Adrian Peterson Locked And Loaded

October 24th, 2012

If anyone thought stud Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was washed up after an ugly knee injury last year, well, Peterson put all of that to rest by racking up 153 yards last week against Arizona.

Vikings coach Leslie Frazier had a hunch before the game that Peterson had overcome the hump of rehabilitation, writes Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

Frazier looked him in the eyes and realized his superstar was not just physically ready to shoulder the offensive burden against a tough defense but confident he would get the job done.

The resulting 153 yards on 23 carries in Minnesota’s 21-14 victory Sunday, Oct. 21, validated the run-heavy strategy and signaled Peterson has graduated from recovery to the next phase of his career following Dec. 30 reconstructive knee surgery.

“I really believed that we were going to need him to have a big game for us and he said, ‘Coach, I’m ready. If that’s what you feel like we need to do, give me more carries, whatever, I’ll be ready,’ ” Frazier recounted Tuesday. “Then he had a great practice on Friday. The way he moved I knew what he said was not telling me something I wanted to here. And then he went out and played that way, and we needed to have that type of game.”

This is the daunting task the Bucs face tomorrow night at the big baggie in the northlands, the Minneapolis Metrodome (Joe knows it’s called something else these days; some non-descript,forgettable corporate name).

The Bucs are stingy against the run. Peterson makes defenses look like fools. Something has to give.

This just might be an old-fashioned cat-and-mouse game: Keep the ball out of Josh Freeman’s hands by pounding the ball with Peterson.

But if the Bucs can contain him, the ball will be in Freeman’s hands much more often.

This type of drama is why a higher authority invented beer.

4 Responses to “Adrian Peterson Locked And Loaded”

  1. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    I believe the Vikes ill use intermediate depth passing to get the LB’s back on their heels loosening the running game for Peterson. They’ll also take a couple deep shots to Harvin.

    This game will give us a good view of Matt Kalil.

  2. Buc N' A Says:

    Joe: The last line of this paragraph is pure gold. Well done, sir. I’d also like to say one thing to all Bucs fans out there. This last weekend hurt…BAD. I haven’t had pain like that after a loss in a long time. And it was wonderful. Why? Because how long as it been since we’ve actually had meaningful games? Probably since the Bears in London. We’re actually playing tough football. Inconsistent as all h*ll, but this team is growing and that is what is exciting to me anyway. That pain meant the Bucs are at least on the right path. I sense a win tomorrow night. his game plays right into our hands. They run well and don’t pass well. We stop the run well and pretty much stink as pass coverage. Ponder is no Drew Brees. We handled Jamaal Charles, we will handle AP. And 5reeman is going to light it up again! GO BUCS!

  3. Buccin cane Says:

    Call me crazy or just drinking some creamsickle Kool-aid but I think this is a get right game for us. The defense feels bad for the let down last week and josh has a point to prove. What better way to get national recognition than to go to sota on Thursday night and give AP the bizness which is a strength of ours. The number one run d in the league has gotten no respect and I think it’s bout time we change that. #teamTFL

  4. mike078 Says:

    As much as I want a win, I think it’s a close loss. AP is diff than Charles. Charles comes out every other play and is a small quick back. AP is not big, but strong and quick. The Bucs have a hard time with strong hard runners. Keys to a win are good tackling(short Harvin passes) and good Josh.