Rush Defense May Be Overlooked

September 4th, 2012

When Joe thinks of the Bucs’ rush defense last year, Joe thinks of Tampa Bay Downs with the ponies at full speed coming down the stretch.

Once running backs got past the first level, it was an unadulterated jailbreak. Mike Tanier, a guru at the football thinktank, also works for something called and he explains the rotten rush defense was fully attributed to Gerald McCoy. That is, the absence of Gerald McCoy.

And because GMC is healthy, that means the Bucs rush defense should be pretty good, Tanier opines.

Undersold Story: The Bucs’ run defense started the 2011 season pretty solid but became a glorified E-ZPass lane soon after DT Gerald McCoy got hurt. McCoy suffered a minor injury against the Patriots, but he is expected to bounce back, and the front seven has many other talented building blocks. The Bucs can become respectable in a hurry if they stop allowing 194 rushing yards per game — the figure they gave up in their final six games of last year.

This is a factor that GMC haters refuse to acknowledge or prefer to ignore. The Bucs defense collapsed without GMC anchoring the front line.

As Joe has stated before, it is imperative for both the Bucs and for GMC to have him stay on the field this year.

13 Responses to “Rush Defense May Be Overlooked”

  1. Jbrooks Says:

    It’s proving season for a lot of Bucs. I still hold out faith for them and I’m ready to see the breakout.

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Im with you Jbrooks, looking forward to seeing this D finally put it all together with a coach who knows what he’s doing.

  3. Adam Says:

    But he has to be ***IN*** there for this to matter. Otherwise, *I* might as well be on the roster.

  4. bucfanjeff Says:

    Completely agree. McCoy’s health is critical to our success. He has the talent he was drafted for, he just has to stay on the field.

  5. Have A Nice Day Says:

    McCoy is solid. With him on the field, very few will hurt us up the gut.

  6. Dave Says:

    You can post as many of these articles as you want Joe, but, unfortunately, some people just seem to hate the guy.

    I guess it imust be his work ethic, or maybe his friendly attitude towards fans (Sapp could learn from that), or maybe they hate the fct that he got drafted so high and thought they should have drafted “insert name here”………….


    The man has shown flashes of being very good against run and pass. The ONLY reason it is “flashes” at this point is because of 2 things:
    1. He had 2 freak bicep tears that have NOTHING to do with being injury prone
    2. He has had craaaap around him.

    Unfortunatley the haters will hate more at the end of the season wehn he doesn’t have at least 12 sacks.
    I don’t expect him to because there is no reason every team should not double him on almost every play and because he play DT, not DE.

    Stay Healthy McCoy!

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    Thomas is cringing right now wandering what screen name and ID he can slither back in with.

  8. Lion Says:

    Last year’s home game against the Falcons, the Bucs and McCoy literally shut down Michael Turner and the Falcons ground game. When McCoy wasn’t in the lineup in the second Falcons game, they ran all over us. Coincidence?

  9. Lion Says:

    I think, not.

  10. McBuc Says:

    What happend to Thomas ayway? I figured this artice would makehis head explode, but then I saw Bigmac’s post that lads me to believe he has beenm banned! I have been in and out because I travel for work, I must havemissed the hoopla.

    Back on subjec. I say we stop the ruin just fine this yar, unles GMC is hurt agin. Let’s hope he stays healthy.

  11. Oahubuc Says:

    The man does his job when he’s actually on the field. No doubt about that.

  12. ElioT Says:

    Have to give McCoy the benefit of the doubt so far. If he falls to injury again or gets slapped around consistently than everyone can claim the “bust” label.

    I hope this guy plays well this year!

    Go Bucs!

  13. Greg Says:

    @ McBuc,

    Joe told Thomass to simmer down the rhetoric in a post last week, and Thomass basically called Joe out and said, in a nutshell, that Joe was his bitch and dared Joe to ban him, so Joe bitchslapped with a ban! It was a beautiful moment, I almost wish Joe would bring Thomass back so I can witness Joe bitchslap him again!