Schiano Didn’t Mislead Media

September 13th, 2012

Joe finds it comical how some of his media brethren get worked up when Greg Schiano won’t offer every last ounce of detail about a player’s health.

It’s as if these media types can’t imagine a scenario in which a sound diagnosis is not available on demand. Meanwhile, recent Bucs history with post-surgery Chris Simms, pre-surgery Brian Price and Arron Sears are just a few examples of situations that needed extended time to diagnose. 

That brings Joe to LeGarrette Blount, who was tackled on the field Sunday, then got up, and after doing some bizzare leg movements, fell to the turf and clutched his knee while flexing it repeatedly at the same time. Blount didn’t return to the game but literally ran out of the locker room.

Greg Schiano essentially said a few different ways on Sunday and Monday that Blount needed more time to be evaluated and his condition was unclear at that time. Then Stephen Holder, of the Tampa Bay Times, digested that and took to Twitter on Tuesday to take a shot at Schiano and call shenanigans.

@HolderStephen – Schiano won’t like me saying this, but oh well. He’s extremely evasive when talking about neurological issues. Makes one wonder about this

It’s seems Holder just coudn’t fathom the possibility that Blount truly needed more medical testing, and as it turns out the team sent Blount to North Carolina to see a specialist. Gee, whaddya know. Schiano wasn’t being evasive, just honest, and responsible by not speculating about a guy’s health.

Mark Cook of also wrote Tuesday that “to suggest 24 hours after an injury occurs that the team simply doesn’t know isn’t being honest with the media or Buccaneers fans.”
Maybe Joe’s just seen too much of life to know that people get injured and sick and doctors don’t always know what the hell is going on. Joe’s brother had a brain tumor that took about four months to accurately diagnose. Years ago, Joe himself had a severe jaw issue out of nowhere that took a third medical opinion to figure out, when finally a doctor was wise enough to ask Joe if he had taken any kind of blow to the face within the prior year 12 months.
Yesterday, Schiano had a special sit-down with New York media and was asked to elaborate on his core beliefs. Here was his response, per
A: Well, I think it starts with trusting each other, that everything is on the up and up and there’s no shenanigans. Belief in what we’re doing, I think that’s huge. Holding each other accountable. Those aren’t football X and O things, those are core values that I think as an organization allow you to do all the X and O things and strength and conditioning things, and film study, and community relations; all the things that go into being an NFL football team. Without core values, I don’t know if you can do any of that successfully.

Joe thought the “no shenanigans” line was so appropriate in light of the Blount situation. It would have been shenanigans if Schiano had, in fact, elaborated on Blount’s medical condition without knowing all the facs.

Joe’s not sure whether Schiano is a South Park fan. But as Officer Barbrady says, “You can’t just go declaring shenanigans on innocent people. That’s how wars get started.”

17 Responses to “Schiano Didn’t Mislead Media”

  1. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    We all know the local rags have a bunch of hacks writing for them. I would rather them hire someone like one of the Joes, BamBam or a positive, intelligent fan of the local teams.

  2. Meh Says:

    Neurological injuries in particular take a lot more time to correctly diagnose. A stinger isn’t the most cryptic of neuro injuries, but it is proper and normal to take some time to evaluate a neurological condition. The nervous system is very complex and a lot of symptoms overlap between minor problems and major problems.

    Having said all that, Schiano is definitely pretty tight with his player info. He isn’t going to disclose much more than he has to.

  3. lifebuc Says: is reporting that Dominik has come out and said it was just a stinger and hes available for practice today. They were just being super cautious bc player safety is number 1.

  4. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    The worst offender of “shenanigan” reporting is Tom Edrington’s spew on BleacherReport. He’s written a “speculative” article about Blount’s injury Sunday being simply due to “Jealousy” in a back up roll. His obvious disdain for Blount is more than apparent and quite frankly his writing is amateur; almost like he’s trying to teach an instructional to grown men how to play patty-cake.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I watched the game again last night and looked closely at the play Blount was hurt on. My first thought was, “it’s a stinger”. I was in the medical field for quite a few years and I could tell right away that when he took the hit and his neck got bent violently sideways and then he stood up as his neck was still cocked to the side and one shoulder was being held much higher than the other shoulder, kind of like he was shrugging one shoulder. He lost coordination in one leg as a result of the temporary nerve damage which affected that side of his body from the neck down. That type of injury will send a burning sensation all the way down the nerve route even as far down as the leg. He wasn’t faking a leg injury at all…it was genuine.

