Shipley Cut; Roscoe Parrish Signed

September 25th, 2012

Jordan Shipley’s gaffe was not tolerated

Fumbling punts in the New Schiano Order seems to get one a pink slip.

Preston Parker is looking for work, and now Jordan Shipley joins him. Shipley, after fumbling away a punt in Dallas on Sunday, was cut today in favor of former Buffalo return man Roscoe Parrish, who spent seven seasons with the Bills.

Somewhat ironically, Parrish muffed two punts this preseason for the Raiders, who proceeded to cut him.

Joe’s not surprised by the Bucs kicking Shipley to the curb. At this point, Joe wonders whether Parrish will step right into the punt returner role or whether Michael Smith or Arrelious Benn will get a shot there.

37 Responses to “Shipley Cut; Roscoe Parrish Signed”

  1. ben Says:

    dude has wheels, i like how he could open up the passing game then i do special teams

  2. james Says:

    who we getting next roscoe p. coaltrain?

  3. SensibleBuc Says:

    Mike Smith has my vote. Has he even gotten a carry yet this year? I thought he was going to be our Sproles this year?

  4. Robbie_G Says:

    Give Michael Smith a chance, that’s why they drafted him, why keep brining in guys off the street, they are there for a reason.

  5. Fear The Glow Says:

    It seems odd to me that they don’t just use one of our own guys and use this roster sport for depth at another position. It’s not like he is going to be productive as a receiver.

  6. thegregwitul Says:

    I like Roscoe Parrish a lot, and living in Buffalo, I’ve seen him do some serious damage in the return game. He also has skills in the slot, the problem is he always gets hurt. The Bills tried for years to work him into their offense and Parrish would flash great potential only to be knocked out for the season with a broken wrist a week or two later.

    I’m hoping this move works out for Tampa, if Roscoe holds on to the football he could very well be a nice weapon.

  7. Patrick Says:

    Ok…….is Schiano psycho about fumbles or what’s the deal? People fumble in this league; it happens. You can’t cut someone just because of one mistake.

    Shipley was incredible in college and had a great rookie season in Cincinatti just 2 seasons ago! They didn’t even give him a chance.

  8. NJBucsFan Says:

    Any word on who is filling Clayborn’s roster spot?

  9. Jwayne Says:

    Here’s a thought…stop spending so much time and effort trying to find a returner. Is that really that high on the priority list? Yes i understand its a very important part of the game but come on. We drafted Benn that high and don’t use him properly in the offense so let him keep returning kicks. He did a decent job a couple weeks ago, and almost broke one lose! Or even Smith! What the hell did we draft him for if he’s not gonna be used in the offense or special teams?! With that said they should really be looking for a DE and a CB inseatd of playing musical chairs with the WR’s! Did we get Andre Carter on the phone yet????

  10. Macabee Says:

    Parrish is a 2nd rd pick by the Bills in 2005. Dude ran a 4.37 at the combine. He’s 30 now, but if he’s still got his legs he could be a real threat!

    On another note, I would have lost money if anyone had bet me that Myron Lewis would make it to Wednesday from that sideline sermon he got from Schiano Sunday! Guy’s got nine lives!

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Shipley’s fumble didn’t bother me nearly as much as how he tried to casually pick it up, which obviously didn’t work. There was no sense of urgency to just fall on the ball. As for what he did in college, that means nothing, especially coming from the Big 12. It’s a different game. Plus, he looks very slow to me, probably as a result of the knee injury. I saw no quickness, and no burst whatsoever.

    At one point, Parish was a pretty electrifying player. Who knows if he has anything left, but I guess it’s worth a shot. It would just be nice if we could get someone back there who won’t fumble the ball. I swear we must have the most muffed punts in the NFL over the last few years. I miss Clifton Smith.

  12. Pewter_Power Says:

    The way our offense is playing I hope we have a quality gunner as well…

  13. Patrick Says:

    Sign Andre Carter…….he’s coming off a 10 sack season and he’s got experience. Better option than George Johnson.

