Redskins At Bucs Between The Lines

September 29th, 2012

NFL guru Pat Kirwan gives his breakdown on Sunday’s Redskins-Bucs game in this CBS Sports video.

9 Responses to “Redskins At Bucs Between The Lines”

  1. Bobby Says:

    No way the Skins score 24. I think we win by 10.

  2. OB Says:

    Joe, I don’t know what color uniform the Bucs will wear, I think it will be the red one and if so, the Redskins will see the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air. If the offense is not turned loose now, it never will and the defense just does their thing and gets better every week.

  3. tom Says:

    This game is going to be all about guys doing their jobs and not getting tricked into biting on the play action. We have some gamblers in the secondary, and no I am not talking about Ronde. In my opinion this game is going to be all about the linebackers for the Bucs. And Freeman. Hopefully the O doesn’t come out flat and can sustain the 2nd half. I was concerned with how “passionless” VJax looked last week. Same with Freeman. Like they were just going through the motions. We need some fire. And a good scheme.

  4. Sambizle Says:

    As a fellow Tom I would like to say Vjax as you say “passionless” was upset with Free missing him over and over and over again and he didn’t wanna act like a “ME 1ST New Rich Millionaire.” He acted like the Veteran he “IS” and went back to his sideline to talk to the coach and the QB. Not jump up and down like a Man-Baby WR Like TO (who can’t get back into the league because of it.)

  5. Brandon Says:

    Pat Kirwin is a moron and this piece further illustrates my point. In week 1, the Redskins came out against the Saints with the “Baylor offense”, his first 6 passes were at or behind the line-of-scrimmage. He made a few throws downfield once that opened up, but Kirwin says they need to go back to that… DUH! NFL defenses aren’t as stupid as Kirwin, they’re already trying to take away the Baylor offense by playing press coverage against Griffin and forcing him to beat them downfield with a less than stellar receiving crew.

    It is very common for new QBs to come out of the gates quickly and then by their 4th or 5th starts, really start to come back down to Earth (think Gradkowski, Romo, Freeman, and tons of others). Plain and simple, these QBs run plays that they feell most comfortable and confident in… after a few weeks, defenses take those plays away and force the QBs to go with throws that they aren’t as comfortable with.

    Anyway, Kirwin has always trashed the Bucs and has frequently been wrong yet he continues to flap his gums like he has nothing to be accountable for… oh wait, he doesn’t, none of these bums making picks are ever held accountable for their horrific predictions.

    The Bucs will win this game. They are clearly a better team moving forward into the season and they have proven to deal with personnel adversity far better as well. Teo-Neisheim will play well for us on Sunday. Demar Dotson will handle Kerrigan.

    Before the start of the season I predicted the Bucs would be 1-2 at this point (while also picking the correct game results) and then would beat the Redskins 24-10 to move to 2-2. Nothing has changed, the Redskins will fall 24-10.

    It won’t be an offensive explosion, but it will be a ball control offense that keeps the Skins off the field and grinds up yards and clock.

  6. tom Says:

    @ sambi… I think you are right. I HOPE you are right.

    @ myself… wtf, how many things can this game be “all about”? I guess I don’t proof read my own posts anymore. Sheesh.

    @Brandon… I hope you are right. I am concerned if RG3 does get the confidence built up and mixes up successful passing with some roll outs, play action and sideline breakouts. If Foster and Barron get on him and let him know that the RJ is our house then it will probably degrade his capabilities. Those guys have been making some nice hits.
    I agree, every time a new QB busts on the scene it takes a few games for the D Corrdinators to dial up a good counter. I hope we have RGIII’s number. I think Kirwan does ok. Wasn’t he a Buc’s scout? But I sure hope he got the call wrong.

  7. Architek Says:

    The only issue I have with Kirwan is his analysis lacks depth and support for his bias. I dont care whether he says old McDonald or not but I respect analysts like Marriuci, Deion, and Warner because they have so much more substance with their opinions. This third leg just week by week picks the easy way and collects a check. Can’t hate on that but gosh he stinks.

  8. St Augustine Says:

    @tom; your questions were intelligent ~ it’s obvious you are a true Buc fan. please post more. also, great answer from sambi. I too hope he is correct.

  9. PieRat Says:

    @ OB….

    It is Throw back game today IIRC. So they will be wearing the creamsicles.