    Then I read today that Dominik called it a stinger and that confirmed everything I believed I saw last night on the replay. I completely agree that Schiano and Dominik were being honest and forthright with the media and everyone else. The reporters at the local papers, as well as Mark Cook over at Pewter Report, owe the Bucs an apology for basically (and publicly) calling them liars. You better damn well know for certain that someone is lying before accusing them of it. Whether it meets the legal definition of slander is besides the point. It’s slander nonetheless from a moral and ethical standpoint.

    This issue brings back into focus the problem with local media in regards to sports teams (and every other topic as well, especially politics). The media are too reactionary, quick to call someone a liar or to spin some sort of half-cocked conspiracy theory. What ever happened to the policy of giving someone the benefit of the doubt until PROVEN otherwise? Have the media lost all character and are nothing more than reactionary yellow journalists now? What the f-ck is wrong with these people anyway?

  6. the_buc_realist Says:

    too bad Thomas 2.2 is not here to tell the truth!

  7. Jbrooks Says:

    Yeah I have been annoyed by the Blount speculation since pre season. Articles about jealousy, bad attitude, concussion. The worst is the seemingly baseless trade theory. Why would Schiano pulling a guy out of the game, sitting him, then setting up an MRI in any way point to trading him. It’s usually better to give him the ball and not claim you are unsure of his health if you wanted to trade him so bad. Irresponsible journalism really. Glad you called them out.

  8. Jbrooks Says:

    Well all know he’s done some things outside the game that are questionable but since his been in Tampa I have heard nothing but good things.

  9. ScottB Says:


    We already knew you took a blow to the head

  10. Miguel Grande Says:

    I have a sister in law who is a compulsive liar. A radio psychiatrist once diagnosed her perfectly. Compulsive liars are extremely selfish. They simply won’t share the truth. Ask them what time it is, they’ll lie.

    Control freaks with Napoleonic Complexes are often compulsive liars.

    As the season rolls on, pay attention to the seemingly unwarranted secrecy. Different scribes attribute it to common sense explanations as if there is a method to the madness. There’s not. I believe the Little General is simply incredibly selfish.

    Funny story, I once asked my sister in law if she was spying on my family through binoculars? I was only kidding, she was insulted and blustered that she never even owned binoculars, but she always seemed to know what we were doing at my house.

    Two weeks later, I caught her in the woods behind my house with binoculars around her neck. Face to face, she denies it to this day.

  11. lifebuc Says:


    well put sir, i had noticed those same movements with Blount after he stood up but didnt know the cause or what the hell was going on really, thanks for the insight! also, to add to what @JBROOKS said, Schiano has come out to defend Blount in the jealousy and bad attitude speculation praising him for working hard and being a team player doing whatever he can to help the team win so i dont know why the media continues to suspect the worst about him

  12. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @ Miguel

    You’re the epitome of “Shenanigans”

  13. bucyea Says:

    I love it!!! Finally, I think the local Bay Area media are gonna be “outed” as the absolute fools they are. This kind of “presumptive journalism” has been going on for years regarding the Bucs. These guys are the most irresponsible, agenda-driven yacks I’ve ever seen in a major metro area, and I think Shiano may cause the yacks to be accountable and more attention drawn to how poorly they do their job. Under Dungy/McKay the yacks were spoon fed all stories but ever since, especially with Guden, they’ve had to actually work for their stories, and they cant stand it, and their “reporting” shows it. Gut feeling is Shiano is gonna expose these guys for the incompetent fools they are.

  14. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    lifebuc Says:
    September 13th, 2012 at 10:57 am is reporting that Dominik has come out and said it was just a stinger and hes available for practice today. They were just being super cautious bc player safety is number 1.


    If this is the case, it’s exactly what I predicted it to be.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Better be careful or Stephen Holder might go on twitter again and call you a “hack”. I’m sure that would just ruin your day.

  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    And once again, I’m not taking Miguel’s bait. I’m so proud of myself!

  17. lurker Says:

    Meh said:
    “Neurological injuries in particular take a lot more time to correctly diagnose.”

    so is miguel payasito still not correctly diagnosed? no matter what the underlying condition is, i still say troll!