Quinn Could Have Torched Bucs

October 18th, 2012

Terrible Bucs cornerback play must be improved by Sunday, says former Bucs QB Shaun King

One of three QBs to the lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, Shaun King, was mighty disturbed by the Bucs’ pass defense Sunday.

King even says the Bucs are “terrible” against the pass.

Speaking on the Ron and Ian Show today on WDAE-AM 620, King explained that his bird’s eye view of the Cheifs-Bucs game Sunday revealed that Brady Quinn choked away golden opportunities.

“He could have thrown for 450 yards, and five or six touchdowns,” King said of Quinn. “He had three or four guys, not a Buccaneer within 20 yards of him. Scott-free. They were primary receivers. He left a lot of production on the field.”

“For whatever reason, Brady Quinn didn’t like throwing the ball to open Kansas City Chiefs. … We were awful at cornerback.”

King went on to say fans might be begging for Aqib Talib after what the Saints could do to the Bucs on Sunday.

King said he expects the Bucs will play softer coverages against Brees, which have at least slowed down Brees during past Saints visits to Tampa.

50 Responses to “Quinn Could Have Torched Bucs”

  1. Warren Brown Says:

    lol@ King

  2. Justin Says:

    You know Shaun King is starting to get pretty irritating. As someone who played football at the highest level you would think he would have a clue.

    Tampa Bay was not terrible at CB. Quinn was terrible at QB. The guy is afraid to throw the ball downfield and the Bucs knew this. Seriously, how many passes did Quinn throw that traveled more than 10 yards in the air? It was a hideous display of passing.

    Ive looked at the tape (eye in the sky) from that NFL.com feature. What plays is King talking about? It looked to me like we covered pretty well in the defensive backfield. A couple of busts, but Quinn wasnt even looking downfield on those. Guy was Checkdown Charlie. All he wanted was that pass to the TE in the middle of the field.

  3. Justin Says:

    Brady Quinn reminded me alot of Shaun King on Sunday. He sucked.

  4. mark Says:

    “He could have thrown for 450 yards, and five or six”

    That is a little over the top. But yeah, Quinn did blow some opportunities. Brees will not be so kind to the Bucs. If we don’t keep Brees off the field, he could end up with 4-5 TD’s.

  5. Ian's Gay Lisp Says:

    S. King is a joke….GTFOH

  6. Ian's Gay Lisp Says:

    S. King is a joke….GTFOH

  7. Army BUC Says:

    Does Shawn King ever say anything good! Yes we need to work on our pass Def, but dam shutty the mouth!

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    Again I ask, is anyone other than Joe even listening to 620 anymore?

  9. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Shawn King must have a really good agent because why else would all of these shows keep having him on when he always makes himself look like he’s never even seen an NFL game. Some people just like the sound of their own voice.

  10. BUCTIME Says:

    If it did appear that Quinn could have done that do our defense it was only based on game planning. I am sure we game planned more to stop the run than the pass.

    Against Brees, our defense will look a WHOLE lot different imo. We will game plan for the pass and find ways to lock down his TE and top receiver. Brees won’t see “all those opening” King talked about.

    GO BUCS!!!

  11. Bucnjim Says:

    The Bucs have been selling out to stop the run! The only way the Chiefs had a chance of winning last Sunday was if Charles ran wild all day and the Bucs knew that. Why does this surprise King when the Bucs have been doing this all year? The CB’s have been on an island and W/O decent pressure they’ll be exposed every time. I’m not sure what game plan they have up their sleve for Brees, but you can bet they’ll be blitzing all day long. Obviously; the Bucs have decided to stop the run at all cost. It’s no suprise that leaves the secondary especially the CB’s at a huge disadvantage.

  12. McBuc Says:

    Would of, Should of , could of…If he did not than it does not matter. The radio announcers were praising the secondary all day.

  13. Don Says:

    Would you expect the the “burger king” to say anything else. he hates the Buc’s because they canned his fat lazy ass

  14. lightningbuc Says:

    Beckles and King – two pillars of the community. Both have been arrested in the past couple of years cuz they can’t handle their liquor.

