Sullivan Lauded On “Teetering” Bucs

October 25th, 2012

Shuan King dishes out a wide range of opinions.

Former Bucs QB Shaun King might just be the most loathed media member analyzing the Bucs nowadays. Frankly, this puzzles Joe, and Joe can’t figure out how King became a villain. 

Joe thinks whatever drives King’s haters would make for a fantastic sociological study.

King, one of only three quarterbacks who led the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, is a local kid from St. Pete, a truly lifelong Bucs fan, who was a college standout that gave his all for the Bucs. Was he a Pro Bowler? No. But he wasn’t supposed to be.

King now works for NBC Sports Network as a NFL studio analyst, and he calls college games for FOX. He also reguarly checks in on the Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620.

Today, King had high praise for Mike Sullivan transforming the Bucs offense on the fly, specifically playing to the strengths of Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams and away from a run-first mentality.

However, King said the Bucs blew their goal-line scoring opportunity against the Saints by “trying to prove a point instead of just trying to score a touchdown.”

King is also concerned about the effects of the hard “my-way-or-the-highway disciplinarian approach” in place under the New Schiano Order.

King says players may be “teetering” now on rejecting the hard discipline from Schiano because of the losing. “It’s imperative that we have success, and that we have success quickly,” King said. Enjoy the entire interview below.

23 Responses to “Sullivan Lauded On “Teetering” Bucs”

  1. Jonny 3.3 Says:

    Can’t hear the interview because I’m at work, but I can’t disagree with the comments Joe singled out in the write up. The good thing however, is that Schiano seems to be less stubborn than some of us may think. Our offense’s approach the last three weeks is a clear indication of that.

  2. David Says:

    I’m not a fan of his because I commented on twitter post of his where he said “All college coaches think they can come the the pros n install this dictatorship style regime, it never works trust”. I stated, “If expectations are clearly presented then I don’t see why it couldn’t. Works for inmates in jail, better work for athletes”. I have worked in the jail system and providing proper expectations is key. Anyways, his response was “yea great comparison #clown”.

    So from a lifelong Tampa resident and Bucs supporter, I was a little taken back by his comments. I responded with “wasn’t a disrespect towards athletes. Just a fact. Used in large businesses too. Ask the man in you avi” (referring to Tony Dungy) but did not receive a response.

    After the above exchange, I lost a lot of respect for the man.

  3. David Says:

    I am however looking forward to your watch party at Tilted Kilt tonight. Hope to see you there!

  4. k1ngAdroc Says:

    I don’t always agree with him but I like Shaun King. He’s a Buc through and through and gives good insight from a player, announcer and fan perspective.

  5. Kennedy Says:

    Bucs fan love to hate … unless it’s Alstott, Brooks, Lynch & Barber

  6. OAR Says:

    A stand out college QB that wasnt expected to be a pro-bowler? Come on Joe!
    Why all the love from you? He only played one #%#$ full season with Bucs, shoot he only played one full season through his entire NFL career and it wasnt because of injuries! Besides, that year with us he was carried by our great defense! Also, 18tds to 13ints and 2769yds isn’t a QB leading jack $#!+.
    BTW I think he became a villian when speaks and first hit the airwaves!

  7. raphael Says:

    typical…a Story starts out positive and ends up with 3 negative points….A study should be done , but not on the readers….Pillsbury dough boy rarely if ever has anything good to say about the bucs…..but really ITS NOT ABOUT SUBSTANCE, ITS ABOUT GENERATING PUBLICITY…I hit capslock and I am to lazy..i am not yelling …:)

  8. Bucnjim Says:

    That’s funny! Nine of the last 12 Super Bowl winners were considered to have very disciplined coaches including our own Jon Gruden. Of course players don’t like them; they are their bosses. You can’t have a boss that’s your buddy! Just does not work.

    It’s not hate for King; it’s the lousy attitude he brings (see David’s comment) He’s critical of players, coaches and teams, but doesn’t show how he would change things to make improvements. No way he’s a Bucs Fan either! A fan would put some positive spin on something or anything for that matter.

    Also; with the defense & running game that he had; there aren’t to many QB’s who couldn’t take this team to the playoffs. The key would have been winning the Championship game with one of the best defenses in history.

