“A Tough Question” About The Defensive Ends

November 26th, 2012

Times columinst and 98.7 FM co-host Gary Shelton fired a sharp arrow at the Bucs’ defensive ends

Veteran Tampa Bay Times scribe Gary Shelton, also of Gary and The Commish on 98.7 FM, sang a sky-is-falling, unrehearsed duet this morning with former Bucs guard Ian Beckles. 

Both voiced over-the-top radio shots at the Bucs’ defensive line. Shelton targeted the defensive ends, saying, “It’s a tough question when you ask whether your DE’s are worse than your corners.”

Considering the Bucs’ healthy cornerbacks yesterday are clearly a bottom-tier NFL bunch, Joe calls that comment a sharp dagger. And Shelton followed up to clarify his position on the DEs, “They’re that bad.”

Hmmm, Joe suspects Shelton will be quite stunned when he sees the money Michael Bennett commands in free agency this offseason, money the Bucs would be wise to shell out.

Yes, the Bucs’ defensive line didn’t get the greatest grades yesterday, but Joe thinks Shelton and Beckles are going way overboard.

In addition to his first rant Joe referenced earlier, Beckles went on to hammer Gerald McCoy. Beckles is appalled that McCoy has only 20 tackles in 11 games, “You’re the leader of the team. Got hit the quarterback,” Beckles bellowed.

Beckles also went on to say former Bucs defensive end “Steve White was better than Gerald McCoy.” The take was not a knock on White, just a comment that guys drafted far below McCoy with far smaller salaries were more valuable that McCoy. Of course, this is bizarre consdering White was a DE and McCoy is a DT.

Joe finds the Shelton and Beckles takes completely wacky in this case, and Joe finds himself saddened that tens of thousands of their listeners surely took it as gospel.

20 Responses to ““A Tough Question” About The Defensive Ends”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Oy Vey. The media shock machine at it again…

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Well I saw almost a half dozen blatant holds by the Falcons’ O line and TE’s that weren’t even considered by the official. The Falcons are an amazing team to be able to get away with so much and never get a flag.

    The refs yesterday sucked balls.

    Oh, I said that already and will say it again.

    Refs suck!!!

  3. Brandon Says:

    You know, the Bucs did enough to win.

    One play, one play, take your pick. On first and goal from the 3, we ran, then we tried the terrible play-action pass from a deep pass drop when I would have much rather seen a play-action bootleg pass run option, then third down… we score 7 there and we win by 3. Or we hit the Mike Williams pass, again, we win by 3. Tiquan Underwood doesn’t drop the 3rd and 5 pass, we probably put points on the board. Ahmad Black doesn’t get called for defensive holding (ball was in the air, ball was uncatchable, shouldn’t have beena penalty), subtract 4 points from the Falcons there.

    Or how about Schiano’s asinine decision to kick a FG late? To me, and this hasn’t been talked about at all. Was the pivotal moment of the game. The Bucs had to go into the 3rd down play knowing they were in 4 down territory. If they converted 4th down, then they continue running the ball, moving the ball safely and milking the clock. The Bucs could have chewed up the clock, moved closer to the endzone, and got into FG range, won the game, and not have had to put their defense back on the field. Even if Barth had made the FG, we still would have given the Falcons over 3:00 to try and score the winning 3 pointer, that’s way too much time! The right call for a variety of reasons was to go for it on 4th and 7 and try to win the game by moving closer and chewing clock. That was a terrible call!

    Also, I was amazed the Bucs didn’t start burning timeouts until AFTER the 2 minute warning. What was up with that? Instead the Falcons ran the clock all the way down to the 2 minute warning. We could have called all of our timeouts and THEN had the 2 minute warning as our 3rd timeout. We would have gotten the ball back with 18-23 seconds left on the clock as opposed to 8. Considering all we needed was a FG to win, that might have made all the difference in the world.

  4. Jessup Says:

    While I agree this is typical over reaction from the tampa media, he does have a point with McCoy. I am so tired of hearing that McCoy is playing great and should be a Pro Bowler this year. He has played well, but not great. His play has allowed others to make things happen, but where are his splash plays? I mean making the players around better is great and all, but shouldn’t we expect a little more out of a guy taken 3rd overall? I guy that has pocketed $40M over the past three years and is is scheduled to pocket another $25M over the next two years? This guy is the highest paid DT in the league, and the 15th highest paid guy in the entire league. Can anyone honestly say that he is earning that paycheck? Really?

  5. Jim Says:

    I used to have respect for Gary but now I think he’s been drinking Ian’s cool aid. Why can’t the local media talk up this team and perhaps help to sell some more tickets? Do they expect the coach’s to turn the Bucs into a super bowl team overnight?

  6. admin Says:

    JOE here,

    @Brandon – I think the answer to the late and long field goald try lands in the percentages, which NFL teams have down to the last decimal point.

    Barth is probably a 25% shot to make that kick and the Bucs are using feedback from Barth on the weather variables, and Joe would guess the 4th-and-7 conversion percentage is close or just a little under.

    It’s a fun debate, but Joe doesn’t think that was a bad FG try.

  7. DanTheMan Says:

    Gerald McCoy started the year great but has been awful since. Bowers needs more time. He makes plays whenever he’s in and as hard as the Samoan plays, he’ too small. Bennett gets thrown double teams all the time while the rest of the line gets stood up.

    But back to McCoy. My problem with him coming out of college was that as much as he was supposedly in the backfield, his highlight package was always someone else cleaning up his mess. His individual numbers were never impressive and Oklahoma’s defense as a whole was awful. From seeing McCoy, he either gets stood up or moved out of position. When he does get to the backfield, he misses.

