Anthony Gaitor Update

November 5th, 2012

Joe has been getting a lot of queries as to the status of Bucs backup cornerback Anthony Gaitor. So many, Joe spoke with Bucs media relations personnel today to get to the heart of the matter.

Gaitor is rehabbing at One Buc Palace as he has been nursing a nasty hamstring injury just about all year. Gaitor is seen often in the Bucs locker room (as is, by the way, Adrian Clayborn and periodically, Davin Joseph).

Because of new NFL rules, there are opportunities where a player can be pulled off of the injured reserve list and Gaitor is still eligible for that option. But it is a short option. There is roughly a one-week window where Gaitor can be brought back to the 53-man roster. That would be after the 12th game of the season (Broncos game) and before the 13th game (Eagles).

If Gaitor is not activated prior to the Eagles game, he must remain on the injured reserve list for the remainder of the season. He cannot be activated prior to the Broncos game.

Of course, this is all dependent on whether Gaitor is healthy enough. If he is deemed unhealthy by the training staff, this is all a moot point.

Naturally, there will have to be a roster move in order for Gaitor to be activated. If Gaitor is healthy enough and the option to activate him will be used, Joe’s going to guess (hope) the odd man out is beleaguered cornerback Myron Lewis.

CLARIFICATION: Per NFL rules, Gaitor mostly cannot practice with the team while on the injured reserve list but he can rehab at the team’s facility. Gaitor may, however, practice with the team within two weeks of his eligibility window in which he can be reactivated to the 53-man roster.

18 Responses to “Anthony Gaitor Update”

  1. Sneedy16 Says:

    Well I guess that settles that question.

  2. Mike Says:

    I like Gaitor, he’s fast and swarms the ball good. At least he has the few times he has been on the field. I’d like to see him get a shot in the Eagles game, in replace of Biggers or Lewis.

  3. NJBucsFan Says:

    Roto reported that Stanford Routt was released. We should kick the tires on him for depth and only for the remainder of the yr.

  4. Celly Says:

    to me recolection, if we claim him off waivers, we have to take his contract, too.

    not sure if its worth it from that standpoint, but if we were able to grab him as a free agent, then i’m all for it.

    haven’t watched any Chiefs games this year so i don’t know exactly how he’s played, but he can’t be worse than Myron Lewis. (Biggers is at least servicable).

  5. T in Orlando Says:

    Celly’s right, although I don’t think any team is going to pick up that contract.

    If we can get him signed to vet minimum (maybe some incentives) then I would be all for it. Would be an upgrade over Lewis.

  6. snook Says:

    What was the deal with calling a timeout yesterday with 2 seconds left just so we could take a knee?

  7. Drew Says:

    The timeout was to allow Ronde Barber to play one offensive play.

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    I wouldn’t claim Routt but I would bring him in after he clear waivers.

  9. Kryq Says:

    I was just about to say that lets Claim Routt, can’t be worse then Lewis, Biggers.

  10. Patrick Says:

    Going forward with the Lewis and Biggers in the lineup is unacceptable. Go out right now and sign either Philip Buchanon or Dominique Foxworth. Much better than the current two. Our offense can’t score 40 points every game.

  11. Have A Nice Day Says:

    If we claim Routt we claim his ridiculous salary. I’d rather Biggers and Johnson.

  12. BigBear Says:

    Biggers is the problem? Are you kidding me? Lewis is a problem, but Biggers is a pretty decent corner and statistically going into the last game he was the best corner on the team as shown in an earlier post by Joe. He’s no stud but hes also no Lewis. The throws that beat him on that particular drive would beat 98% of the DBs in the league.

    Also Routt was cut by a terrible team. Do you think he is any good is one of the worst teams in the league showed him the door? Romeo and Pioli are fighting for their jobs, why would they let someone walk if they didn’t have a bad attitude or was a poor player.

  13. Big Rob Says:

    Potential CD depth on the market???

  14. Big Rob Says:

    Ooops… I’m late. lol

  15. Devilfish Says:

    PFT is reporting the remainder of Routts contract for his rest of year is $1.8 mi. Think it would be worth it to take a look there

  16. Teddy Says:

    Devilfish, Routt is in the first year of a three year contact, so a waive claim picks up his entire contract. Not at all worth even considering.

  17. J-VilleBucs84 Says:

    I will not be happy with any of are 7th round pick CB Biggers or Gaitor. That’s not who I want covering #1&2 WR. Draft a CB!!! Cut Lewis!!! Not saying Johnson is bad, but settling for a over Paid, a 3rd round Bust, 2 7th round picks, and an undrafted free agent that’s not my idea of trying to get better at the position. We are a CB or 2 away from being a good solid Defense.

  18. bucs33 Says:

    lewis is the worst corner of the buccaneers of all time. that is the honest to god truth. they need to bring somebody or give somebody from the practice squad a shot.