  9. Tommy Boy Says:

    For me, it is the race card that he constantly plays in regards to Cam Newton. Playing the race card is weak in of itself but King vehemently argued that racism was why Cam was getting criticized. Funny now that Cam is being criticized because he is being a crappy leader and even his own teammate Steve Smith got on him for his act. King does it to himself. Just another person who should not be on Twitter.

  10. Nick Says:

    He tells it like it is. People cant handle that

  11. Justin Says:

    Why do Bucs fans hate on King? Because he says asinine things to get attention. And he didn’t lead anything to the NFC Championship game so get over that schtick. He was along for the ride behind a championship caliber defense.
    Remember that night in 2002 when King got the start vs Pittsburgh? It was supposed to be a showcase of the new Shaun King and land him a big contract with another team in the offseason. Only it was the same ol’ King. A late TD avoided a shutout.
    The guy was the definition of mediocre and it rubs people the wrong way when he acts like he is the all-knowing.

  12. mikeck Says:

    I dont think Schiano will begin losing his players mentally if they dont win. Players want the coach to game plan and put the team in a position for the players to win it. So far, every lost was by a TD or less. We are competetive and much better than last year.

  13. OAR Says:

    Im sorry Joe/guys I only speak four languages:
    English, sarcasm, profanity, and real $H!+.

  14. 1976Buc Says:

    There is a difference between being very disciplined and respecftfully very disciplined. Schiano has to do it in a way as not to lose respect. We are talking about professional athletes not some teemager away from Mom for the first time.

  15. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “King, one of only three quarterbacks who led the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, is a local kid from St. Pete, a truly lifelong Bucs fan, who was a college standout that gave his all for the Bucs. Was he a Pro Bowler? No. But he wasn’t supposed to be.”
    – Joe

    I can’t disagree more. King has consistently been negative toward the Bucs since they cut him.

    He didn’t “give his all” for the Bucs. He had a good rookie season, and then he got lazy for the Bucs…resulting in losing his position. The only thing you are right about in the above statement is the he was never meant to be a pro bowler.

    Because he NEVER worked hard enough. King is one of those guys that had so much potential and blew it. He lost my respect his second year in the league.

    I can understand slumps. I can understand just not being good enough. But I cannot understand “quit”, which is what he did throughout his career.

  16. Jim Says:

    I don’t listen to Shaun or Ian.

  17. CC Says:

    The majority of talk shows in this market have turned into a joke. Every day its pile on Schiano, it’s “he has no idea what he’s doing” show after show. A certain afternoon host bashed Dungey till he was fired. Bashed Gruden until he was fired. Bashed Torterella until Torts set him straight. Bashes Maddon regularly. But praises Raheem? I would love nothing more than Schiano to turn this team around and shut these “a” holes up.

  18. BrianDorry55 Says:

    I can hardly stand any of the radio shows in Tampa lately with the exception of “Gary and the Commish” (Justin Pawslowski is awesome), the Sports Page, and the “Todd Wright Show.”..and obviously Buccaneers All Access or whatever they call it.

  19. Squadoosh Says:

    King never led anything. He was at best hidden and minimized so as not to lose the game for a team with a great defense. I remember watching a game with King qbing the Bucs where John Madden commented King was the sloppiest QB he had ever seen. No one respects what this guy says.

  20. Fear The Glow Says:

    It was his irrational defense of Raheem Morris that did it for me. His opinion means next to nothing to me after that.

  21. NJBuc Says:

    First, as qb he was a joke. If want to do some reporting, go interview Trent Dilfer about your prized resource. Shaun King is the last person on the planet who should be critical of qb play. He was Tebow before Tebow. Also, I dont know when every football fan became a moron ( or is it just intellectual laziness ) and tries to bestow every win on the qb, but pay attention tonight if its possible, you will actually notice that on the winning team, there wil be a great many players performing well. Shaun King never led the Bucs anywhere. He stayed out of the way

  22. Bucs4821 Says:

    Let’s not forget that King’s pick for the Bucs head coach was Greg Williams… Yes, that Greg Williams!

  23. Adam Says:

    Let’s remember that Shaun King lost his BACKUP QB role to …. Rob Johnson.