It’s All About The Vomit

November 23rd, 2012

The inaugural New Schiano Order training camp was on display for fans, who got to view the Bucs practicing at a fast pace without cool-down areas or shade, which led to players physically breaking down for all to see during the early days of camp.

But earlier this week, Mike Williams offered a glimpse inside offseason workouts and minicamps, which Williams said have been the difference in the Bucs’ conditioning being visibily superior to their 2012 opponents.

Williams painted a picture of Greg Schiano and friends cracking a fierce whip when it came to running.

“I think the difference from last year to this year is the lockout. I think us having that time to work together and them making us run, and I literally mean making us, run with each other and sprint and seeing each other throw up and all of that type of stuff,” Williams said on the Buccaneers Radio Network. “For us to get into that type of shape before camp and then go through camp and stay in that type of shape, I think that’s the big difference from last year.”

As for how it all has translated on the field this season, Williams echoed what other Bucs have said in postgame interviews, that they can see they’re in better condition than the opposition.

Host T.J. Rives: Could you tell, did it look like [the Panthers] were fatigued at the end of regulation and especially in the overtime? … Could you look across the way and see some body language? Some hands on the hips?

Mike Williams: Oh yeah, it seems like when we get in the fourth quarter with a lot of teams like that, it seems like that. But I can’t really say how the defensive line or the linebackers was, but it kinda seemed that way with the corners.

Joe finds it interesting that Schiano set the conditioning bar — not just discipline levels — so high during offseason workouts. Obviously, it was beneficial.

Schiano always talks about getting incrementally better and working harder week to week, and during the offseason he talked about how much more the team could accomplish in future offseasons after acclimating to the new system.

Joe believes it’s safe to assume the conditioning demands will only increase next year.

26 Responses to “It’s All About The Vomit”

  1. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    The NSO has said that the talent level between players in the NFL is all about the same, so in order to differentiate yourself from other players is to out prepare them. This includes training levels and study time. It would seem that the players are seeing the fruits of their efforts and believe what the NSO as been preaching. This sort of work ethic will continue to make this Bucs team great. I for one, continue to drink the NSO cool-aid. Go Bucs!

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Gauntlets! As Al Davis used to say “Just run, baby!”

  3. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Even tough T.J. talks to the players like they’re 5 years old (on his radio shows)….he does a great job on Game Day

  4. NJBucsFan Says:

    I wonder how Miguel will defend his ridiculous stance on the conditioning tests noes…..

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    T. J. is probably the best interviewer in town, bar none, on the radio. I love them all.

    Joe, two things –

    1 . I don’t know that the conditioning will see a dramatic leap though. I think it’s possible that once the team is has fully developed the habits, then they can focus on the game play side more (while maintaining the conditioning)

    2 . Any chance the Bucs will go after John Conner as soon as he’s healed up? The Jets cut him a while back and he is exactly the kind of FB we need here. Lorig is improving, t\but they are two different types. Conner is a very good run blocker, runner and pass catcher. Probably would come cheap too.

  6. Pete Dutcher Says:

    John Conner blocking (if the link works)

  7. raphael Says:

    we should see an increase in wind sprints from 16 – 100 yarders to 24 -100 yarders… Its one of the best things Coach Shiano has done..

  8. holymoly Says:

    The team that pukes together WIBS together !

  9. holymoly Says:

    The team that pukes together WINS together !!!

  10. Bobby Says:

    It just sounds like WIBS when you’re wiping the chunks off of your mouth….

  11. holymoly Says:

    Bobby , lmao !!

  12. gotbbucs Says:

    @ Pete,

    I have no problem going after the guy if he can contribute and play well on special teams, but it seems like the staff and front office is more than happy with Lorig.

  13. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @gotbbucs – Indeed. Conner has done nothing in his career any better than what Lorig is doing this year. Of all the positions of need on the team, it is odd that someone brings this up.

  14. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Ray Perkins had the best conditioned team in the NFL when he coached the Bucs. If I remember correctly, he was running 3 a days in the Florida heat. They ran out of gas 1/4 of the way into the season.

    There are a couple axioms that apply. NFL means “Not for long.” Stupid is as stupid does.

    The Bucs lost 9 players to the gauntlets. Players were taking illegal drugs to complete them. The Rockstar has been unable to supply depth to the OL and DL because of the sprints. Nobody can tell us how many players are refusing to come to Tampa because of them.

