No Limit For Demar Dotson

September 19th, 2012

The journey for new Bucs starting right tackle Demar Dotson is really just beginning. That’s the word from Dotson’s fellow offensive linemate, center Jeremy Zuttah.

Dotson was named the starter yesterday at right tackle, taking over for underwhelming and dinged up Jeremy Trueblood.

Zuttah isn’t exactly shocked by the move. Not so much that Zuttah predicted that Trueblood would be benched, but Zuttah could see how Dotson, a former college basketball player with scant football experience, was progressing the past couple of seasons.

“‘Dot’ has always been a great athlete,” Zuttah said. “Now he is focused on becoming a football player. Before, he was just relying on his athletic ability, the whole time, pure athletic ability.

“The sky is the limit for him.”

Dotson learned of his promotion when his agent called him last night to alert Dotson he was elevated to the top of the depth chart.

Dotson noted that it has been a “tough road” from being a basketball player full-time to his lone year of football prior to the NFL, that was his final year in college at Southern Miss.

45 Responses to “No Limit For Demar Dotson”

  1. Drew Says:

    Congratulations young man, make us all proud.

  2. Jarret Says:

    How great would that be if bucs home games start selling out now that Trueblood FINALLY got benched haha

  3. bucfanjeff Says:

    Dotson deserves a shot. He has been playing well and did very well vs the Giants.

  4. Brandon Says:

    Didn’t he also work his way back from a bad knee injury suffered in camp in 2010? Or was that last year?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually Dotson and Penn are switched, especially considering Dotson’s excellent athletic ability and terrific length and also Penn’s girth and weight advantages he would have as a RT in the run game.

  5. Jessup Says:

    Been hearing this same story for three or four years now. Can the kid finally stay healthy and perform consistently?

  6. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Actually you have not heard any story about him starting because he has not ever had the chance… Until now.

    As far as him staying healthy and consistant.. we shall see.

  7. Colorado Buc Says:

    On a more pressing topic, has anyone else been partaking in international talk like a pirate day?

  8. Oahubuc Says:

    @Colorado Buc: Aye! I be.

  9. Miguel Grande Says:

    Can you imagine how dysfunctional the Buc’s locker room is that Dotson’s agent has to inform him of his new status as a starter?

    The Little General is too busy to put his hand on his shoulder pad and say, “Good job son, you’re our new starting right tackle.”

    The coach is too busy urinating snacking, drinking icy cold beverages and hitting those Marlboros.

    The OC can’t mention to him that by the way, you’re the new starter?

    The OL coach can’t tell him?

    No wonder they can’t make any of those fancy half time adjustments, the player’s agent are probably not available on Sunday afternoons.

  10. bucfanjeff Says:

    On a side note…looks like the new Bucs physical style of play has knocked out 4 Giants for their game vs the Panties on Thursday….Bradshaw, Diehl, Nicks and Hixon. Hate to see people get hurt, but damn, we took it to them physically.

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Don’t you ever get tired of being stupid? As much as I can’t stand Thomas, at least he has some intelligence. You, on the other hand, make comments that I’d swear came from an 8 year old (and a pretty stupid 8 year old). I know you are just trolling, but I just don’t understand how bad your life must be if that’s what gets you off.

  12. upthegut Says:

    I some so 8 year olds who you just pi$$ed off!

  13. upthegut Says:

    I know some 8 year olds who you just pi$$ed off!

  14. teacherman777 Says:

    Yea Miguel is trying to be annoying because I dont think its possible for anyone be quite that clueless.

  15. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Demar is 6 ft 9 and listed at 315 lbs.
    Some heavy squats, and a gallon of milk a day, and he can easily put on some bulk.
    He did do a great job pass blocking for Freeman, and his best days as a pro are yet to come.
    I think it is a good move.

  16. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

    I agree with this article entirely. I think if Dotson can put it all together he can be down right dominant with his size. Wouldn’t mind him eventually taking over for Penn as he progresses.

    Also, Miguel has to be a “stinking Panthers” fan. Seriously, what an idiot.

  17. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Can anyone been kicked off joebucsfan for idiotic comments that don’t attack joe. I gotten to the point where I scroll threw Miguel’s comments and never read then. I used to actually read Thomas’ occasionally he made good points but it just frustrates me to even read Miguel’s comments, how can someone be that ridiculous and change every positive into a negative.

  18. MTM Says:

    Good move yanking out Trueblood.

  19. Miguel Grande Says:


    Can you point out exactly where I am incorrect, or are we dealing with pure blind faith.

    I’ve seen every episode of Hard Knocks Miami and watched how every single player who was signed, cut, demoted, promoted or retired sat down with the head coach and was given the facts straight forward, face to face.

