Shaun King Says Josh Freeman Needs A Shrink

September 27th, 2012

Shaun King, one of three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship, has put on his Sigmund Freud hat and determined that Josh Freeman needs to spend time on a couch with a sports psychologist.

No, it’s not related to Freeman’s love of guns and snakes, it’s because Freeman, King says, has “never been anywhere where they really won And it just seems like in real stressful, big-time moments in games, like he just seems a little lost. Like it doesn’t seemed like he’s as tuned in and focused as he should be.”

During the interview on the Ron and Ian Show on WDAE-AM 620, King explained that even though Freeman was money late in games in 2010, that doesn’t apply because Freeman didn’t have expectations and pressure on him that season. King says Freeman getting flummoxed in the two-minute offense is evidence of a problem. King also cites that Drew Brees uses the services of shrink to stay focused.

Here’s the entire King interview below, which focuses a lot on various aspects of Freeman’s game.


35 Responses to “Shaun King Says Josh Freeman Needs A Shrink”

  1. MTM Says:

    King has such great insight. Just don’t use King’s shrink. I mean sport psychologists. It didn’t seam to work for his career.

  2. Karl Says:

    King should have hired a shrink when he was playing for the Bucs. 🙂

  3. passenger27 Says:

    Forget the shrink king needs a dietician

  4. FlBoy84 Says:

    Josh didn’t seem to fold during the last drive where he completed passes to Jackson & Williams, putting the ball exactly where required in order for those guys to make te catch. Granted, in watching him in interviews there definitely seems to be a lack of confidence/insecurity in his demeanor. Being that he’s in his 4th year, would like to see he’s moved past that at his point. Granted he’s still only 24 years old, but Griffin, Newton, Luck, etc. all appear to show more confidence than Josh, evn in their 1st & 2nd years.

  5. Buc Fan #237 Says:


    That’s because Free doesn’t have what it takes to be in the top 25 at QB position in the NFL.

    He doesn’t have it between the ears.

  6. WestCoastBucsFan Says:

    I think Josh is more concerned with with following the game plan and worst of all, making bad decisions.

    I think he is so afraid of turning over the ball it has really limited him. He did start to put it together at the end of that Cowboys game. He seems to play better when he is playing to win.

    As far as the shrink goes, I cant think of a single reason why seeing one would hinder him. Freeman has the skill set and has shown flashes of elite ability, he just lacks consistency.

  7. Ali Says:

    I think the schiano regime is a bad influence on Josh, they probably want him out for their own quarterback (if they last that long)

  8. Macabee Says:

    Josh doesn’t need a shrink, he needs a character makeover, a new persona!

    Come on Josh! It’s time to step up and be the face of the Bucs on and off the field. Where is the confidence, the swagger, the attitude, the machismo, that all superheroes exhibit. Where is that “not-to-worry I got this” smile that is always present on the face of Manning and Romo on the field? Where is your superman cape, your Giselle, your Aaron Rodgers sense of humor? When are you going to start having fun? I listen to your (de)pressers and they’re almost apologetic. Where is the fire, the anger, the drive, the Farve-like arrogance?

    Act like the star and leader of this team and you will play like one. Do something exciting once in a while. Go on a talk show. Date a Kardashian! Make me believe there’s a superstar in there somewhere!

    I still believe!

  9. BucsFanInBoise Says:

    Who’s Sean King ?

  10. Oahubuc Says:

    Amen. The guy just looks catatonic, like he just wants to crawl under a rock. He’s a total mess. Fragile and immature. On the verge of a nervous breakdown after every snap and in every press conference. Zapping flies with his tongue. We need the endgame to play out here pretty soon. If it doesn’t, people will be saying, “Give him a chance, it’s only his 6th season!”, and that will just be annoying.

  11. RastaMon Says:

    Listening to him on WDAE now….he is a basket case……

  12. FlBoy84 Says:

    In his defense though, when put in some tough spots, he has made the throws to win games. That over-the-shoulder out pass to Williams at the end of the Dallas game was a great throw that only Williams was going to catch. He does have that competitor in him, the key is learning what it takes as coaches to get it to come out. Having a backup QB that actually is capable of competing for the starting job & that could push him would be a great start.

  13. Ladyz Says:

    One of the callers on “mad” dog’s show ask Free if he needed someone help him with his confidence. They tried to blow it away, but it was obvious it hit a nerve. Hope he can get it together.

  14. lurker Says:

    so, he needs a good woman to build his confidence, huh.

  15. RastaMon Says:

    maybe he needs a man…..whatever he is a basket case….

  16. Peking Buc Says:

    Josh has his own Giselle!! He’s dating a smokin hot super model. One of Rachel Watson’s close friends.

    The problem is NSO’s two minute drill was not actually a two minute drill like other team’s two minute. NSO’s two minute drill is do what we call, not get it down field to who’s open and get out of bounds.

    Free needs to follow GMac’s lead. Go upstairs and demand more freedom to throw more.

  17. Pruritis Ani Says:

    I think the shrink nonsense is a bunch of crap..

    However, I m starting to get this sinking feeling that after 4 years and 3 Offensive Coordinators, (2 who were truly Offensive and 1 still an unknown) they are ruining him. Hope I m wrong..Only time will tell.