    He’s the captain of the Bucs’ horse-shoe team but as a football player, he’s incredibly average.

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:


    I would have to agree with the local media here. I think our D-lineman are pathetic when it comes to rushing the passer. They have been great at stopping the run, but downright miserable at getting to the QB. I have had enough of “oh well Gerald McCoy is taking on double teams, freeing up other guys.” Obviously not, nobody is getting to the QB. If McCoy is going to be an elite DT, he needs to sack the QB, period. McCoy doesn’t pass my eyeball test. Suh may have a minimal amount of sacks, but for sixty minutes I watched Suh terrorize Matt Shaub on Thursday. That is what a disruptive DT looks like. Not what we saw on Sunday. The only time we even touched Matt Ryan was a DB blitz, that is pathetic.

    IMO, Bennett is quality depth, nothing more. I would be stunned if Mark Dominik resigned him, and disappointed. We need elite pass rushers ie. Smith boys in San Fran, Jason Pierre-Paul, Osi etc. Not Michael Bennett. Mr. Contract year. Let the Eagles or some other hapless team sign him, we can use the money elsehwere. If he is so good where was he yesterday? Let him walk draft another young kid, give the job the him and bowers.

  9. dp4life22 Says:

    Once again a below average x-NFL player gets on MIC and speaks as if he was an all-pro. (beckles) .. I heard his comment on Steve White and I thought the same, wasn’t White a D-END? mAYBE THATS WHY BECKLES was below average. he blocked the d-end instead of DT he was suppose to.

  10. Ian's Gay Lisp & Ron's Drinking Problem Says:

    Gary looks on the verge of death!!!!!!!!

  11. RP Says:

    The Bucs like to grade themseleves by “loafs”. I saw McCoy Loafing on one play, in the 3rd quarter. He had provided some pressure flushing the play to the outside, but then quit running down the play. The player was able to turn the corenr and gain some yards. I guess he’s right, he’s no Warren Sapp.

  12. flmike Says:

    Neither one of these hacks will ever be happy because there is no way to replicate the 2002 Bucs defense. Why rag on a team that is out performing all expectations, especially with a rash of injurie, besides it always looks like Shelton is constipated.

  13. Ramdog Says:

    It is hard to say where the problem exactly lies. I will agree we need better production from the line but to blame Gerald McCoy who many insiders believe is having a pro-bowl year. Come on. McCoy is routinely double teamed. Carolina tried to single team him in the first game and he went off. No one will argue that Justin Smith has been playing at a high level for the whole year yet he only has 1 sack. Does he suck too Ian/Gary ?? I definitely think we need to address the defensive line in the offseason though. Would be nice to get another stud end or two and a decent tackle who can escape a single team every once in awhile hear that one Roy Miller. Interesting fact Bowers had as many hits and hurries as the whole Defensive line while only playing 27 snaps. It seems he is developing into a good pass rusher. I am not sold on Claiborne either he was having an awful year prior to getting hurt. Hopefully Teo can develop and we can get more talent on the line and in the defensive backfield.

    GO BUCS !!!!

  14. tj Says:

    I agrew abour McCoy he showed flashes early but he had 0 tackles yesterday. Also I like mark barron but being the fact this is a touch football league now I think we should have taken Claiborne. Cause we need a corner bad yesterday

  15. Sneedy16 Says:


    Did you know that Claiborne gets more completed passes on him that Biggers and Johnson? I think the pass completion percentage on him is 66% while Biggers and Johnson is around 40’s. If he was playing for the Bucs he wouldn’t help much.

  16. TPCMatt Says:

    Do we need more consistent play from the DL? No question. They were great against SD, as well as, a few other games. I love the “Commish”, but it’s hard 2 listen 2 his show, because his partner is terrible.

  17. DaMayan Says:

    McCoy has great penetration but has little awareness or ability to change direction and chase the QB/RB. It’s a bit like a blind shot. A small sidestep or a linemen pushing him on is usually enough. Of course that does open up things for the rest of the D-line.

  18. FlBoy84 Says:

    It’s the standard over-the-top response of “oh, they suck” after a loss & the “they’re future pro-bowlers” after a win. If it’s not said just to build hype and get ratings, then it’s being said out of ignorance. It’s a shame most just can’t understand that this is a team with a lot of young, maturing players that are learning a new system from a new voice. Be patient and give them some time. Team is playing well and hasn’t lost a game by more than a TD, having lost their 5 games by a combined 23 pts. That 2002 Super Bowl team wasn’t built in a day either. Have a little faith and give this team and staff some time to grow together.

  19. Schmuckaneer Says:

    Beckles was a subpar player and an even worse radio jock. I can’t stand to hear him talk. Dude needs some allergy meds or adnoid surgery. He talks like he’s got to tampons shoved up his nose. And to make it worse everything he talks about is garbage!

    Gary…he’s a vicarious hypochondriac. Any time the Bucs hiccup, he all but proclaims their death. Insane!

    The Bucs are fine. They’ve already exceeded 99% of the sports media’s expectations….so why are tey acting all pissy? They should be saying “Dang…we didn’t expect them to win 5 games all year. They’re better than we thought.”

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    I understand that our corners are awful, but I would still prefer we use our first round pick on the best DE/DT on the board when that pick comes. This offense is built to win now, I have no desire to watch a rookie CB fill our hole out there and watch him get burned for two years while he develops. Free Agency needs to be where we grab a corner again this year and just continue to use our early picks to get pass rush specialists, regardless of position.