The Drive That Won The Game

October 26th, 2012

Bucs coach Greg Schiano always bragged that part of “Bucs football” was to be physical and drain the clock when needed.

That philosophy came to life in the late third quarter and early fourth quarter for the Bucs. Given how the Bucs choked away a big lead against he Giants, and led the Saints last week by two touchdowns only to see that lead vanish, there isn’t one Bucs fan who felt comfortable with the Vikings just two touchdowns behind and peerless running back Adrian Peterson warmed up after a 64-yard touchdown run

But the Pewter Pirates ate up over nine minutes of clock on an 87-yard, 16-play drive, with Josh Freeman converting five third downs in the possession, capped by a one-yard plunge by Doug Martin for a 36-17 lead.

How cool was that drive? It showed that Freeman, when pressed, can be clutch.

But it also hearkened Joe to the lone Bucs Super Bowl, when the Bucs took the opening kickoff of the second half, and shoved the ball down the throats of the Raiders, eating up 9:30 off the clock.

Yes, that’s how cool tonight’s game-clinching drive was to Joe. He had Super Bowl memories dancing in his head, not to mention the vision of Joe’s lovely Latina waitress at Tilted Kilt Thursday night.

8 Responses to “The Drive That Won The Game”

  1. Buccanr1 Says:

    Awesome! It’s tough being a bucs fan.. We need to be up by 21, within 4:00 to play for me and my siblings to celebrate with texts!

  2. Patrick Says:

    I really enjoyed this game. And it’s even better that the national audience got to see us DOMINATE.

    Though, I really wanted them to get to 40 points! Hasn’t happened since the Super Bowl I believe??

  3. 916Bucs Says:

    @Patrick, too bad everyone here in Sacramento was too concerned with the world series.

  4. Westcoastbucsfans Says:

    @916Bucs, tell me about it. I went to local bar in Fresno and had to pester the bartender just to get the game on one of the twelve tvs there. World Series, ugh, smh.

    Awesome win to put everybody on notice.

  5. BucfanBF Says:

    Great drive engineered by Freeman. Guarantee some will say that he still sucks. Freeman is here to stay and he is our franchise QB.

  6. Adam Says:

    I haven’t seen a drive like that out of the Bucs since the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl in 2003. THAT’S how a franchise quarterback runs and offense. THAT’S what the Bradys, the Mannings, and the Brees’s do.

    That was some tough sledding against a motivated opponent on the road on a short week.

    …now if they can just clean up the PR/KR game a bit……

  7. tampabaybucfan Says:

    Run Run Pass….Run Run Pass…Run Run Pass….that is the way its supposed to be. I haven’t seen a drive like that in years. Great for the Bucs on national television. Our entire team did us proud.
    No turnovers….Coach Schiano is getting his “Bucs Ball”…..

  8. holymoly Says:

    Glad to see the Bucs stand up and dominate on a National stage . Great runs by the Muscle Hamster and great throws by Free . Now they need to follow up with a win on the west coast which has not been kind to the Bucs .