Vincent Jackson Has Josh Freeman’s Back

October 17th, 2012

As Joe wrote Monday, in the first half when Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman was struggling, throwing a ghastly pick in field goal range early and later one-hopping a pass to an open Tiquan Underwood, fans at the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway booed as if Derrick Ward had returned to suit up for the Pewter Pirates.

Later that night, after the Bucs had manhandled the Chiefs, Bucs receiver Vincent Jackson took to the SiriusXM NFL Radio airwaves to discuss the game with Steve Torre and Bill Lekas. And while Jackson wasn’t asked about the fans’ impatience with Freeman, it was as if Jackson was speaking to the fans about that very subject, all but telling Bucs fans to get a grip.

“Man, it is great,” Jackson answered in response to a question about how he likes working with Freeman. “I love to see this kid’s resiliency. He is learning, he is betting better each and every week. Obviously, it is a new offense for all of us but we have been working on it since March. We have gotten to a point where we trust it, we believe in it and we know we can make plays no matter how the game is going.

“His maturity level is very impressive the way he is able to come out there and take control of the game as he has been doing, putting together two-minute drives and when we are ahead to control the game and move the ball down the field when we need first downs. It’s fun to play with him. He’s a hungry guy, he is competitive. I love playing with him.”

If one is to read between the lines, it’s as if Jackson is saying the Bucs offense is continuing to grow week by week because the players are becoming more and more comfortable with it.

If that is the case, and the Chiefs game is an example, the Bucs may be able to hang with the Saints if Sunday becomes a shootout. Drew Brees certainly will have his chances against the struggling Bucs pass defense.

9 Responses to “Vincent Jackson Has Josh Freeman’s Back”

  1. Bobby Says:

    Joe, the one hop pass to Underwood was Underwood’s fault. If you watched the replay you would know that. Not saying Freeman was great by any means but you need to get your blame game straight on that one.

    Saw the replay. Saw the game live. Saw the All-22 film. Saw the pass bounce way short. –Joe

  2. ChefPaul Says:

    “His maturity level is very impressive”

    Haha. I’m sure compared to Rivers, even Thomas’ maturity level is very impressive.

  3. Have A Nice Day Says:

    “If that is the case, and the Chiefs game is an example, the Bucs may be able to hang with the Saints if Sunday becomes a shootout.”

    That would be so awesome to see.

    @Bobby I think Joe is referring to the play in which Freeman grounded the ball about 5 yards in front of Underwood.

  4. Bobby Says:

    That’s the play I’m referring to. If you saw the replay then you saw Underwood point to himself and say “My Fault.” I don’t think he would have done that had the bounced ball just been an errant throw but hey….believe what you want to believe. I’m just going by what I saw and If Underwood says it was his fault for the route he ran then I guess I’ll take his word for it. But you are right about one thing Joe…the ball did bounce. Good eyes…

    Plenty of guys say “my bad” when it’s not all their fault. Joe’s done that many times playing many different sports. –Joe

  5. Sneedy16 Says:

    The timing with Josh and his receivers are getting better. The accuracy can get there, but not over night so I can understand a few off passes. As Josh learns the system he will know where to go with the ball on a more consistently. I’m pretty sure that that is what they are working on in practice. The great Payton Manning is have slow starts and timing issues with his new receivers. Yes, I know he didn’t play last year, but look at his second half difference in each game.

  6. SteveK Says:

    Josh needs to keep his feet moving. Take a look at Peyton Manning, he takes chop steps throughout his drop back and throws the ball just fine.

  7. raphael Says:

    Seems like everybody is impressed with Freeman except a few impatient,uninformed ,overzealous fans…hmm

  8. Marlow Says:

    Sometimes… we, as fans, act like this is an easy sport to succeed in. I agree that some folks need to “get a grip.” 98% of folks who say ridiculous things about Freeman or the offense could not even grasp the language of 2 or 3 plays, or read a defense.

  9. BucSnob Says:

    I’ve said it all along. I’m not worried about Freeman. I believe in the kid. I know he works hard. I saw him workout during the lockout. He’s 24 years old and only getting better. Playing QB in the NFL is not easy. Oh and Freeman is nominated for Fed Ex Air player of the week.