“Seeing It All A Lot Faster, A Lot Clearer”

September 6th, 2012

Josh Freeman was pressed yesterday to name the No. 1 one way he’s improved since last season.

No. 5 gave two answers. First, Freeman replied, “fundamentals.”

Next, he went on to explain how his understanding of the game is much better. “I’m seeing it all a lot faster, a lot clearer,” Freeman said.

Put aside all the blubbering, predicting, hyping, overanalyzing for the 2012 season, the Bucs will ride where Josh Freeman takes them. The defense can’t carry these Bucs, and the heralded offensive line has already been dealt a massive blow. If No. 5 is good, then the Bucs will be good.

19 Responses to ““Seeing It All A Lot Faster, A Lot Clearer””

  1. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Josh Freeman is such a huge question mark, that I had to trade for Peyton Manning as the back up QB in my dynasty league. Sure I’ll hang on to Freeman to see if the guy pans out, but he is currently #3 on my fan football depth chart. He is just too erratic.

    Why do I need 3 QBs you may ask? Because Tony Romo is my starter. And although he is a fantasy beast in the first 10 games, he usually lets me down, down the stretch with injuries or choke jobs.

    I have a QB by comittee for now. But I do not have much realistic hope for Freeman.


    So Josh, nut up and go throw some touchdowns already… oh, convert on 3rd down too.

  2. OAR Says:

    Fantasy shamnsty! 5 tds or 50 tds, I just hope he WINS games!

  3. Jarret Says:

    @ bucs fan 237

    No one gives two sh*ts about ur fantasy team.

    IMO Freeman needs to stop hesitating on his reads. Too often it seems like he holds the ball for that extra split second and as a result either throws an interception or ends up doing his class check down pass. Throwing a 4 yard dump off on 3rd and 8 isn’t going to cut it…then again, we shouldn’t be in a 3rd and 8 to begin with lol.
    I know Schiano is run heavy but I’d like to see some 1st down throws to V-Jax or Mike Williams on a nice slugo or curl pattern

  4. Jarret Says:


  5. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Actually, Joe, it all starts up front. If the oline is not good, Josh won’t be good.

  6. stevek Says:

    Let’s go Freeman, take the safety off.

    I am hopeful that Josh will come out and light it up.

    Freeman on O, GMC on D are the recipes for our success.

  7. bucfanjeff Says:

    There will be growing pains with a new offense and new players to learn.
    I’m ok with that, because Freeman will be here for a long time. All the talk about WHETHER to re-sign him is garbage. He WILL be re-signed to an extension after this season. What matters here is his play will dictate the dollars…and of course, wins.

  8. bucfanjeff Says:

    *and by ‘all the talk’, I’m referring to past comments on various post.

    All any of us want is to win…well maybe except for a couple of you. LOL

  9. stevek Says:


    We put enough $$$ into the O-Line, they will do a fine job.

    All eyes on #5, make or break for the young man.

  10. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    We have a substitute guard and a center that may or may not be good as a starting center. The are questions there.

  11. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Pete… Josh Freeman will not get ANY excuses this year buddy. Injuries happen every year on every team.

    This is a make or break year for Free… I don’t want to hear your excuses about the offensive line.

  12. robert Says:

    The only way we win if we are riding Jfro’s coat tails is if he’s cross eyed and throws away from the receiver he is staring down.

    seriously, there are usually 2-3 other options, sometimes 4, and he has not thrown away from the predetermined intended target or given a good hot read yet.

    we’re up sh** creek w/o a paddle

  13. McBuc Says:

    I have to diagree with Pete and Bu Fan…

    Pete- a little anyway, our Center is fine..Buc Fan,maybe in your fantasy league it is mke or break for Free, but I see tem giving him the benfitof the doudt, too many coaching and sceme changes to jstify dmping him. Other teams would jump on him if hey do thouh. Only Bucs fasn doubt him

  14. jfgobucs Says:

    IMO….Jury is still out on Freeman…

  15. McBuc Says:

    Robert – How do you know this from watcin TV or even watching live? How do you know who the attended target of a play is? If thisis true, why all the ceck downs? If yu gus have your way, Freeman will be the next ex-Buc to win a Super Bowl. He hs no even played a regular season game tis year, good god

  16. Jbrooks8604 Says:

    I think Freeman will be fine if he can get it together mentally. You can’t win games without going through progressions. He needs to move away from staring down the primary then immediately checking down to the running back.

  17. Miguel Grande Says:

    Freeman is going to have to play some money ball. If he shines, they win and he gets paid.

    If not, we’re looking at 10 men in the box and next year’s #1 draft pick, Barkley, and a new GM.

  18. SteveK Says:

    Miguel, you may be onto something here.

    I just don’t like Barkley too much.

    I’d rather ride Freemam out through the end of the contract and see what we end up with.

    If Freeman stinks it up, then it will be a Quincy Black type contract “you suck, but we can’t replace you just yet”.

    Next years replacement pieces (so far):
    Trueblood and Q. Black.

    We have the 3rd most available salary cap room in the league. We can go on another spending spree next offseason. Next year will be our year of emergence.

  19. gus Says:

    The worse thing that can happen is freeman has an ok up and down season. Then it will be hard to place him. Is it because it was a new offense or is it just a sign of things to come. If he stinks its easier to get a new qb and if he balls out then its easy to bring him back.