh……we need to keep him a secret.

  2. Bucs4life Says:

    Can’t disagree. I’ve been thinking that might be an issue from the day we even hired him (pretty wishful thinking on my part). His resume is fantastic and I’m sure he comes off great in an interview, but I don’t think his body of work as an O-Coordinator will be long enough to warrant a hiring. Look at Chudzinski from Carolina last year; he was lauded as some sort of genius and QB guru, but he’s at serious risk of losing his job in a few weeks. I’m confident we’ll have Sully for at least one more season.

  3. Bucfan66 Says:

    Smith just wants Sullivan out of the division! He’s scared of what our offense will become after another year of Freeman learning under Sully!

  4. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Sully has done a great job with the team and I would hate to see him go. From all the interviews I have seen of him, he is a very good communicator and he seems to get good results from his players.

    I agree with some of the past comments on this topic that I think most teams would want to see a little bigger body of work before giving him a HC gig. Let him get some “statement” wins first and then he becomes even more popular. There may be a team of two desperate enough to give him a shot however. KC and SD come to mind. Wouldn’t it suck if he went to the stinking panthers!

  5. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    I’d rather not see you play this up just so you can say “I told you so”! Looks like an intentional distraction to me! Lets focus on the next game, and do all we can to HELP our team and try not to hurt them with distractions. I still remember losing a Great coach because the team quit on him when they found out that they were losing their defensive coordinator. Lets not help make history repeat it’s self!

  6. thegregwitul Says:

    If the Bucs finish strong I think Sullivan will likely interview for a team or two, just like Rob Chudzinski of the Panthers did last offseason. I hope we do finish strong and get at least one more good year from Sullivan. I can’t stomach the thought of Josh Freeman going from one OC to the next year after year like Jason Campbell and Alex Smith used to do. It stunts the growth and development of any QB when you change OC’s every offseason. Fingers crossed for at least a few seasons of Sullivan and this dynamic offense.

  7. Phil Says:

    @IdahoBucsFan – Why so negative? Maybe Joe playing this up gets the Glazers to lock this guy up with more money. Stop being so negative. If the Bucs want to keep Sullivan, there’s a way to do that, it’s called $$$$$

  8. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Phil, if you were as positive as you must think you are,. you would not have worried about my concern. Hey,. I stick by my post! 😉 GO BUCS!

  9. andres Says:

    wait isn’t this guy under contract? If he left after one year then good riddance. I say finish what you started then bail. Leaving would be so wrong to Josh the team and the organization.

  10. stimpy Says:

    Is he under a one year contract? I would hate for him to leave. We could tel that Josh struggled in the bengining of this new O. For him to leave and us starting all over again would really suck for Freeman’s and the O growth.

    Another setback would really hurt this team. We are making such great progress on O.

  11. Bucpride Says:

    Don’t see it happening this year. He may get a interview if the offensive performance equals big wins. But how many interviews has Kevin Gilbride (Giants Offensive Coordinator) got after winning 2 rings recently?

  12. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Bucpride Says:
    November 30th, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    Don’t see it happening this year. He may get a interview if the offensive performance equals big wins.


    I agree 100%. First, Sully does not strike me as the kind of guy to bail on his team after only a year. Second, he just doesn’t have enough OC experience yet. Not after this year.

    I think teams would want to see consistency first, at least 2 years.

  13. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:

    With the OC carousel that’s been going on in Tampa the last couple of years, it’s no wonder why Freeman has been slow to develop. It’s a good thing Freeman isn’t up for free agency until 2014, because if Sully leaves after this season, you can bet Freeman agent would be looking for a system that has some stability. Maybe even be Sully’s new QB where-ever he goes. In reality who could blame him. The guys had a different OC every year (even 2 in one year) since he started. If the Bucs are serious about winning, then they need to insure that they can keep their coaching staff intact beyond one season.