Hopefully For Eric Wright, He Is Renting

November 2nd, 2012

Eric Wright’s days with the Bucs could very well quickly turn upside down if Greg Schiano’s handling of Aqib Talib is any standard.

Joe has to admit he was a bit stunned yesterday when Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik shipped gun-toting, helmet-wielding, cabbie-slugging, coach-cussing, granny-hassling Aqib Talib.

One reason was that even after the suspension for popping Adderall, Bucs coach Greg Schiano was adamant that Talib started with a clean slate with him and that the pill-popping was just his first offense.

Talib, who was Schiano’s staunchest supporter prior to the suspension, didn’t even get to finish out his sentence before being shipped off.

Now if Schiano has that itchy of a trigger finger to unload Talib after one offense, a player that constantly stuck up for Schiano and his hard-driving ways, just what are the chances troubled Eric Wright finishes the season in a Bucs uniform?

Wright, indirectly, made waves across the NFL last Sunday when NFL insider Jay Glazer, who also works for NFL Network in addition to his FOX duties, broke the news that Wright, too, tested positive for Adderall. And if true, he’s facing a four-game suspension just like Talib.

Joe is quick to point out that while Bucs officials hint Wright will play Sunday, not one Bucs official nor any NFL suit has hinted, on or off the record, that Glazer’s story was inaccurate.

Given Glazer’s history of nailing scoops, it’s difficult to believe the Bucs, Wright, his agent, and the NFL would be so quiet if Glazer was off base.

So if the Bucs were so quick to wash their hands of a Schiano-guy, just how thin is the ice under Wright?

18 Responses to “Hopefully For Eric Wright, He Is Renting”

  1. Eric C Says:

    “just what are the chances troubled Eric Wright finishes the season in a Bucs uniform?”
    100% chance seeing the trade deadline has past, am I right? Or am I missing something? I do not think they just cut him loose.

  2. bucfanjeff Says:

    Assume he’s suspended or released and you could move Ronde to Corner and Ahmad Black to safety. You still have Biggers, Johnson and Gaitor (and Lewis in a desparate pinch) for the other DB’s.

    One thing is clear, Corner WILL be our 2013 1st round draft pick. I would be shocked otherwise.

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    IF Wright had a script and gave some to Talib – THAT’S a bigger problem IMO.

  4. Meh Says:

    The difference is Wright’s contract and guaranteed money. He’s impossible to move (even if wasn’t past the trade deadline). If we cut him we’re on the hook for a small fortune if I remember the details right.

  5. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    He makes too much so early in his contract to not give a 2nd and 3rd chance.

  6. skp Says:

    in the tight salary cap world of the NFL, the one thing you can’t do is pay somebody alot of money to not play for you. wright is as safe as the amount of guaranteed money he is still owed. if there is a behavior clause that negates guaranteed money, maybe he won’t be here next year. otherwise, you’ll hear a bunch of stuff about second chances and making progress and being a good teammate

  7. Alex Says:

    His first two years are all guaranteed. It’d be stupid to get rid of him

  8. Big Rob Says:

    I agree with most folks here. Due to the amount of guaranteed money on contract for next season there is a 100 chance he stays on the team.

  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe Talib was the source of the Adderall.

  10. Nick2 Says:

    I think truly Eric Wright was Schianos guy. Even though Schiano spoke highly of Talib he never picked him but instead inherited him. Also regardless of what alot of people say Talib in my opinion played much worse than Eric Wright this year. Our secondary has been pretty solid since Talib went out on suspension. Talib was a flash player but got burned alot too.

  11. FlBoy84 Says:

    Would consider Wright more of a Dominik guy, and the team tried to sign him last yr in FA & Dom referred to Wright as “my guy” a few times during the intro press conference. Schiano may or may not have liked the move, but Dom seemed set on getting Wright and may have even overpaid to get him.

  12. Jerrjenn2 Says:

    Wright ain’t goin nowhere. The message has been sent, let’s hope Wright hears it loud and clear.

  13. Buc'It Says:


    “out secondary has looked pretty solid”

    Oh yeah cause Christian Ponder and Brady Quinn were such a test when we played them remind me again what Drew did to us at home? In one half….

  14. Jamaal Says:

    Yeah he is definitely going to finish the season. . . But he might end up traded in the off-season. He might want to step his game up and get out of trouble. I hate to say it, but he is still our number one corner now. But from the hungry looks of Johnson I’d say it won’t be for long. And besides like my friend said earlier we can move gramps back ta corner and start black who has been pretty good thus far.

  15. Rican Says:

    if we plan to be drafting for the next two to three years for a CB and or have money to throw on a brand new contract for a new CB in free agency after we deal with the brand new contract we just gave Wright…
    yea right hahaha

  16. jlynch Says:

    You would think they would pay more attention taking adderall and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ladyz Says:

    I’ve listened for 2 days (seems like 22) about how terrible it was that Shiano shafted Talib by saying he had a clean slate and then he ships him off to the frozen north to deal with an other hard ass. Has any one given a thought to the fact of Shiano’s loyalty to his players? Anyone ever hear of Eric LaGrand? How do you know that he didn’t do this move to help Talib by giving him a fresh start with someone who is known to give second chances. As it has been stated a bunch of times, Talib’s contract runs out in Feb, 2013 and this move can set him up for a good deal then if he keeps his nose clean (pun intended). This move is a good deal first for the bucs, a good deal for New England and has the potential of being a great deal for Talib. His future is jn his own hands. The question is how he will write (history) his story. I hope he will make the best of it. Go Bucs!

  18. Bob Says:

    I don’t think you have to pay a suspended player, so with the appeal ,maybe taking a couple weeks he could end season on suspended. List then we could cut him on behavior clause , and not have to pay him.