Barber Sees A Complete CB In Leonard Johnson

November 14th, 2012

Bucs fans have watched undrafted rookie cornerback Leonard Johnson make everyone collectively say, ‘Aqib who?’

Johnson’s three interceptions and a touchdown in the past three games have turned heads, but Joe was most excited by the Johnson scouting report delivered by Bucs icon Ronde Barber last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Barber explained why he believes Johnson is special. And he interestingly said he believes team’s are salivating over facing the Bucs young secondary.

“I know a lot of teams see these young guys [in the Bucs secondary] and they just want to keep taking shots at them. You know, ‘Go at 29,’ or whoever’s the youngest most inexperienced guy you want to take shots at him,” Barber said. “I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but it sure feels that way.

“But every time they’ve done it this year Leonard’s kind of stood up to the challenge. You know, not only getting these couple of interceptions, a bunch of pass breakups, some key tackles, and that’s what I like about him; he’s shown the willingness to do it all. Put his face on somebody, running backs, tight ends, whoever it is coming around the corners. That’s the little stuff that I’m seeing out of him that can only make him a good player. I mean, I wish I was that confident when I was a rookie in the league. I obviously didn’t get the opportunity to play when I was a rookie, but I definitely don’t think I’d be playing with as much confidence as he is right now. And that’s awesome.”

That’s very high praise from Barber. Yeah, Joe knows Johnson screwed up in the opening seconds of the Chargers game, but if Barber believes he’s got all the elements of a strong cornerback, then that’s good enough for Joe.

8 Responses to “Barber Sees A Complete CB In Leonard Johnson”

  1. Andrew Says:

    its good enough for me too joe. I like this kid and think he is going to be with us for a looooong time. well see, only time will tell. he sure looks like a keeper though.

  2. princespanky Says:

    Typical NFL scouting where folks focus to much on one attribute of a player instead of their complete game and willingness to make plays.

    Johnson is a well rounded guy who lacks elite speed and size but is willing on every play to do what is needed and try that extra bit to make a big difference. This means the results are big plays that the opposition thinks are not going to be possible.

    Sounds like a certain Bucs veteran who is going to the HOF… am i right?

  3. guns4roses Says:

    Getting burned once and forgetting about it and maintaining the confidence to go on and have a good game is one of the key qualities a man-to-man corner needs to have.

  4. CanadianBucsFan Says:


    Agreed, what a rough start to the chargers game for Johnson, but I loved how he kept his cool and didn’t panic and ended up having a 3rd straight solid game.

  5. Ramdog Says:

    Eh, all corners get burned. At least he was near the guy and even had him wrapped up. He has played great for a rookie and his speed on a track field is different than his speed on the football field. He was step for step with Percy Harvin on that go route he almost picked off. I think he has a lot of potential and heck he seems to be playing better than some of our veterans aka Biggers.

    The BUCS are coming into a tough stretch of games that will determine their season essentially. The Falcons twice, Saints and Broncos. Will be interesting to see how they fare. GO BUCS !!!!

    Non-related stat Freeman leads the league in Quarterback Rating on 3rd down with a 122 and a Gaudy 67.8% completion rate. I hate to say it but we could have a clutch “Franchise Quarterback on our hands”.

  6. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Nice to see ANY CB’s doing well….the NFL will not allow anyone to play Defense without throwing a flag. Is it worth drafting a CB in the 1st Rd next year….since this is NOW the Arena Football League???????

  7. Ramdog Says:

    Sorry STATS were wrong about Freeman they were over the last 5 games he has a 121.2 rating and 67.4% completion percentage.

  8. SacBucs Says:

    Johnson Island..I said it..Revis is not big our do not have track speed but he locking shh down. Revis blew his hammy getting smoked by Moss remember that? LJ don’t get punked by the wideout at the line. It looks like wr’s are pressing biggers instead of the other way around. If biggers would get his head around when he see it in the recievers eyes he could be a good corner. For another team!

    Alexander got to the house on the botched play because we didn’t swarm to the ball-carrier. That fool 6’5 200 plus! whats johnson barely six feet a buck 90. Ahmad shooda tore his head off when LJ swung him around.

    I didn’t have to hear from Ronde to give this kid his propers. I have been saying it from the gate joe.

    Give him 4yrs like Revis in the same system…Johson Island