Greg Schiano Speaks

November 4th, 2012

Bucs coach Greg Schiano spoke on the Bucs radio network following the game and Joe decided to transcribe his thoughts.

“I think our team showed a lot of character. We were a step behind early in the game and not characteristic of who we can become and needed to just slow it down and man, did we erupt.

“Defensively, we had balls thrown on us that we have to get better at but the big thing is with the game on the line the defense found a way to make a play. That’s what you have to do in this league

“I think Doug, it was a big day for him. He had a big outing in Minnesota and then come out and play the way he did today and the line really stepped up. [Jeremy] Zuttah unselfishly moves to left guard and we don’t miss a beat and I am really proud of these guys.

On preparing for the Chargers next week at home:

“We will feel good on the flight home but as we watch film we will get aggravated. We have to get ready for a good San Diego team who is in the same position we are.”

15 Responses to “Greg Schiano Speaks”

  1. Tuggz Says:

    Thx for transcribing, Joe.

  2. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Are there still “fans” out there who do not like the new coaching staff? I for one believe we are witnessing an incredible job of coaching! If anyone had told us what we would be dealing with on this team as far as players lost to injury, we would Never have believed that we could be playing as well as we are at this point! I just want to say Thank You to the powers that be for hiring us an exceptional coach who is prepared to lead this team back to where we should be! GO BUCS!

  3. Pete Dutcher Says:

    1) penalties nearly killed us at key moments in this game. If not for them the Raiders would not have had a chance.

    2) Didn’t Peter King predict a 4 win season? So when we win another we’ll get to see him eat crow agaon like in 2010?

  4. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    “Are there still “fans” out there who do not like the new coaching staff?”

    Can you explain to me what the coaching staff was doing on the last series? I was surprised that they actually had plays designed to lose yardage.

    Can anyone explain the time outs called in the 2nd half?

    ” I just want to say Thank You to the powers that be for hiring us an exceptional coach who is prepared to lead this team back to where we should be!”

    If mediocrity is the goal, yes, we’re there. Remember, the Little General has a 73-72 lifetime record.

    Sean Payton 67-34 is available.

  5. christopher Says:

    Kinda dumb, Miguel. 1)Would you have even hired Sean Payton, after he was demoted as OC mid-season by Jim Fassel & the Giants?
    2)Would you have been calling for his head, after consecutive 7-9 & 8-8 seasons? Even though the next year they won the Super Bowl?
    People who “predict” the future which such pompus conviction I notice are usually the ones not in power.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    They were trying to eat up as much time as possible, so they wouldn’t have to punt the ball back to the Raiders. You go slow as possible and go down upon first contact, so you don’t have any chance to fumble. And guess what – it worked! Despite Oakland using their timeouts, they weren’t able to get the ball back. Talk about nit picking over something that actually worked. I guess Chip Kelly would have done a better job.

    As for the timeouts, maybe, just maybe they were called because we didn’t like what we saw from the defense. Maybe they didn’t get the play called in time. Maybe he felt like eating a f-ing sandwich. Who gives a flying fluck? Only a douche like you, that’s who.

    And as for his career record, whatever dude. Keep talking all that mess, but you are so stupid you don’t understand the landscape of college football. I’ve tried to explain it to your dumb arse, but you are so stupid you either forget or don’t understand. Either way, you are a miserable little girl, and I hope you choke on Chip Kelly’s arse hole hairs.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wish I could delete that last sentence. That was uncool. My bad Miguel.

  8. BucfanBF Says:

    Kinda funny though Hawaiian. Miguel can be very irritating and his lack of football knowledge is mind numbing. I think he likes to be miserable and if/when we win another SB with Schiano, he may just eat what you said.

  9. upthegut Says:

    Will someone please flush that turd Miguel down the crapper?

  10. Buc Fan #238 Says:

    Joe. Regarding Miguel… I do believe he is bannable. He is deliberately trolling.

    There are no more grey areas for him.

  11. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    No problem, Hawaiian, other than for personal attacks, I respect your opinion. I ignore most of the others who have no cogent facts or plausible arguments and just call names.

    I have a thick skin. I enjoyed and agreed with your dust up with SacBuc.

    I just think the Buc’s front office needs another intervention like during the bye week and tell the Little General not to even try clock managing, it’s not even close close to working.

    In my life, I’m fantastic at some stuff, not so good at others, and I defer to people more qualified.

    The time outs were squandered, if the Raiders had tied the game, it would have really bit them in the ass. Schiano is creating quite a reputation as the biggest asshole in the league.

    I know this might infuriate some people but it’s my honest opinion.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Yeah, I shouln’t have said that. It was way over the line and again I apologize.

    I disagree with you that the timeouts were squandered, because if they were necessary, it was the right call. We don’t know the reason for the timeouts, but I highly doubt he called them for fun. I would guess the crowd had something to do with it. I have a Raider fan friend who was at the game and he said its the loudest he’s heard that stadium since the Super Bowl run. Bottom line, we won. That’s all that matters

  13. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    As for him being an arse hole, who cares? My dad has been a head basketball coach, both college and high school, for nearly 30 years. Trust me on this one, most coaches are complete arse holes. You almost have to be, because it’s a dog eat dog world. You can’t really concern yourself what others think of you, because it will eat you alive. Coaches are ultimately judged by one thing: wins and losses.

  14. Miguel El Magnifico Says:


    Good points. I agree.

  15. SacBucs Says:

    Dust up on me miguel..Hawai five O and Miguel think they are the best bucs fans ever. Who dead and made yall king buc. Miguel your a weirdo..Hawaiian your trying to win colonm from joe..Get off your own jock..