Can’t Win A Super Bowl With One Back

October 15th, 2012

LeGarrette Blount told Joe the Bucs finally got their two-headed rushing attack going in the win over the Chiefs.

Could it be that Bucs fans saw a glimpse of the future yesterday in the Bucs win over the Chiefs? LeGarrette Blount thinks so.

The Bucs’ rushing game seemed to improve. Part of that, Joe believed, was because Blount got more carries than he has all year.

Blount graciously spent time with Joe after the game. He claimed his success Sunday had nothing to do with more touches. Rather, Blount said it was the fact Bucs coach Greg Schiano was determined to use the two-headed monster of a running attack that he has warned Bucs followers he would do since the OTAs.

“It’s not so much as, ‘Give me more carries,’ but we are getting more towards the one-two punch with me and Dougie [Martin] that we have been aiming for,” Blount said of his performace Sunday. “Coach Schiano has told both of us, ‘You can’t win a Super Bowl with just one back.'”

And as he has stressed since the day Martin was drafted, Blount is on the same page with the Bucs and there is no evil competition between him and Martin.

“I am working hard to get to my carries and [Martin] is working hard to keep his carries,” Blount said. “Moving along, hopefully we can get more roles like [the Chiefs win] to both go out there and show what we can do. This is definitely something we are going to work hard for and look forward to doing more often the rest of the season.”

On opening day, Blount was dinged with a neck stinger and, one could assume, had limited carries as a result. But Blount waved off any suggestion that his stinger set him back in playing time.

[Getting hurt] “has nothing to do with it,” Blount said. “Coach Schiano is a smart guy. He makes good decisions on what he sees and what he feels and he has made good decisions so far.”

10 Responses to “Can’t Win A Super Bowl With One Back”

  1. Crotch McGee Says:

    Really liked the way we rotated the backs yesterday. Saw Martin, Blount and ware in the same set of downs on more than one occasion. Got Martin on perimeter a few times and even saw Blount split out wide. On a side note, did anyone catch our subtle message to the league with our shotgun snap in victory formation… Don’t want your qb blown up by our kneel down blitz? Take note how the pros counter it… Very well played sir.

  2. flmike Says:

    What this sounds like is Blount has had to prove himself to Schiano thru his performance in practice and not thru his prior year’s game film, what gets me is Blount has bought into this which tells you a whole lot about LGB as an unselfish player and a person who is willing to take coaching and criticism and grow from both. This bodes well for both him and Martin going forward as a developing RB tandem.

  3. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    Welcome to “Overreaction Monday”. Let’s see how they do Sunday against the Aints. It is at RJS right?

  4. Sneedy16 Says:

    Was my eyes playing tricks on me or did the Bucs go in a 5 receiver set during the game?

  5. McBuc Says:

    Had Miguel came and admitted his prediction of the Chiefs stomping the Bucs was BS?

    Scotty, I will take this overreaction over the doom and gloom overreaction whenever the Bucs lose…Simply enjoy a great win for a nice change of pace.

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    When Blount had a great play, I saw Martin hugging him and congratulating him. That’s class.

  7. raphael Says:

    @ scotty just try to be happy for one minute of that poor existence called life that you have..

  8. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I thought my prediction was spot on if the Bucs did not change. I thought Schiano was incapable of change.

    They opened up the offensive playbook.

    They used all of their backs.

    They ran outside of the tackles.

    They unshackled Freeman.

    Greg ditched the little fine notebook and actually focused on the game.

    Schiano skipped his halftime siesta and actually scored on the 1st possession of the 2nd half.

    My prediction was based on past performance and not wishful thinking.

    They have a long way to go but I was encouraged, I felt someone sat the Little General down and had a serious talk during the bye week. There is no honeymoon when you are in the 4th year of a rebuild.

  9. milos81 Says:

    Sneedy16 –

    You saw right. It was glorious. I almost stood up and cheered just based on seeing the formation.

  10. tampabaybucfan Says:

    LGB is a beast….the sets with both Blount and Martin will pay off time & time again. Defenses have will have problems with our running game with that set.
    Martin showed that he can run in the open field….lets keep getting him outside. LGB has great vision….something Martin will learn in time.
    We actually used our passing game to open up our runs….we should keep it that way.