  15. J-VilleBucs84 Says:


    Shut Up!!! No one cares what you think.

  16. Justin Says:

    Get Steve White to break down the game. At least he has a clue.

  17. Tbuc Says:

    King couldn’t hit open receivers and neither could Quinn. So this is something his analysis is valid. Bad QB’s opinions mean zero to me. But he’s talking about something he knows for once.

  18. AK Says:

    Shaun Kings massive rolls of fat must have now blocked his ability to see also- the guy probably was too busy inhaling the entire fridge to watch ANYTHING.

  19. raphael Says:

    Quinn >>> King

    what a joke !

    FM sports talk >>> AM sports talk

  20. Vic Says:

    I find King quite credible. I saw at least a couple of major openings that Quinn missed, and i”m no former NFL QB. So many haters around here. King played well here in town and is a local kid.

  21. AK Says:

    Deleted. This served no value.–Joe

  22. SensibleBuc Says:

    Not sure why there’s so much hate for Shaun here EVERY TIME Joe posts something. How is he factually incorrect? Statistically we have one of the worst secondaries in the League and most of that was with our most physically talented corner in the lineup. Is it so hard to believe that we’re bad back there?

    Looking forward to this weekend, I’m extremely nervous. GMC has to have a ridiculous game or Brees is going to throw all over us.

  23. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    You ask how he’s factually incorrect and the answer is he’s not. He’s never factually incorrect because he doesn’t ever state facts. It’s always his opinion, or an unprovable observation he claims. I don’t like or hate King. I don’t care either way but the guy says some off the wall stuff and his credibility is non existent really. I could go without ever hearing his opinion on the Bucs again because it can’t be taken at face value.

  24. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Worst. Radio host. Ever.

  25. Jessup Says:

    I have to agree with King here. I think CB is by far our weakest link and Brees will likely have a huge day….I still can’t stand King though. The guy is simple a D**K.

  26. AK Says:

    Does shaun king have to pay for Bucs tickets or does he have a credential (which would be un-deserved) ? If so it’d help move us closer to 85% since he takes up 3 seats at least by himself

  27. Bucnjim Says:

    He would have more respect #1 if he explained where the breakdown was and why it was happening (Steve White) or #2 he didn’t put a sarcastic spin on almost everything pertaining to the Bucs doing something bad. We as fans can do that on our own so what is he bringing to the table really? If Steve Young was doing the analysis; I’d stop and listen. King just sounds like he’s got a huge chip on his shoulder since there is very little positive commentary.

  28. Macabee Says:

    Relax guys,

    Graham has a bad ankle sprain. Hasn’t practiced this week so far. He may play but he won’t be the go to guy. Colston will be their main weapon. Their run game has not been effective this year. Eric wright needs to shadow Colston!

  29. Jlaser99 Says:

    Shaun King never has anything to say good about the Bucs. Every since his boy Raheem got Canned. Give me a break Shaun.

  30. Kalind Says:

    Joe, why does Joe continue to seek out, and publish the opinions of Shaun King. Was this guy EVER an authority on football? His opinions are week, united, and seem to be stated for the sole motivation of being provocative ala Skip Bayless. The only problem is, Kings analysis is worse, usually unfounded and is not backed up with anything more than, essentially, “well, this is how I feel right now.” that’s not enough. Forget King, we all have.

    @Kalind – King surely is an authority on football. Six years in the NFL, multiple teams and coaches and systems, record-setting college player. King also currently is a TV color analyst for college football games and a talking head on NBC Sports Network. He puts in a lot of work studying game film. King is credible and interesting. That doesn’t mean Joe or anyone else agrees with him all the time. –Joe

  31. Bubashep Says:

    Does anyone care what Shaun King has to say? Why does Joe keep including his jabber on his site. I’d rather listen to anyone else’s opinion.

  32. bucyea Says:

    This is on Joe, for putting this crap on his site. Don’t take us for idiots, well most of us anyway.