  18. Bob Says:

    Josh needs to play better, more time would help, but just practice , better then play better , he seems like he is distracted. Or not willing to really do what needs to be done, perhaps ,if we trade for real backup to push him he will rspond, or maybe…..he sucks

  19. SteveK Says:

    @Peking Buc,

    “more freedom”

    Damn right, America! If Freeman can’t use his athleticism, then you may as well play Dan O.

  20. Deminion Says:

    Funny whn ppl knockin him obviously he is just tryin to fit in the system they should tailor the gm plan around his talent, and I’m tired of so-called bucs and fair weather guys kickin or guys while they are down support yur team good or bad go bucs!!!

  21. raphael Says:

    thought Free was engaged ….Shaun King needs bigger hands, rumour is he is hung like a chinese dude.

  22. Brad Says:

    Who’s Ron and Ian? King needs a shrink to find out how his tiny hands can stuff so much food down his pie hole. I don’t listen to these dudes anymore (thank God for 98.7) and I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing. Not even 1 birthday challenge. Or 1 of the 6 million times they think saying ‘eating his balls’ is funny. Listening to 60 year old man talking about running one and 20 year old women’s racks is just creepy.

  23. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Face it guys… we have Josh Freekin Campbell part 2 on our team.

    Stop apologizing for the bust.

    Remember the last guy you guys gave a million excuses… he ended up on as the Redskins DB homeboy list.

    That and Kellen Winslow just quit on the pats.

    Josh Freekin Campbell 2.0 is a bust.

  24. JonBuc Says:

    Bon bon Shaun simply needs to shrink. Yet he may be on to something. As much as I want Freeman to succeed…and as promising as 2010 was…I truly think he’s ready for the glue factory. What was the point of the weight loss if it actually makes you slower? So strange the Freeman story…

  25. Tbuc Says:

    Wasn’t King the QB who came in out of shape after the 99 season? I don’t think he is any spot to dish out advice.

  26. BucFan20 Says:

    Last year it was he had to much pressure on him to carry the team. Oh ya. Then there was the K2 excuse.
    Now so far this year the excuse is he is in chains. Or, it’s the new system. So why not try “all the receivers are in his head and he does not know who to throw to”
    But as soon as he beats some garbage teams, he will be so much improved and doing such a fantastic job. I can see it now.

  27. stimpy Says:

    Your voice adverts suck.

  28. Says:

    I said he ha some kind of mental issue last year..I thought he was on the pipe & he did come back way skinny..he deserves more time with the crap the Glazers have put him through..The offense should be tailored around him..isn’t that what you do when you draft a franchise quarterback?

  29. Adam L. Says:

    Shaun King needs a dietician.

  30. 1976Buc Says:

    The best advice come from those with the most experience.

  31. Burg Says:

    King is a bum (remainder deleted for unsubstantiated hate)

    @Burg – Joe ultimately is responsible for all content on this site and cannot tolerate unsubtantiated allegations of that kind on these pages. –Joe

  32. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Buc Fan #237 Says: September 27th, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    Face it guys… we have Josh Freekin Campbell part 2 on our team.

    Stop apologizing for the bust.


    Seeing this comment made me want to hurl insults your way, but I have to be honest…you are not the only one talking like this. It wouldn’t be fair to single you out.

    However…I WILL tell you that you are WRONG.

    All Freeman needs is time under the new system and a more effective offensive line. The kid is still very young. Most QBs are around age 26 before they start to “click”. Freeman is not there yet.

    In fact, although people like to claim he’s played 4 years…the truth is he has not even played 3 complete seasons…he is 20 games short of 4 years of playing time. So you people have given up on him in less than 3 years (4 games short).

    There are some realities some of you have to face. The Sullivan offense is based on the New York offense. The New York Giants offense took time to learn…AND was NOT a run first offense (I believe they were last in running the ball last year).

    I also don’t think Blount is in the “dog house” as Joe has inferred. I think he was injured and that provided a handy reason to keep him fresh while giving Martin lots of experience.

    The rapid turn-around of the defense has been amazing, but again…you guys know nothing…absolutely nothing…about the real reasons the offense is struggling. TIME and hard work along with repetition are what will turn it around.

    And when you learn this lesson…no need to eat crow. Just find a way to enjoy the show.

  33. james Says:

    just compare free’s stats with ponders-rg3-newtons and you’ll get the point. i cannot buy into this learning new system crap any more. josh has enough starts under his belt not to be playing so poorly.come on man.

  34. skp Says:

    we lost 2 games by 1 score each, had we won those games, people would be talking about whether eli manning and tony romo need a shrink.

    just like with coaches – when you come out ahead on the scoreboard, certain qualities are admirable (poise, calm, executing your coaches’ gameplan), but when the ball doesn’t bounce your way those same things are flaws (lack of intensity, lack of urgency, failure to improvise).

    look at phillip rivers: when he’s playing well he’s a fiery leader who pushes his teammates to greatness, but when he’s struggling he’s a hothead who alienates his teammates by chewing them out….same guy, same leadership style, different days & results.

  35. skp Says:

    @james, the 3 QBs you mentioned are playing in systems that call for them to air it out and run a ton. it gives them the freedom to bail out on making reads and just start scrambling up the field when they get uncomfortable. josh is in a system where they prefer he hand it off to the RB 70% of the time and sit in the pocket the rest. fear of injury (mandatory knee brace?) and turnovers are being pounded into his head. it’s an apples & oranges conversation as you will never see him employ that playing style or put up those sorts of passing & rushing stats with the current offensive philosophy.