    Once the player was informed then agents were notified, coordinators and position coaches were then allowed to address the player also face to face and told exactly what were the facts behind the decision.

    Notice that the coordinators, position coaches and head coach made the decision together and only after the head coach told the player face to face was the other coaches allowed to address them. It’s called a process. Personnel decisions made in professional manner.

    How was Trueblood informed, did his wife, parents, in-laws or children read it in the newspaper, online or watch it on the TV.

  20. jlynch Says:

    If Trueblood was soi bad why didnt the draft a tackle or pick somebody off the somebody”s practice sqaud? Dotson is just a warm body.Not much football experience, basket ball player how many basketball players can start in the NFL?

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Oh my, did you really just say that? You watched Hard Knocks Miami? LMAO, that’s too hilarious for words!!!!

    First of all, you didn’t see every single player that was cut or demoted. You have no idea when agents are notified. That’s pure speculation. And you also don’t know what order it all happened. Second, I know you don’t know this, but Tuesdays are off days for NFL players across the league. They don’t usually come in the building. It’s their one day to rest and relax, and it’s the day the coaching staff goes over depth charts, game plans, etc. , as well as work out potential free agents. So the reason Dotson didn’t hear about it from the coaches is because he wasn’t in the building. But trust me, he wasn’t caught off guard.

    Besides, every organization is different as far as how their process works. Just because Miami did it that way on Hard Knocks doesn’t mean every team does it that way. It also can vary from player to player, day to day, or situation to situation. Have you never once heard of a player getting traded and being informed of it by the media? You should pay attention to other things besides what color underwear Chip Kelly is wearing today.

    You love to make everything a “situation”, but this is good news. Dotson has worked his arse off for 3 years, and he deserves an opportunity to start. He doesn’t care whether Schiano tells him or your grandmother tells him. Point is, he’s starting, and hopefully we are better off as a result. Trueblood has always seemed like the weak link of our line, and having he and Larsen on the right side is very scary as a Bucs fan, and especially as a Buc QB or RB.

  22. bucobruce Says:

    Miguel why dont you go to JOEPANTHER.COM.I think you are just bashing the bucs to get attention.Why do you hate our new coach who has only been the head coach for 2 games and he is 1 – 1 and we were in the giants game the hole time.I hate Buc basshers!

    Tampaaaaaa Baaaaay!!!!!

  23. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    ” how many basketball players can start in the NFL?”


    Antonio Gates, Tony Gonzalez, Julius Peppers, Terrell Owens, Todd Heap, Donovan McNabb, Jimmy Graham, Martellus Bennett, Antwan Randle-El, just to name a few.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    From now on out, Miguel Grande wins every argument because he watched every episode of Hard Knocks Miami. Therefore, he is an expert on all things football, and how things are done in the NFL. Hand in your resume Miguel, because you will be in high demand as the next NFL GM.

  25. Mike J Says:

    Not sure about 2013, but Demar might replace Penn at OLT on down the road.

  26. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Omg I don’t know if you know but I attended every home game last year and this year do far and watched all away game in surround sound so I know pretty much all the ins and outs of the bucs lmao seriously hard knocks is where u got your “knowledge” from.
    Thank you for typing all that to try and explain to him how sometimes agents could be informed because players are not able to be reached and maybe there are reasons beyond what hard knocks shows that we don’t know. Maybe the bucs tried calling him but reached his agent first and he relayed the message gladly I add. Again honestly hard knocks is where you get your “knowledge” from
    Thanks again Hawaiian

  27. Orlandobucfan Says:

    @ Hawaiian
    Screw GM I think roger goodell might step down and Miguel could replace him as commissioner. Miguel is a hard knocks expert, I seriously doubt goodell knows more than Miguel. The MFL Miguel football league.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    LMAO. It’s going to be hard for him to live that one down. Every post he makes I’m going to remind everyone of it.

  29. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Agreed maybe now he will post less and we all win.

  30. sandbagrudy Says:

    @Migeul Grande possibly those guys are in your bedroom with those stupid pajamas on practicing karate kicks lubing up baseball bats to stuff up your tail end between the rolling around on the mat and staring at men in tights your hard knocks theory is sort of a rusty trombone

  31. Architek Says:

    Congrats Dotson you deserve to be recognized now go put out some Cows!

  32. Miguel Grande Says:

    I believe soon every team will have their own version of hard knocks, its in the works. It’s great for the fans and will increase interest and attendance.

