Stylez Reflects, Rips Raheem

October 6th, 2012

Lots of juicy nuggets in this fun interview below with former Bucs defensive end Stylez White on 98.7 FM this morning.

Joe manned the 98.7 FM air chair in the wee hours and White was kind enough to join Joe to talk all things Bucs and life after playing last night for the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL.

Among the highlights, White talks about disliking Raheem Morris. His “respect for the game wasn’t really there,” White said.

Also, White explained his frustration with the Bucs frowning on his use of social media to interact with fans. And White talked about Donald Penn’s weight and Jon Gruden repeatedly showering him with “I love you,” and more.

Click below to listen or download.

7 Responses to “Stylez Reflects, Rips Raheem”

  1. Benny Says:

    I wouldn’t place a lot of stock in anything “stylz” has to say. He is one of the most disrespectful and ignorant people I have ever been around.

  2. Creekd1 Says:

    He didn’t seem that disrespectful in the interview to me. I’m sure you hang out with him all the time though so you should know better than me….ha ha!

  3. Keith Says:

    Sounded pretty level-headed and funny to me.

  4. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    He still has hopes to play in the NFL, so he had to temper what he was saying. Joe should catch up to him in about 5 years.

    That’s the problem with interviewing athletes, they never want to burn bridges, they always picture themselves in some talking head gig sitting between Ditka and Dan Marino on Sunday mornings.

  5. k_bassuka Says:

    So who cares what he has to say about the old coach… It’s not like he was a good player after he was released…. He’s probably bitter that he was cut for being ask talk and little to on show the field

  6. Keith Says:

    Miguel and Bassuka, it sounds tlike you didn’t listen to the interview

  7. Pablo Says:

    Can someone tell this guy his 15 min are up?