  14. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I would love that signing. However, you have to wonder what’s going on with him. Why isn’t he employed? Makes no sense to me. He seems like a player that multiple teams would love to have, for depth if nothing else. I know he had a pretty bad leg injury last year, but he should be back healthy by now. I can’t see why we wouldn’t at least work him out.

  15. Jbeachbuc Says:

    @ Hawiian

    Absolutely correct about Shipley’s “effort” to recover, more stunning to me than the muff or even the whiff by Watson. That play feels like One of the worst in Bucs history.

  16. Patrick Says:


    Don’t forget the dropped pass by DJ Ware that turned into an interception.

    Freeman had a dreadful day, but it was the turnovers that set Dallas up for the touchdowns. Still……it would’ve helped if he had more than 39 yards passing.

  17. Patrick Says:

    *110 yards. but still, not a good day by him.

  18. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Parrish won’t be here long either.

    You know, I was trying to figure out why they are not putting Smith in to return kicks, and the only reason I can think of is if he happens to fumble, Schiano might have to cut him after this policy he’s set.

    It can’t be because of depth…they could find more RBs as easy as they can find WRs.

    And then again…I am reminded of Dominick’s searches for kickers and punters. He just kept bringing in guys till they got a good one. You have to wonder if that’s the way he intends to build special teams from now on.

  19. sandbagrudy Says:

    he let that ball sit there like it was waiting for a bus

  20. Patrick Says:

    Schiano can’t be too critical on a person if they fumble just once. It happens. Give the guy an ass whooping but don’t cut him cause of one mistake. I hope he’s not abusing his authority too much.

  21. Theodore Says:

    I can’t tell you how glad I am to see Schiano cut role players who make mistakes or just don’t fit in. Players always perform better under pressure, under fear.

    Now excuse me while I go fire an employee at random.

  22. Colorado Buc Says:

    Bring back Spurlock!!!

  23. Adam Says:

    I’ll tell you why I like R.P.! I had Madden for the PSP and I did a total redraft and ended up with R.P. as my WR. The guy was unstoppable (but I think it was the lousy AI on the PSP). He would get behind the CBs and just race for the end zone. He had like 2000 yards at the end of the fake season.

    I drafted a pretty awesome team for 2008. Stephen Jackson was my RB, too. I made a point to undo that lousy Michael Clayton draft pick.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Make no mistake, if Shipley was a good returner, he would not be cut. However, if you are ineffective as a returner and you fumble, how do you expect to stay on the team, especially when you have little to no use on offense? Couple that with a crappy half-arse effort to retrieve the ball, and you find yourself unemployed. Defending Shipley for this is downright ridiculous. I don’t get the love this guy gets. If Rejus or Preston Parker had put forth an effort like that, would he get the same support? I highly, highly doubt it. Watch the play again and tell me if you really think he deserves another shot at returning kicks for the Bucs.

    As for using Michael Smith as a punt returner, you have to realize the difference between the two duties. A punt returner needs to have very quick feet, and be able to explode from a stand still. Michael Smith is not that kind of player. He takes a while to get his speed up. A kick returner needs more straight line speed, and they need to be able to pick the right hole and hit it hard. Smith fits that role much better.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Adam’s post is without a doubt my favorite!

  26. Keys Says:

    Whatever happened to that Jock Sanders kid? he was really quick and had nice cuts in preseason last year.

  27. raphael Says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s Freemans fault …

  28. bucfanjeff Says:

    I’m still not sure why Michael Smith is in the dog house. Very fast and got 20 yards off his speed alone. I would go with him.

  29. Ed Kerber Says:

    I agree with the search for a pr/kr/wr. If there is somebody out there who can contribute immediatel,great. Work smith in slowly.
    They knew the needed a spark on special teams AND offense since August. Kudos to them for realizing they don’t have it yet.

    Nothing wrong with going through the yard sale/garage sale pile!

  30. Miguel Grande Says:

    I don’t believe Smith has returned it past the 20.

    Did anyone see Owusu this Sunday? Tired legs?

    We won’t see Parrish for a while, tired legs.

