The Ghosts Of Quarterbacks Past

September 24th, 2012

How bad did Josh Freeman play Sunday? Veteran sports columnist Gary Shelton suggested Freeman’s play unearthed ghastly memories of some hideous Bucs of yesterday in this Tampa Bay Times video.

10 Responses to “The Ghosts Of Quarterbacks Past”

  1. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Ok, lets start Orlovsky! Surely we’ll have a much better shot at a winning season! Are you kidding me?

  2. Lion Says:

    Did he just say the Bucs defense didn’t look good? If so, I just lost all respect for the old fart.

  3. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    Yeah he was off on the defense no doubt and Tony Romo was getting hit more than Apollo Creed. But you wont hear any argument from me about the offense. It was awful. It was pathetic. It was disgusting. There is no word to fully get across how bad it was.

    But to those who say to start Orlovsky I ask why? Could Orlovsky do better than Freeman? Maybe, who cant do worse thats for sure. But why not just give Freeman a shovel send him on to the field and let him either dig his own grave or dig himself out.

    I think any sane man can admit that Orlovsky is not our future and if he is our future is as bright as 1 a.m. So why even put him in the game. Orlovsky isn’t going to take the Bucs on a storied playoff run and win the Super Bowl so there is no point in playing him.

    I say either A.( Let Free finish out the season and unless he shows significant improvement draft his successor or B.( Let Free play a few more games and again, if no improvement pick up a QB that is backing up another team I.E. Matt Flynn or T.J. Yates, or if your feeling risky Colt McCoy. I like the second option because you can grab a QB you know is at least decent and still has upside plus you don’t waste a draft pick.

    I would like to give Free the season but something just isn’t clicking. He still stares down receivers although he has somewhat improved in that area. He doesn’t move in the pocket at all, he just stands there and hopes he doesn’t get sacked. He doesn’t get the ball out on time. He doesn’t seem to go through progressions. And he’s even developed an accuracy problem lately. Again im for giving him the season but if we picked up another QB and sent Freeman to ride the pine I wouldn’t be able to argue.

  4. flmike Says:

    I wanna say that the Bucs have set back modern football a hundred years, but I know that is wrong. What we are seeing is a QB learning a new system, it’s gonna take time, this is the same system that took Eli 3 full seasons to finally get, and he had no other systems other than the one he played in at Ol’Miss to worry about. This is Freeman’s 3rd system in 4 years, wanna ruin a young QB quickly, teach him a new system every season and see what happens. I knew this offense was not going to be very good, how could it when our QB is learning a new system, again. Patients is the key, it will come. My biggest issues right now is their devotion to Martin, he obviously is not going tobe able to carry the load on his own, 2.2 yards a carry is not going to cut it, why in gods name won’t they use Blount?

  5. RastaMon Says:

    it appears he has morphed into …Josh Dilfaverde

  6. Danny Says:

    Saints are 0-3 and fans there are already saying Brees should be benched. Do they really think their backup will save their season?

  7. Mr Lucky Says:

    Sorry but I’m not buying into the piss poor OC game calling. Anyone, let me repeat, ANYONE, could see that the coaches had NO confidence in Freman – hence the running calls.

    Freeman has to go. Start Orlovsky NOW. Keeping Freeman in the lineup will just discourage the offensive line, piss off V Jax and keep the defense on the field longer than necessary.

    Freeman can not cut it in the NFL – PERIOD

    Freeman is a BUST!

  8. Brad Says:

    When I watched the video I almost fell over when Shelton said the defense didn’t play well. What? This has me wondering if anything Shelton has written has merit. He either didn’t watch the game or has no clue about football. With that said this offense is the worse I’ve ever seen and its clear to me Schiano and Sullivan are to blame. How do they continue to run the ball run the ball run the ball? Are they insane cause everyone knows the definition. Freeman who I thought was a confident QB looks like he has zero confidence. I think they have him so scared not to make a mistake he has regressed even more than last year. I thought Schiano was going to put the best players that give the team a chance to win. Martin should be backing up Blount and why can’t we put the guys on the field at the same time. Why can’t these coaches make adjustments during the game? The offense seems so predictable it’s embarrassing. Troy Aikman was laughing at the ridiculous amount of times we ran Martin with the same damn running play that hadn’t worked all day. I hate for us to chagce our OC at this point but its clear Sullivan is lost and knows nothing about game planning or adjusting and if Schiano is forcing all these runs he’ll find out what NFL Stands for. This team should be 3-0 at this point if not for terrible coaching and lack of adjustments. And another thing why in the hell are we putting two guys in critical positions that didn’t even go through training camp with the team. Shipley and Ware made the most critical mistakes and not sure why these guys were even playing. Coaching coaching coaching..

  9. Miguel Grande Says:

    The reason they kept running it up the gut is that they were simply executing the game plan. There is no mechanism on this team to alter it. They ran it up the gut at 2:37 in the 4th because they needed to chew up some clock to get into the 2 minute drill.

    That’s how inflexible and stubborn Schiano is. He makes Ray Perkins look smart. He makes Curly Howard look smart.

  10. Lion Says:

    I am not worried about the offense, they will bounce back against the crappy Skins next weak. The schedule is very favorable for the forseeable future.