McCoy “Will Be” A “Dynamic Playmaker”

September 5th, 2012

The Bucs defensive coordinator put some hefty pressure on Gerald McCoy today

Bucs defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan minced no words today at One Buc Palace when it comes to Gerald McCoy and his greatness.

Sheridan said Bucs fans will see “dynamic player” and one that will be moving around and stunting. The D-coordinator went on to say McCoy will be “really, really productive” and produce like “a dynamic playmaker. He will be.”

There’s officially no wiggle room for McCoy any longer.

16 Responses to “McCoy “Will Be” A “Dynamic Playmaker””

  1. js1506 Says:

    “a dynamic playmaker. He will be.” Is that Bill Sheridan channeling his internal Yoda?

  2. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Wow. I haven’t heard anyone from the team talk like that about any other player. I know from what I saw in the preseason I was ecstatic. I guess Sheridan saw what I saw.

  3. Nick Says:

    So as of now, we have two players who are make or break. McCoy and Freeman. Its either gonna be good or really ugly.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    His ability has never been (or shouldn’t be) in question. It’s his ability to stay healthy and on the field that is the concern.

  5. bucobruce Says:

    GMC will be dominate he will stay healthy this year and knows how to prevent injury now that Sapp has been working with him.We will hear the crowd for years to come, screaming GMC GMC GMC GMC.

  6. stevek Says:

    You can’t live soft and play hard.

    McCoy has the physical makeup and talents to be a “dynamic playmaker”. The only problem is that you need to play in order to register as a “playmaker”, and you need to make some tackles and sacks to have the “dynamic” adjective placed before “playmaker”.

    I hope GMC comes out and lights the world on fire.

    A probowler, he will be.

  7. Miguel Grande Says:

    Grande saw GMC make one tackle and one QB pressure in the preseason.

    Miguel’s sure he’s not advertising his good moves in the preseason, so he has lulled his opponents into a false sense of security. They don’t have any good tape on him. They probably think that he is soft and out of gas, so they won’t game plan against him. No double teams.

    He’s probably going to spank the Panthers by breaking out his “A game.”
    He’s probably been saving those Tasmanian Devil moves for when the games really count.

    He’s going to open up a can of whoop ass with those bionic biceps and get at least 2 sacks, 4 QB pressures and 6 tackles.

    Ooohh yeeaahh! Go Bucs! Look out Panthers!

  8. Fritz50 Says:

    “produce like “a dynamic playmaker””

    This is nothing more than what GMC has done in previous years, WHEN HE’S BEEN IN THE GAME (emphasis intended). MG’s sarcasm aside, we all know that avoiding injury is the key, with this guy. Only time will tell.

  9. robert Says:

    can this guy please show up one game with warpaint on, ZERO smiles…..may put some big band aids on his biceps if he wants to be funny. no more smiles though

  10. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Pffffftt. Hear that noise all the time. We’ll see what we shall see.

  11. teacherman777 Says:


    Ur right man. No more grinnin.

  12. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Nick Says: September 5th, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    “So as of now, we have two players who are make or break. McCoy and Freeman. Its either gonna be good or really ugly.”

    On McCoy I can agree. I think Freeman has at least one more year unless he really blows it.

  13. lurker Says:

    snore. great comments!

    some idgit using thomas’ comments. another using great sarcasm, or was it reverse psychology, copying joe’s third person. still another’s great insight to not smile to make a player better. wow, these buc “fans” make for great posters. is sooooooooo lucky. 😉

  14. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    I’m suggesting that Aqib Talib with the help of stud rookie Mark Barron having his back turns in an all pro level season. Contract year, no more legal issues and a talented safety for the first time in his young career all signs look up for Talib to dominate this year.

  15. SteveK Says:


    Hell yeah!

  16. HolyMoly Says:

    I believe if GMC stays on the field he can have a big impact . Will wreak havoc and cause disruption if he spends alot of time in opposing teams backfield if not , could be a long season .