    Andre Carter and his agent won’t volunteer to run the gauntlets so they won’t be signing with the Bucs. (See Brian Price)

    They’re going to need RDE help immediately, probably won’t be able to sign anybody right anyway. If they find a lineman who can and will run the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 torture tests, he won’t be able to practice and play for a month. Tired legs.

    How butch is that?

  31. Jwayne Says:


    idk if you can get this through ur thick scull but EVERY nfl team puts free agents etc through a workout before they consider signing them. Its humorous how little you know about football but continue to write the same dumbass thing about the conditioning test no matter what the topic is! God you are a broken record. And as for Andre Carter…yes he had 10 sacks last year but he his coming off a surgery. And as for all the knowledge you have when it come to conditioning tests…. Andre Carter has worked out for several NFL teams In the last couple weeks and is still unemployed…Every NFL team requires you to past there conditioning test.. you just happen to know what tampa’s is!

  32. Joe Says:

    Andre Carter and his agent won’t volunteer to run the gauntlets so they won’t be signing with the Bucs.

    So that explains why 31 other teams haven’t signed this unemployed Bruce Smith.

  33. Miguel Grande Says:

    “Every NFL team requires you to past there conditioning test.. you just happen to know what tampa’s is!”

    The Patriots would make him run 40 yard sprints. Ten times. The Dolphins make players trot the width of their practice field, ten times. The Bucs sprint 110 yards. That 2-3/4 times longer or 275%. They run them 16 times which is 160% harder. They run them in the Florida sun which is 150% harder than NE or Miami’s indoor A/C practice field. That’s 585% harder. That’s why they’re called the dreaded and unnecessary 110X16 torture tests. The NFL does not mandate them, the Little General does, how butch is that?

    Seven players either failed or were injured and missed practice because of them.

    Dominik has been ham strung by the tests, he has continually signed castoffs that were cut by the Bucs instead of a thousand other players aailable. The only reason for that is that they had already endured the gauntlets.

  34. Miguel Grande Says:

    When the Bucs originally ran the gauntlets, almost every writer remarked how the beginning of camp was run at half speed, incredibly slow. Tired legs. Even during the 1st pre-season game the announcers were saying, tired legs.

    Any new player Dominik signs will have to pass the gauntlets. Then they won’t be able to practice at full speed which might lead to injury. They won’t be able to play in games until they recover.

    Injured players like D’Quan Bowers won’t risk their future livelihood coming off a freaking Achilles tear by running the gauntlets. If I were his agent I would recommend a full off season of conditioning. I would also put out the possibility that Schiano might change his ridiculous requirement or he may be fired.

    Free agent players, especially quality veterans, with money in the bank and a couple years left in the tank would not risk injury for such a stupid idea. Say Carter came in and tore a hamstring in the 14th sprint, his career would be over and would cost him $millions.

    The gauntlets keep biting them in the ass, week after week. Pure pigheaded stubbornness to prove that the Little General is 585% more butch that other NFL head coaches.

    He proved it without a doubt by forcing 3 kneel downs in the Cowboy’s game. A national embarrassment! How butch is that?

  35. Matthew Says:

    One of my good friends is a diehard Bills fan. His background on Parrish:
    Extremely blazing fast, extremely tiny, injury prone, cannot run routes properly.
    He stated that on punts; Roscoe will do one of 3 things “Muff the punt, run backwards lose yards, or score the most incredible touchdown you’ve seen.”
    I’m hoping Tampa can get more of the latter then the first two. I’m not holding my breath on Roscoe making a difference but it’s a low-risk move at this point.

  36. Jwayne Says:


    This gauntlet your refering to is called running sprints! And yes they should run more here an be in better shape because of the heat. You Do realize football is a 60 minute game right? And as for Big free agents not wanting to sign here becuase of it?um….Vjax?Carl Nicks? Eric Wright? Its very clear you have never played a down of football in your life. And that explains your lack of knowledge when it comes to conditioning. But hey lets do it your way… Dont even have a training camp..let the guys rest all summer, no sense in haven tired legs and being in shape. Why don’t you go rub one out to a picture of Chip Kelly and let the adults talk football!

  37. hamilton Says:

    roscoe parrish,the u baby.