Doug Martin Reacts To Win With “Relief”

November 18th, 2012

Bucs stud running back Doug Martin seemed a tad relieved with the Bucs win as even he offered that his fumble on the goal line could have doomed the team. Like the rest of the Bucs, he was on Cloud-9 after the come-from-behind win.

“It was a grind for four quarters and overtime. We had to fight and grind till the end. It was not a pretty game but we stayed through it and ground it out.”

On game-tying drive and overtime: “Just like practice. Situation practice. Everybody was calm and collected and had their minds right and we took off from there.”

On OT: “Awesome for this team. Man, everybody was just zoned in and the line did a good job of staying on blocks. Even though I had a fumble earlier, I had to place that out of my mind.”

On the game-winning catch by Dallas Clark: “ Relief. Awesome catch and throw by Dallas and Josh. Relief. Thrilling victory.”

On Vincent Jackson: “Vincent had a fabulous game.”

On what the win means for the season: “We just go week by week. Preparing is the main thing. Preparing for the game and it shows.”

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