  33. 76buc76 Says:

    Who cares if WR were open.I’m sure if you watch all games in all 22 mode.You would see even the best QB’s miss open WR.If a QB get’s flushed out to the right under presure chances are the coverage on the left will start presueing the ball.C’ mon if a Qb has eyes and an arm he will throw to an open WR.What’s in Brady Quinn’s best intrest when falling behind in a game.Keep it simple and lose slowly.Or hit these so called wide open WR throw for 400 and 5 TD’s and snatch the starting QB job.

  34. McBuc Says:

    While I do not really agree with king, I ask again…Why do you guys point out his play as grounds to dismiss his opinion? Everyone seems to praise and kiss Jeff Carlson’s butt on this site, yet King had a superior career. You also all use Steve White as an example, and I love to read his stuff so I am not ripping on him or Carlson for that matter, but he was a career back up for the most part. You can say you think King is an idiot, but you cannot use his playing time against him…he at least made it to the NFL, which is more than any of us can say. (except Ian, he posts here on occasion).

  35. dp4life22 Says:

    Where isd king reporting from krispy kreme, you would put knowledge and effort after you 8game career you might have played longer.. Dilfer anotherbust who is an expert. why didnt they study like this durin their career..

  36. kh Says:

    Quinn couldn’t torch a bananas foster.

  37. Joe Says:


    Quinn >>> King

    How many rings or playoff victories does Quinn have?

  38. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Shaun King and JBF are married to each other. They are both seeking the same thing… a reaction.

  39. buxter Says:

    Joe, enough of the tripe a la King please.

    QB’s missing wide open receivers happen to good teams every Sunday.

  40. OAR Says:

    “He could have thrown for 450 yards, and five or six touchdowns,”.
    Well King, there’s two things to remember why he didn’t:
    1) It’s Brady Quinn!
    2) It’s Brady F#@&’n Quinn!

  41. OAR Says:

    BTW Mr King you must have missed a lot of wide open WRs too, cause 18 tds/13 ints in 1999 (you know, your only full year in the NFL) is leaving alot of production on the field. Maybe it was because you couldn’t see over the linemen at 5’9″? Nah..Old Doug Flutie got it done and Russell Wilson is getting it done.
    What’s even sadder is our awesome defense (you know, the one that carried you) only allowed 15 tds that year.

  42. skp Says:

    however much of a mess the saints are, i don’t see anything that would lead me to believe that the bucs will be more successful vs drew brees and without talib than they were vs eli manning WITH talib. i don’t know who does their gameplan these days, but after seeing what the redskins did to us on intermediate passes and what the giants did to us on deep balls, i would be salivating if i were drew brees. i predict we will have to win a shootout to win this game

  43. ander33 Says:

    shaun king is somebody i wouldnt even listen to anyways the guy got fired of espn, and now he has his own radio show and all he does is critized the tampa bay buccaneers because he has something personal against the organization. you got a ring with us as our 3rd string qb get over it.

    Shaun King does not have his own radio show. –Joe

  44. Trey Says:

    Has King ever had anything positive to say about the Bucs? His bashing gets old.

  45. Vic Says:

    King predicted the Bucs winning season in 2010 in great detail.

  46. Patrick Says:

    Shaun King is completely right. You’re an idiot if you dispute anything he says right here. Brady Quinn sucks. That’s why our pass defense looked better.

  47. 1976Buc Says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of what King says but if we are all honest here he is right. Brady Quinn is no Drew Brees though and I suspect the Bucs will have a different game plan for him. I think we were banking on the fact that Quinn would not see a lot of the coverages we were in.

  48. Jwayne Says:

    Im so sick of this negative little beef castle!

  49. Pete Dutcher Says:

    King seems to miss the fact that Quin was under intense pressure the whole game. Even with those WRs open…he din’t have time to throw it to them.

  50. OAR Says:

    BTW King probablly knows that but doesn’t fit his anti-Buc agenda.