Schiano Knew He’d Stir The Pot

September 18th, 2012

Joe has listened to loads of interviews of Greg Schiano and inevitably the leader of the New Schiano Order gets asked about making the transition from college to the pros. Then Schiano typically reminds/advises the interviewer that he spent years in the NFL as a Bears assistant, so he knew what the NFL was all about for years.

And that brings Joe to Sunday’s playcall by Schiano to go full throttle to force a fumble when the Giants were kneeling down to end the game (yes, the head coach referred to it as a specific “call” during his Monday news conference). Schiano knew full well that it wasn’t common in the NFL and it challenged an unwritten code. Schiano also prides himself on being a detail guy and calculating every move. So there’s no question in Joe’s mind that Schiano knew he’d stir up a controversy when he pulled the trigger on this call.

To think Schiano was naive to the uproar that blowing up a kneel-down likely would generate in the hyper-obsessed NFL media is just foolish.

Joe figures the head coach wanted a shot after a loss to move the media spotlight away from his team and to himself with this tactic, and further galvanize his club in the process. 

A couple of years ago, another head coach who liked to make bold statements told a crowd of media that his young club was “the best team in the NFC.” That line went a long way and achieved the desired effect as the Bucs finished 10-6.

Schiano prefers to make his statements on the field, but it’s clear to Joe that the head coach has no problem crafting some buzz if he thinks it will advance the mission of the New Schiano Order.

14 Responses to “Schiano Knew He’d Stir The Pot”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:


  2. Horice Says:

    Well now Joe, to reference a Raheem quote, after the “keyboard-lashing” he gets from you is quite humorous. The other part of that is a season later he was FIRED! That comment from Raheem, didn’t give us a perception as a dirty team. We have that now, just hope it doesn’t cost us any unnecessary injuries in the future.

  3. JonBuc Says:

    With all undue respect to Dorice, Joe was pointing out the difference between the old and new coach and their methods of taking the spotlight off the team and onto themselves. I like(d) Coughlin and his old school ways but he’s a sore winner and ALWAYS is belly aching on the sideline. Should have Desean Jackson called for a fair catch instead of returning Matt Dodge’s line-drive punt for a td a few years back? Play until the final gun if the game is still in doubt.

  4. Paul Says:

    The real story is: Why didn’t they give us our QB sack?

  5. raphael Says:

    Okay and I am behind coach 100%…But I want to know what we are going to do about the single high safety and our CB’s getting torched for 250 yrds on 6 plays in the 4th quarter…not acceptable !

  6. The Dutcher Journal (Pete Dutcher) Says:

    Shouldn’t claim supposition as fact.

  7. OAR Says:

    Perception as a dirty team?? Give me a break! You play til the clock reads 00:00, period!

  8. buckeyebob Says:

    Don’t care about the end of the game. FIX the defense or you will be doing moe of this end of the game crap.

  9. Miguel Grande Says:

    There’s got to be a morals or ethics clause in the Little General’s contract where they can just dismiss him as an embarrassment to the NFL.

  10. raphael Says:

    Miguel your an embarrassment…..troll !

  11. Rob Holiday Says:

    Many agree with the call, and many disagree. But, one thing I know, the Bucs have not had this much national media attention since Sapp was on the bucs roster. Has anyone else noticed how the Bucs national media attention took a steady nose dive after Sapp left? No such thing as bad publicity?

  12. Rob Holiday Says:

    If you take your “feelings” out of it (which have no place in the NFL) and look at the play logically. You have a goal you are trying to achieve and it comes down to 2 options at the end. Option one (give up) has a zero percent chance of you achieving your goal, option two gives you a .1% chance to achieve your goal. Which option gives you the best chance to achieve your goal?

  13. Ish70 Says:

    I like when a coach takes the attention off of his team. We aren’t talking about the Defense getting scorched at the end. We are talking about the coach’s decision to be aggressive.

    A few years ago, Mike Gundy for Oklahoma State had his “I’m a man” rant” and nobody talked that week about the 500+ yards that his team gave up in that loss. They talked about the coach. Calculated move.

    Just like Schiano.

  14. RichinNC Says:

    Another former Tampa coach used to stir up the media and draw attention away from a big loss. That team went on to win the Stanley cup.