The Gary Gibson Effect On McCoy

September 9th, 2012

A dominant day for Gerald McCoy, who gave some credit to his wise new sidekick.

Even a novice football fan watching the Bucs-Panthers game today could tell that Gerald McCoy was a major force on the football field.

McCoy was disruptive. He had his hands on Cam Newton. He sacked Cam Newton. He was a force in the run defense. He didn’t get hurt.

What’s the difference in McCoy? Well, one of them is Gary Gibson in the Bucs locker room and playing alongside McCoy. After the game, McCoy took a moment to credit the veteran newcomer for McCoy’s performance.

“Gary, he’s a vet. He’s very smart. He teaches me little things, little things I need to focus on, little things I need to see, little things he sees that I can do that he knows I can do and need to go execute. And it helped me out a lot today,” McCoy said.

Gibson wasn’t seen much this preseason but got plenty of snaps today and was disruptive himself. Gibson told Joe he’s healthy now and always eager to teach young guys like McCoy.

“Just being an older guy in the league, you know, as you’re playing, you get like little vet moves and little things you see before they happen to make you play faster,” Gibson said. “You know we got a lot of young guys. I’m more than happy to help Gerald; he’s a great player. I’m just being the old vet in the D-line room. Just being knowledgable and sharing.”

Joe’s still speechless at the D-line play today. Somebody give Gibson a raise.

14 Responses to “The Gary Gibson Effect On McCoy”

  1. BucWild007 Says:

    McCoy was a beast today… I wonder if Thomas will say he could have done better? Great game by the DLine Go Bucs

  2. SensibleBuc Says:

    *sigh* I still hate that picture.

    But anyways, “McCoy was disruptive. He had his hands on Cam Newton. He sacked Cam Newton. He was a force in the run defense. He didn’t get hurt.”

    LMAO at the end of that Joe. Well done.

    Outside of some nitpicky issues that I have with Bennett (he’s constantly losing contain) and Roy Miller (I didn’t hear his name at all I don’t think) we haven’t looked this good as a front 7 since the first Falcons game last year when Clayborn sawed Matt Ryan in half. Also, the pressure wasn’t just the Monte Kiffin, pure speed/talent-type of pass rush; This was a *gasp* professional, multi-level, multifaceted blitz scheme. Even Roy & Quincy Black looked good.

  3. MadMax Says:

    GMC and the D were in beast mode at times. A GREAT win! Still need to work a little more on wrapping up and not miss a blown assignment so close to the endzone, but other than a few mistakes, I was impressed….was wearing my Barber jersey proud!

  4. the_buc_realist Says:

    that was a good start for McCoy. if he can be taught to finish plays then you can use the term “beast” . would really like to see McCoy take a quarterback to the ground once

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    One thing I noticed was how often we blitzed, especially in the second half. I don’t ever remember us blitzing that often. I was getting really nervous that they would bust a long one, but aside from the one throw, the secondary played outstanding. The Barron hit on Steve Smith was worth all the yards they gave up. Smith was trying to act tough, but I don’t think he every knew what hit him.

  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Cam is the hardest QB in the league to take down, hands down. But yes, it would be even better if GMC put him down.

  7. Sneedy16 Says:

    Great game by McCoy. They just couldn’t block him. NFL Sunday Ticket is my new friend, lol

  8. Brain Says:

    When he was a Sophomore in college I thought Gerald McCoy would be the most talented DT in the NFL within several years. Seeing that game today, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind. His quickness, agility and general disruptiveness is on another stratosphere. Now that we have a coaching staff that actually develops linemen, and now that McCoy is healthy (fingers crossed), we have the single most disruptive and dominant DT in the league. Some of the plays he made today were things I’ve never seen from an interior lineman in my entire life.

  9. Micronole Says:

    One of the mistakes Dominick made early on was not keeping Hovan around to teach GMC the nuances of the game.

  10. Mavsmoney Says:

    We’re not going to hear from Thomas 2.2 anymore… He changed his name to Miguel grande.

  11. Orlandobucsfan Says:

    It’s amazing this picture used to annoy me but now it’s not so bad.

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I suspect there are a lot of fans with the same feeling.

  13. Lion Says:

    GMC did put him down, and he got a sack. It just didn’t look as pretty because Scam threw the ball away, while he was sacked. But, it was a sack none the less.

  14. BucfanBF Says:

    I see McCoy getting 3 sacks against the giants next week. Giants OL is not good plus Eli is not that mobile of a QB.