“Tampa Bay Does Not Throw The Ball Well”

September 14th, 2012

Giants icon Phil Simms and Bill Cowher are convinced “Tampa Bay does not throw the ball well.” Both give their takes on the Bucs-Giants game Sunday in this Showtime Inside the NFL video.

21 Responses to ““Tampa Bay Does Not Throw The Ball Well””

  1. Bucs4life Says:

    So I guess that’s a euphemism for “Josh Freeman sucks?”

    That’s really great to hear from two fairly respected guys in football…Ugh.

  2. Macabee Says:

    No! Just an opinion to be expected from a former Giant (Simms/QB) and a wannabe Giant coach (Cowher aka “Chin”)!

  3. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    No one will have faith in the Bucs unless they can string together some impressive performances. Its going to take a while to rid people of the memories from last year. Respect won’t be earned with one win against a 6-10 team

  4. Architek Says:

    No argument here but all I am going to opinionate is that according to Joe, Freeman haircut is a little nuts, not his decisions making or footwork in the pocket etc. (Didn’t forget that snyde remark Joe!)

    I am not down on Josh at all but my statement was presented as I saw some things that continue to be a trend in the passing game. I see that if we dont have a pristine pocket, Josh does not go through his reads. I still see his feet tapping under pressure and he usually makes an inaccurate throw. I also see some indecisiveness when he wants to scramble or not to scramble.

    I mean lets be honest, all of Freeman balls are not going to look like ropes and he is not Cam or RG3 athletically but he is a solid young qb. I am not down on him, I just simply see some things that I hope time will work out. No one saw the hard work Tom Brady put into his mechanics until his off-season QB coach passed away last year and then all of the footage came out and people witnessed that its no coencidence that Tom Brady is great. He almost has no flaws in his game but that is after years of correction. I am encouraged that Freeman will improve but we all just dont know how much.

    Also I think people fall in love with the Cam Newton’s, RG3’s, and others because they are flashy. They make eye popping throws. Freeman is not very flashy so he will not get the media hype these guys get so thats part of the perception also. I can’t knock the opinion of this video.

  5. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Who has seen the Bucs throw the ball at all since Schiano showed up? Its not like the bucs can’t air it out, we have a full compliment of depth at WR and TE this week heading in to Jersey.

    I think this is a fairly ignorant take by the so called “experts.” Just because a team hasn’t thrown the ball yet (mind you, we didnt need to last week, and when we did we were at least effective) doesn’t mean they unequivically “don’t throw the ball well.”

    I think Schiano takes the leash off, lets Sullivan open up the playbook, and attacks a secondary that has their top 3 CBs injuried in some way. Look for a lot of screens, play actions and 3-step drop patterns to try to keep the giants DL off balance/away from Josh, and for the Bucs to suprise a looooot of peope this week!!

  6. Justin Says:

    Bucs are going to throw it 40 times in this game. 3 WRs all game (Jackson, Williams, Benn). If we can block up front at a B- level, we will win this game. Giants secondary/LBs cannot cover our receivers.

  7. Jbrooks Says:

    I have faith in Tampas offense as a fan. But Cowher and Simms had to say that about the passing game because anything to the contrary would pretty much be a guess. Bucs have to show they can play offense before anyone gives them credit.



  9. Bucfever40 Says:

    I can knock it, it’s been one game and already they say both our lines can be monsters, even though I believe this as true, can we say this for sure after 1 game? Same goes for Josh, he had some drops that were not his fault, in ’10, he threw the long ball with the best of them and had a penchant for bringing his team back in the 4th quarter, the man does not go from airing it out and throwing frozen ropes to “can’t throw the ball” after one game! Let’s wait and see what this offense will dictate out of our QB before we label him as someone that can’t throw the football, I think Sims and Cowher are going to be very surprised, because Freeman is just as good as Cam or RG3, he can make EVERY throw that they can, period!

  10. big007hed Says:

    I can’t watch the video but I’m assuming its not good coming from the comments…. Suck it Simms!


    True Dat B40… we just have to see him doing it again like in ’10!

  12. mikeck Says:

    Well, last week, when we needed to pass, we passed. generally, we didnt need to. You take what the defense gives you. If they are running a cover 2, you arent going to get shots deep downfield but you can run up the middle as the Mike is dropping. Without knowing what look freeman was getting, you cannot judge his decision making.
    When Jawarski, Young or dilfer start doubting Josh, we have a problem…Phil is a horrible analyst, always has been

  13. OAR Says:

    And..Scientists have just descovered that bitches, do in fact, be trippin!

  14. OB Says:

    I love this, still under the radar. I just read that Deangelo Williams is rated as a prime power back and our Martin is way down there in the latest NFL top ten items. Williams, I believe, didn’t gain a yard. Besides a line, might we have LBs and DBs, oh old reliable, Number 20, is only the DB of the week. I don’t think anyone but the coaches know what we can do, the players are seeing what they can do each outoing, but we will see on Sunday.

  15. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    In this case, Simms was happily making those comments without seeing very much of the team this year. It’s his job to comment, but…

    …he particularly enjoys saying negative things about the Bucs because he feels the Bucs ruined his son’s career. He may be right, because Gruden may very well have done so over time. Under a true teacher (and Gruden was NOT a teacher), Chris might have developed into a starter…maybe not an elite one, but perhaps a starter.

    So Simms will NEVER be positive about the Bucs…not with a straight face.

  16. Rican Says:

    Free will only reap what he sows and right now he’s still sowing from how bad he sucked last year. Its gonna take a while before anyone truly forgets last season. He’s gonna have to force people into a different perspective through his play. I for one though he played remarkably better against the panties. He just had some dropped balls and penalties that hurt is all.

  17. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I am glad they picked the Giants. I’ll take the underdog role every dam week if I had it my way. GO BUCS!!

  18. Tye Says:

    I have a strong feeling that this statement will be put to the test in this game against the Giants….. If Freeman Can’t do more than check down passes then the Bucs might find themselves playing from behind all game!

    The Defense and running game can only carry the team for so long… For example, If a QB throws several ints in a game he wears out the defense and gets the team to far behind to keep running the ball…. Hoping we avoid this scenario.

  19. buxter Says:

    We’ve played one game so far. One.

    Not even our own coaches know what we are good at yet. We’ve simply not seen enough competition to establish an identity.

    The media is paid to write and talk. And they do. They base their opinions on a miniscule sample and we take it seriously?

    What we do know is that the new additions seem solid and our coaching staff takes their job seriously.

  20. skp Says:

    i think our passing game in week 17 will be vastly better than our passing game was week 1. this offense is still finding its rhythm, i’d say the criticism is warranted based on the body of work since the start of last season.

  21. Tristan Berry Says:

    Where is the game of football most fundamentally won or lost? In the trenches, controlling the line of scrimmage.

    How do they all describe both our offensive and defensive lines? Monsters.

    And then they say we can’t beat NY? Is that their REAL opinions, or are they just reading from a script some lame wannabe sports-journalist intern wrote for them?