Arron Sears Isn’t Walking Through That Door

October 31st, 2012

Bucs fans have been been gripping like Joe has never seen before in the wake of the awful news that All-Pro left guard Carl Nicks is out for the season with a bum toe (which Joe has seen before and it’s gross) and placed on the injured reserve list.

The offensive line, which figured to be the Bucs’ strongest unit in training camp, has been wracked by injuries, including All-Pro right guard Davin Joseph, who was lost for the year in the preseason with a blown knee.

The Bucs are now down three starters from the start of the season, including former starting right tackle Jeremy Trueblood, who was benched for subpar play.

The Bucs offensive line is currently a shambles. Happy Halloween.

Bucs fans have panicked as a result and Joe understands. The Bucs running game was just starting to rumble and now, well, good luck. Joe has read comments, received e-mails and heard calls on sports radio from Bucs fans wondering if this guy is available, if that guy is available, can the Bucs trade for so-and-so?

Bucs fans are so desperate that Joe was even asked about the possibility of Arron Sears returning to the Bucs fold.

For those who aren’t aware of the sad story of Sears, a promising young Bucs guard, Sears developed mental disorders and last Joe heard, was unable to take care of himself as he bounced from jail to institution for a bizarre string of incidents.

No, there is no magic potion to replace Nicks. The Bucs are not the only team in the NFL with offensive line issues. The Steelers, for example, have been ravaged by offensive line issues and they are making a go of it.

This is what the Bucs will need to do. Suck it up. Find a way to win.

This saga reminds Joe of a conversation he heard between Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, co-hosts of “Movin’ the Chains,” heard exclusively on SiriusXM NFL Radio. Back in September when NFL teams locked in their 53-man rosters, Kirwan and Ryan discussed guys walking the streets who, in an emergency, could be signed by a team and contribute.

Both co-hosts found a name or two of an unemployed player who could come off the street to play at just about every position until they came to offensive line. When Ryan asked Kirwan for an out-of-work offensive lineman who could help out in an emergency, Kirwan, after a long pause, simply said, “No one.”

Ryan agreed, that offensive lines across the NFL were so thin, that no one could walk into a team’s locker room and be expected to be able to stop a cool breeze.

This is the pinch the Bucs find themselves in. Rally behind (likely) Ted Larsen, who to be honest is better at left guard than right guard, and hope for the best.

There is no savior to come in and replace the irreplaceable, Nicks.

15 Responses to “Arron Sears Isn’t Walking Through That Door”

  1. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    In a sane world, Aaron Sears would have been treated with Human Growth Hormone which is the best treatment for concussion induced dementia. Sears could be a test case.

    Instead, in the real world, the NFL condemns the cure and makes it illegal. They prefer the Junior Seau cure.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    Really not a lot of choices to choose from. I’m not familar with Roger Allen or Cody Wallace. The Trueblood experiment didn’t work so that just leaves Larson as the only option. You can’t just trade for a player and expect them to come in and know the playbook or the signals.

  3. Justin Says:

    Who on earth was asking about Arron Sears? That poor guy is lucky to be alive.

  4. CanadianBucsFan Says:

    Joe, how would you feel about this offensive line?


  5. blackmagic00 Says:

    Canadian with the exception of Larson it looks mediocre. Larson just plain sucks. Right now we need to hope for free to get rid of the ball quick and rely on the defense. The only good thing we have going for us is most of these guys have seen significant playing time. I hope when talib comes back wright will still be there.

  6. Joe Says:



    Why Trueblood? Meredith is doing OK (for a guy not supposed to be starting).

  7. Deminion Says:

    @Joe. Who was askin for sears? Thts a good one he was a go G when he played but I guess something snapped in his mind and he lost it…

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    Nobody is looking for a replacement of Joseph or Nicks, but I would argue that there are more talented FA available than Larsen.

  9. JonBuc Says:

    What about 3rd times a charm with Sean Mahan? Kidding!

  10. OB Says:

    Since Trueblood and Penn are buddies, put them next to each other and see what happens, either they work or they are no longer buddies.

  11. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Titans have been trying for months to convince Jake Scott to re-sign with them. He won’t because he says they’re offering too little money. He says he’ll bide his time and the right situation will open up. Well, this is the right situation…desperate team looking for a guard. Here’s proof of his position:

    Jake Scott is definitely a starting-caliber guard in the NFL, so I don’t know what the hell Kirwan is talking about. Maybe he assumed Scott would be re-signed by the Titans so he wasn’t including him. I don’t know. But anyway Scott is available, he’s starting material and he’s waiting for the right offer. The Bucs have plenty of cap space left for 2012 so the right offer is simply a phone call away.

  12. 1976Buc Says:

    With proper play calling our running game is not done. Granted, things were a little different but LGB ran for 1000 without Nicks in 2010.

  13. Joe Says:


    Since Trueblood and Penn are buddies, put them next to each other and see what happens, either they work or they are no longer buddies.

    Joe will have a post about this shortly, but that ain’t happening.

  14. Deminion Says:

    What about Ian beckles Haha

  15. bucs33 Says:

    damm i remember sean mahan he was terrible