“They Did Not Get The Line Of Scrimmage At All”

October 24th, 2012

In the NFL Network video linked here, former head coaches Denny Green and Brian Billick break down the Bucs’ failures on 1st-and-49-inches against the Saints on Sunday.

Green wags a finger at the Bucs offensive line, “They did not get the line of scrimmage at all.” And in a write-up of the sequences, Billick explains why he agreed with Schiano’s calls.

What troubles Joe most in the video linked above is watching LeGarrette Blount give up on the fourth-down play.

Josh Freeman rolls right and is scrambling for his life, and before Freeman hits the 10-yard-line number, Blount clearly plays spectator after getting off his block on the play-action fake. There’s no excuse for Blount not darting into the end zone to try and help his quarterback. Make yourself a target, draw a defender. Do something.

18 Responses to ““They Did Not Get The Line Of Scrimmage At All””

  1. Bucnjim Says:

    That’s O.K.; Blount was unmotivated on the first 3 plays as well. Too bad his attitude has changed! He could have been a good RB, but want is a huge part of the game. Right now he has no drive or want!

  2. Canadabuc Says:

    Old worn out Cadillac Williams use to do that…..

  3. Stanglassman Says:

    How do you know this Bucnjim? It looked like the O-line didn’t get off the ball well and good defense to me.

  4. Mike J Says:

    Blount ran with his head down, & made no real effort to keep driving. Disappointing.

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    I agree with Mike J, Blount almost seems to be running blind.

    I know things move fast but he could have bounced the second play out around the right side, which was wide open. It would have been nice to have Martin in the game. He has much better instinct and vision, maybe his little spin move could have taken off one side and into the endzone. Blount was very disappointing on Sunday.

    I still like Schiano and his staff. They are doing a good job, but they have to do better. I would have called a timeout on 3’rd down and maybe again on 4’th down. It was an important enough situation to warrant a timeout.

  6. OAR Says:

    Looked to me like Freeman should have made a quicker decision to keep it and run it in. His slow prolonged undecisiveness gets him everytime. Maybe his weight loss of 25-30 lbs has effected the way he decides to run it or not?

  7. OptimisTroll Says:

    Why should Blount not give up?

    1. He can’t catch the ball if Freeman decided to throw it to him.
    2. He can’t block anyone.
    (it was already to late for a handoff, and pitches seem unlikely)

    He might as well save his energy for next season and his next team.

    The only man in the Buc’s organization that seems to get Blount is Dominik.

    btw: Blount can do all of those things, he just has trouble picking up 1 yard. Blount is boom or bust. But his one boom is game-altering.

    Go Bucs, and go Blount

  8. OptimisTroll Says:

    watching the video, there was about 0 things Blount could do to help the Bucs score a touchdown on that play after he blocked his original guy. He was on the other side of the field and Freeman was obviously not going to pass it.

  9. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Ahhhhh Blount!! So that’s why Josh got up to his feet so hot! been wondering all week about who it was that was responsible. Thanks Joe, great post. That’s why I visit this site daily.

  10. 1976Buc Says:

    Unless Freeman has learned to throw blindly behind his back I disagree about Blount. What troubles me the most is that our O-Line has been ineffective with the run most of the reason.

  11. Pewter_Power Says:

    Why not throw a fade route to one of our big wise receivers on the outside in that situation? I guarantee Jimmy Graham would’ve gotten a chance there.

  12. Pewter_Power Says:


  13. Orlandobucfan Says:

    What troubles me is we have a quarterback that is 6 foot 6 250lbs and we don’t try to have him run it under center on first down and have Zuttah and nicks help him in. Every year we end up on the one and we still don’t send freeman up the middle what gives joe?

  14. Stanglassman Says:

    That 4th down was a busted play. Josh turns one way and if it was a planned boot to the right he would have come out of that fake hand off cleanly he doesn’t there’s a awkward hesitation then he finally gets turned around and tries to make something happened. Don’t get me wrong earlier, I do think Martin would have been a better choice I just would have liked to see a better push by the O-line and on 3rd down that guy made a great play.

  15. Oahubuc Says:

    People still saying Blount can’t catch. SMH. Show us the film.

  16. skp Says:

    blount lacks the vision to be a very good back, especially in short yardage. if the hole he hits happens to be open or if he gets the ball one on one, he is a terror in space, but the kid just can’t find his way through traffic. you watch 5 doug martin carries and 5 blount carries and there’s no question who has better vision right now

  17. robert Says:

    meh, the thing that irritated me was on 3rd down blount did not bounce it out on the right side. i mean he ran right into the back of the RG/RT…and there was no one on the outside. a little studder to the right or spin and it’s a TD. but it just as much on schiano, blount had no business being in there unless he was going over the top.

  18. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Stop blaming Blount. No running back (except Mike Alstott maybe) would have gotten a TD with that o-line blocking for them.

    And the 4th down thing…no player is perfect on every play.

    It was a good defensive stand against a mediocre offensive line.