There’s A Chance

September 18th, 2012

As the great Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of has pointed out, twice in Greg Schiano’s tenure at Rutgers has his defense forced a fumble from an opponent in a victory formation. Thus, Florio and his ProFootballTalk on NBC Sports Network co-host Eric Kuselias, bring a spirited if not emotional defense to the Bucs first-year head coach in this NBC Sports video.

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10 Responses to “There’s A Chance”

  1. jarrett Says:

    The afternoon radio host in this town, is terrible. THE FACT THAT HE WANTED GRUDEN OUT, TRIES TO GET MADDON FIRED, AND NOW CALLS SCHIANO A LOSER AND SAYS HE SHOULD GO BACK TO COLLEGE IS REDICULOUS.THE FACT THAT HE WAS ON RAHEEMS NUTS FOR THREE YEARS SHOULD PROVE HOW CREDIBLE THIS JOKE IS. Joe listen to the idiot on todays show, stop protecting him from critcism. THE GRANDE PERRO is a joke and we should demand better

  2. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

    Its Tuesday.

  3. BucFan20 Says:

    48 hours later

  4. Ladyz Says:

    Schiano is our man of the hour. He is in the process of making our team winners again instead of the butt of jokes.

  5. sandbagrudy Says:

    Forget about me I love you Family if someone slaps your sister you get his sister pregnant oh sorry wrong lyrics when you got someone down step on his neck so he can’t get up is that fair or bush league?

  6. sandbagrudy Says:

    Rodney Harrison on unwritten rules wow quite a treat I agree to disagree with anything this lame says always an extremist sometimes your not right and that seems to be all the time with him Patroit way

  7. dcbucsfan Says:

    Rodney Harrison sounds like a FOOL!

  8. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Personally, I am shocked at the behavior. Not Schiano’s…I love that…but Florio actually expressed a good thought about the Bucs. It was the Miracle on PFT!

  9. Ben Says:

    I will briefly consider taking Rodney Harrison’s advice on ethics and sportsmanship…


  10. William Says:

    PERFECT video! Thanks for making us aware of it!

    I Love the DON”T QUIT attitude (Focus).

    I say to the players and coaches “Earn your MILLIONS all the way!”

    You want the stadium sold out play 60 minutes! This shows committment to the Glazers by players and coaching staff. This shows respect to the fan which they would like to see more of in the stands. Ettiquette can’t forget the fan!

    I don’t know about you but as a FAN I like watching the last 5 seconds of a game like that rather than calling it quits….