Chargers Coach Wowed By Security

November 9th, 2012

Doug Martin’s got 174 touches this season and no fumbles. It’s a standout stat, but the reason behind it is what impresses Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano.

Pagano chimed in this week on the Bucs rookie and said Martin’s ball security is impeccable.

“When he gets up, even handing the ball to the officials, it’s always high and tight,” [Pagano] said.

Be sure to watch Martin, the coach said, “if you ever want to see a guy who really takes care of the football every time he runs through the line of scrimmage.”

Joe didn’t scount Martin at Boise State, but the bite-the-football, high-and-tight fundamentals of ball security are a never-ending staple of every New Schiano Order practice — for every player.

It’s paying off.

5 Responses to “Chargers Coach Wowed By Security”

  1. OB Says:

    Joe is the tackling practice paying off, now we just need the stop the receiver from catching the ball practice to pay off.

  2. Ben Says:

    It isn’t just Martin with the great ball security this year, though. How many fumbles have we had as a team? 10. I know Freeman’s had 5, He had two last game (if they attributed the Blount fumble to him) but he’s a QB, so it’s different. We’ve also had a few in the return game. I just don’t remember very many offensive skill guys losing the ball this year.

  3. Celly Says:

    Its funny that the Chargers DC brought this up, cause everytime I watch Mighty Mouse play, he always holds on to the ball coming off the ground, from under the pile. He (and even Blount) ALWAYS get up holding the ball the Tiki Barber way….

  4. SacBucs Says:

    There are alot of busta @ss grammer police on this site. Im abouta get banned like Thomas and I just got here.

  5. Stanglassman Says:

    Every team in the NFL will do this next year if the Bucs keep up the great plus minus turnover ratio.