Mike Williams’ Fond Memories Of Talib

October 15th, 2012

Formerly lettuce-bearded Mike Williams — yes, he shaved — spoke loving words yesterday about his suspended teammate, one-time-only-Adderall-user Aqib Talib.

Talib is a true team player 99 percent of the time. And Williams, who is lighting up the NFL as a deep threat this season, credits Talib with three years of regular mentoring.

“Having Talib at practice everyday and working against him and talking about what corners are trying to do, it’s helping me everyday,” Williams told Joe. “He and Ronde, they let me know how to get off of jams, what release I should use, what corners are looking at. If had to grade Talib’s impact on my career, I’d give him a good amount of credit on my career because Talib has been there since Day 1 with me.”

“As a team we gotta fight and get back. We’re here cheering for him. We know he’s got to do his time and whatever. I hope he gets out of his situation cool and gets back.”

Joe realizes loads of fans want Talib cut yesterday, but it’s not going to happen so fast, if at all.

Joe’s confident Talib won’t return in 2013 — he’s a free agent after the season — but Joe wouldn’t ditch Talib just yet. The Bucs might need him down the stretch, and there are other ways to hold Talib accountable for his actions.

20 Responses to “Mike Williams’ Fond Memories Of Talib”

  1. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Can’t deny the guy is talented. Its too bad he has made many extremely poor decisions. No doubt he has hurt his chances at becoming tops in the league in play and pay.

  2. I Hate Ads that Auto play Says:

    These Auto playing ads are killing me Joe. Really makes me want to stop coming to your site and it’s by far the best Bucs blog out there. It’s a real shame

  3. Joe Says:

    One click of your mouse and you don’t have to listen to the ads. It’s shame people cannot comprehend this.

    Joe values your patronage but Joe also values his wallet. This place is not cheap nor free to maintain. Those terrible ads prevent a more terrible thing: Pay per read.

    Is one click of the mouse really that horrible of an action?

  4. Have A Nice Day Says:

    One. Simple. Click.

  5. Bobby Says:

    I just mute my speakers. It’s not rocket science here……

  6. CharlieB Says:

    On a mobile phone? It’s pretty tough. Also, there are so many ads its tough to find which one is making noise.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Or you could view the site from a beloved smart phone, as ads don’t auto play ಠ_ಠ

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Talib is part of this team and when his suspension is up, should be given a chance to EARN his spot back. That said, when the season is over, let him walk, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

    He’s one mistake from being TJax’ed – we need reliability.

    Talib doesn’t have recovery speed and every QB knows it. When he’s beat, even a little, he’s toast.

    Nervously anxious to see how we do against a pass heavy Saints team.

  9. Vic Says:

    There have been video ads here for years. Some of them are actually rather interesting. I miss the “digits” guy.

  10. raphael Says:

    Hakeem nicks says talib should change his name to Toast… sry there are alot better and more dependable CB’s


    Whenever he is gone…..GOOD RIDDANCE.

  12. Miracle Says:

    I know that this is turning into an off-topic discussion, but I’m in agreement with the annoyance of the autoplay video. I work primarily through my computer and many times I have music or some audio playing through my speakers. In addition, I use a lot of Skype for work. I can’t just hit the mute button. Many times, I find myself scrolling through the post like its a where’s waldo cartoon trying to find the culprit.

    Joe has every right to publish ads and do as he wish with this site. Either way, I’d still come back. But as a courtesy to the readers, could he test out the autoplay feature and see if a big drop in profit comes or possibly move those ads to the top so they’re easily to find and mute?

  13. Celly Says:

    I’m probably one of the few that hope he comes back and has to actually fight for a roster spot next season. I don’t want to see us break the bank on him, as he can’t be depended, but in this league (and ESPECIALLY in this division) you can never have enough quality corners. I’m all for resigning him on the cheap and picking up another DB or 2 in the draft.

  14. Tcaviar Says:

    Agreed Celly franchise tender

  15. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Adderall really isn’t a big deal, Talib actually probably could have a legit script written in his name due to his temper. I just hate that this happened in his contract year, right when Talib was earning back the fans trust this happens. Hopefully we can resign 25 for like the veterans minimum and work towards long term improvement in the young man’s life. He’s not a bad person off the field, he’s young and misguided.

  16. Mike J Says:

    Er, do we really have any actual knowledge that the suspension was in fact for Adderall?? Talib said so but the NFL is mum on the subject. Could have been for anything, from what I read.

  17. Drew Says:

    Honestly… as long as Schiano believes in him and has stated as much then it really doesn’t matter what we think or state.

    With respect to the adds as Joe pointed out… hit the mute button and the annoyance goes away.

  18. NJBuc Says:

    Draft a cb first, resign 25, Wright is playing well. Then the Bucs will have the three corners they need. I agree with the recovery speed, but he’s a legit starter everywhere outside f the Jets and the Eagles. Plus, although no one here likes it, if the people closest to him never seem to bail, why should we?

  19. Mike J Says:

    I think the Bucs will need a FS more than a corner in 2013.

  20. flmike Says:

    My wife posed this question to me after she saw Talib had been suspended and what it was for. She wonder if Talib has ever been diagnosed with Adult-ADD, it’s not unusual for males in their 20’s and if he’s self medicating with Adderall that might be a clue. Adderall is basically speed and when given to a person with ADD it has the opposite effect, meaning it calms them down, versus someone who doesn’t have ADD in which case it acts just like it is designed to as speed. Think about his issues, anger management, lashing out, physical violence, these are all signs of ADD, they’re are also signs of early childhood abuse as well (no I’m not a doctor but the wife is, she has PhD in Clinical Psychology)