Josh Freeman Panting After Win

November 18th, 2012

How happy was Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman after the Bucs’ thrilling, come-from-behind, overtime win? Just minutes after the game while appearing on the Bucs radio network, Freeman was panting like Joe would just after a sheet-thrashing tryst with Rachel Watson.

“This is a great team win. Just one win, just like any other win. I think we came together as a team. I sure as heck didn’t play my best game, we were struggling but guys sacrificing their bodies, whatever it took to make plays at the end. Defense did the job at the end. Nobody flinched. Everybody kept playing. Tiquan got blasted but held on. Dallas Clark stepped up and make two huge plays for us. We have to learn from our mistakes and learn not to make these games so close.”

On the winning play: “It was a play we put in earlier this week. I had to go to [Clark] earlier than I wanted to but I’m glad I did.”

On the two-point play to send the game into overtime: “It was a run-play option. Initially [the Stinkin’ Panthers] came out in a blitz and we switched to a pass. We didn’t flinch. We didn’t move. Vincent came up big and split a double-team look.”

On the win: “The Carolina Panthers, they are a good football team. You don’t want to give Cam Newton the ball back. Our focus was to run our offense, one play at a time. It was an all-around team effort.

“It’s a big win on an emotional scale, but it’s just one win. We have to go out and execute better.”

5 Responses to “Josh Freeman Panting After Win”

  1. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Translation: We pulled out a game that shouldn’t have been close.
    In other news Talib scored a touchdown for the patriots.

  2. Sergio Says:

    We won We won We won…Way to not give up or back down

  3. TONY850 Says:

    It’s the NFL people, yeah on paper it should of been a blow out. It was a road win and a division win too. So let’s take it, we at least know these Bucs can pull through and get a W when things aren’t going their way.

  4. Buc fan south Tampa Says:

    I noticed he was panting / gasping for breath during that last drive walking to the huddles. I havent seen him do it before. Maybe he as a chest cold or its allergies. Think docs need to check him out.

  5. clintro Says:

    Post game presser, sounded like he had a cold.