    Running gauntlets on the opening day of camp does absolutely nothing to increase fitness. If you go back into the archives you will notice that the Bucs beat writers all noticed that the players were practicing at half speed for the first couple weeks of camp. Limping around at half speed does not make you fit. Fining players for hands on hips does not make them fit.

    One of the most effective offensive weapons Chip Kelly has is that they can run at hyper speed all game. Offense and defense. They actually play at three different speeds and the speed of play is dictated by a picture chart that is displayed to the complete offense. They don’t huddle, they are always ready to proceed. They practice at full speed. They get into great shape by practicing and by the time the season rolls around, their fitness level peaks.

    The best fit athletes in the world are jockeys, believe it or not. They don’t all get together one day a year and run 110 yard sprints until they puke. They have a 12 month regimen of long distance running and lifting weights. The Rockstar has not hired a single jockey this year.

    People in the know have predicted that Oregon’s head coach is coming to the NFL next year and will probably take over the Philadelphia Eagles. My prediction is the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL will never be the same.

  15. Tampa2 Says:

    Miguel you are quite the idiot. Would be more apropo if you just added “estupido” to your name

  16. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Miguel El Magnifico Says: November 23rd, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Ray Perkins had the best conditioned team in the NFL when he coached the Bucs. If I remember correctly, he was running 3 a days in the Florida heat. They ran out of gas 1/4 of the way into the season.

    You know, there’s an old saying…better to let people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it.

    I don’t know if you are aware of this…but we are already past 1/2 of the season and the team has not run out of gas.

    To blame Schiano for players taking drugs…aside being beyond stupid…the players were out of shape and that is their own fault. THEY BARE THAT RESPONSIBILITY.

    And blaming Schiano for the injuries…let’s see…Carl Nicks had an injured toe…which had been stomped on during a play. In fact ALL of the injuries were during games and the result of playing.

    Don’t you think it’s about tim3 you stop pretending you are not a troll?

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Chip Kelly will be out of the NFL within 3-4 years after he begins coaching (if he ever gets a job, that is). Schiano, on the other hand, will still be the Bucs coach in a decade. Mark that down. Schiano is the real deal but Kelly is more of a modern version of Steve Spurrier.

  18. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “The best fit athletes in the world are jockeys, believe it or not.”

    lol Yeah, I don’t believe it.

  19. Oahubuc Says:

    Miguel: Cool story, bro.

  20. Jwayne Says:

    Did this guy really just say a 4’8″ 80 pound jockey who pretty much steers a horse is the best athlete. Miguel you prove time and time again how much of a clown you are. And i bet it is real hard for Chip Kelly to walk with you swinging from him junk! FYI Chip the great lost last week! And its funny how the Bucs players credit Schiano for the “gauntlets” and you still have it stuck in ur thick skull it made um take drugs!lol

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Some people are so stupid, they aren’t worthy of a response.

  22. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    JWayne says, “FYI Chip the great lost last week!”

    On a play where Marcus Mariota broke loose for a long TD run similar to the Vincent Jackson 95 yarder, except that #6, “The Black Mamba was along side to block for him. Instead of blocking, De’Anthony Thomas decided to race Mariota to the end zone. That single play cost the Oregon Ducks the National Championship.

    You could blame Chip for the loss and I’m sure he will accept the responsibility but he did not lose that game. You could blame Schiano for Jackson not scoring but the reality is that some players are capable of snatching defeat out of the hands of victory.

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Is this an Oregon Ducks website?

  24. lurker Says:

    i cannot wait for chip the dip to get hired by an nfl team so miguel can finally leave this site and go to that team’s site. i thought thomas was bad, but miguel is just mesmerizingly idiotic with his comments.

    still think cancer is a fungus?

  25. Jwayne Says:

    oh Miguel just simply pointing out that Chip Kelly is not invincible. And how many National championships does Chip have? Cuz i think Saban is a way better COLLEGE coach but we all seen how well he did in the league. And ya Oregon may be able to score against average college teams but they also get walked all over on d fense.They let a bad USC team put up 50 plus. Now how do you think thats gonna work out in the league? This is like trying to explain football to my girlfriend lol

  26. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Kelly put 63 points up on NFL legend Monte Kiffin. The main problem was that the Mighty Ducks scored so fast that the defense was always on the field.