    I initially didn’t think much of the Dolphins choice for Head Coach, but I was impressed with his communication skills, and he changed my mind. He does have a process, set in concrete and it never changes whether dealing with a free agent signed off the street or the #1 draft pick. I respect that.

    Also, he has a Super Bowl Ring. Compared to Schiano who hides in secrecy and has never won a ring, not even in the Big Least.

    Even NASCAR which keeps growing is putting cameras and mikes where they have never been before.

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    In case you’ve been living under a rock, about 15 teams turned down Hard Knocks this year, which is why Miami got it. It doesn’t increase attendance, just ask the Miami Dolphins owner. This year has been even worse than last year for them. I agree with you that it’s a great show, but this year sucked compared to previous years.

    How exactly do you know his process never changes. He’s been there for a minute and a half. He’s had player rebellions already. It was even on the show, and has continued since. The whole issue was that there was no communication. I thought you saw every episode?

    Are you telling me that he deals with every player the same? Really? So you think if Ryan Tannehill beat his wife, he would have been cut? Okay, keep sipping the potion Miguel. Every coach treats each player differently. Players are different, and they each respond differently to coaching. Some handle being yelled at well, others don’t. A great coach learns this, and learns how to motivate each his players in the correct way. I guess that wasn’t on Hard Knocks, so it’s probably not true.

    Raheem Morris has a Super Bowl ring too. So does Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, and Eric Mangini. You make as if it is easy to win a championship at the college or pro level. In the over 100 years of the Rutgers program (they played in the first college football game ever by the way), they only had one bowl game prior to Schiano. I’m trying to be nice here, but you just don’t understand the landscape of college athletics. It’s not a level playing field. Have you ever seen a mid-major team win the championship? Ever? Why do you think the SEC wins it every year? You need to research this subject a little more, because you obviously don’t understand the way it works.

  34. RustyRhino Says:

    Way to go Dotson! Been rooting for him since the gruden years.

  35. jlynch Says:

    Hey Hawaian I really meant basketball players playing offensie tackle a long hard season compared to recievers asnd tight end its way different in the interior line…. thanks

  36. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yeah, but it’s not really a stretch. Offensive tackles need to be tall and long, and have good feet. That is obviously traits that basketball players often (or should) have. The two sports translate very well. I would guess over 90% of NFL players played basketball at minimum at the high school level. They tend to play tight end because of their height, hands, and jumping ability, but there’s no reason why they can’t play tackle if they have the right body type. Dotson certainly has the right body type. Dotson was extremely good in pass protection against the best defensive line in the league. I can’t think of one reason why he shouldn’t start.

  37. 1976Buc Says:

    Can we all make a pact? Ignore Miguel? Never respond to another post from him or her? Geeeeez!

  38. lurker Says:

    ignore the troll, huh. that would work if he’s a troll.

    i am thinking miguel is more and more like a cancer. you shouldn’t ignore a cancer, it should be excised. or exorcised, as the case may be, since he calls true fans and supporters of the bucs the “amen chorus”.

  39. Matt D Says:

    Good for him! I don’t think I heard his name called one time during last week’s game. Hard work pays off dividends. Won’t shock me if the Bucs draft an OL in the first or second round this year though.

  40. Miguel Grande Says:

    “miguel is more and more like a cancer. you shouldn’t ignore a cancer, it should be excised. or exorcised,”

    Cancer is a simple fungus. Simply raise your body’s PH and the disease can not exist. There are dozens of simple time honored cures except that the Pharmaceutical Amen Chorus has actually tried to make the cures illegal in Amerika.

    Simple cures like Bicarbonate of soda, hemp oil or apricot pits (B-17) are 100% effective.

    Chemotheraphy is like trying to balance your swimming pool’s water with rat poison (sodium fluoride), which actually causes cancer. That’s why they put it in your public drinking water.

  41. Fritz50 Says:

    “Cancer is a simple fungus. Simply raise your body’s PH and the disease can not exist”

    Well this explains a lot. The ‘man’ obviously see conspiracies in every aspect of his life. It’s equally obvious that we all have banded together against ‘him’ to keep his massive football intellect in check. I must change my ways!!!

  42. 1976Buc Says:

    Fritz, don’t do it. Just don’t do it. I have to admit that it is very tempting but just say no. LOL!

  43. lurker Says:

    i don’t even know what to say other than wow, just wow. smh

    there is so much incorrect information in your comments, i wish it was just related to football. and to think that you are raising kids. wow!

    again, i say, you need a license to drive, to get married, to have a dog, but not to procreate. not even a mental health history nor intelligence test. idiocracy is upon us!

  44. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t even know what to say after Miguel’s post.

  45. lurker Says:

    i wonder if he ever regrets posting some of the things he does?