Mark Dominik Comes Out Ahead (Again)

September 3rd, 2012

Now that the dust has cleared, for the most part, on NFL teams setting their 53-man rosters, it seems that all the gnashing of teeth and slamming of beer bottles on the bar over some high profile player pink slips in recent months was quite astute by Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik.

Disc-spinning, pants-on-the-ground toes-on-the-line detractor Kellen Winslow was cut loose by Seattle, Tanard “Bongs” Jackson has, again, been busted, suspended and very likely has consummated his quest to smoke himself out of millions of dollars and a promising NFL career, and today hobbled Brian Price was cut loose by the Bears.

What does this tell Joe? That Dominik knew what he was doing with a couple of malcontents and a talented player who, because of a freak injury, is pretty much physically unable to play on the NFL level.

Joe remembers both Bucs fans and NFL media types roasting Dominik (and Bucs coach Greg Schiano) after booting K2 to the curb.

Joe remembers many Bucs fans wanting to storm One Buc Palace in outage over Jackson being turned loose.

Joe even noticed a few Bucs fans angry that Price was traded to the Bears.

Now all three are unemployed. Now all three are on the threshold of the end of the NFL careers.

Who is laughing now?

33 Responses to “Mark Dominik Comes Out Ahead (Again)”

  1. jmagic09 Says:

    I tend to believe more credit is due Schiano for those moves than Dom. We’re talking about “Rah Men” here, not Buccaneer Men, and if the latter coach was still in pewter, I would think those two malcontents would also be here.

  2. Dew Says:

    Yeah but Dom traded for K2 and drafted Price and Jackson.

  3. Joe Says:


    Chucky drafted Bongs Jackson.

  4. Brad Says:

    I’m laughing because these moves were clearly from the head coach and not the GM. If anything it just further proves how bad Dominik has been in 3 years. The dude is living on borrowed time. Schiano is clearly the leader and running everything..

  5. TrueBlue Says:

    So Dom gets blamed, but Schiano gets credit. Interesting bias at work.

  6. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:


    I disagree, Schiano and Rockstar appear to have a harmonious relationship and I believe they are working together on personnel decisions unlike Rockstar’s & Rah’s regime, where rockstar made all the decisions.

  7. BOb Says:

    sadly enough, the ones laughing are the other teams in the league. they cant even make the other team but yet they were starters for ours. yikes!

  8. BucsFan007 Says:

    Dominik is responsible for all of them being here in the first place.
    In my humble opinion, It’s Smoke & Mirrors to now say that Dominick “was quite astute” for now getting rid of HIS Busts & Bad Apples. These same guys were our starters last year & Dominick was just as responsible for keeping them on the roster last year throughout the season. Look, I’m glad Schiano is getting rid of the Dead weight / Bad Apples (and that’s where I think the credit should be directed) but, to somehow say that Dominick “Knew what he was doing” is to say that he was astute this year but not last year ? I dunno & I have to say I don’t agree with that accessment.

  9. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    Despite the ignorance and bias of some of our “fans”, Dom is a pretty good GM and I think will be here for a long time. Yes, he has not drafted very well in the first couple years but he’s right on par with the rest of the GMs in our division and he doesnt hesitate to get rid of someone who cant compete on the NFL level. Schiano is an added plus to help him. This season may not turn out to good but I think the future is bright for us.

  10. rhenry Says:

    I will tell you what I remember. I remember Dominick trading a 2 round draft pick for Winslow. I also remember Dominick wasting a 2 round draft pick on Price. With that being said, has Dominick really came out ahead?

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I think Schiano is the Alpha Male, and is running the show now. But Dom and him do seem to have a great relationship. It is easy to cast blame on Dom, I have done it myself in frustration. But I honestly feel Dom means well, and has had some absolutely terrible luck as far as injuries go.

    The Texans crucified their one time GM because he drafted Mario Williams, instead of the fan favorite Reggie Bush.

    What may cook Dom’s goose is if Freeman turns out to be a bust, and McCoy don’t flash this year.

  12. TrueBlue Says:

    Jackson and Winslow were very good players for the Bucs at one time. Price had enormous potential until the injury took his career. No one can argue their basic talent. Even Briscoe was well worth the time he was a Buc – especially for the little money he cost them. It’s not so easy to see into the future in how injuries and money will affect a players head. Dom was right to bring them in. He and Schiano are right to cut them loose.

  13. BKNYfootballhead Says:


    I can appreciate your approach to your opinion by using “i think” and “honestly feel”. I also am with you on the Freeman & McCoy statement. The salaries don’t match the production, and that’s crippling for a team that previous to this year was quiet on the FA front.


    You use the word “clearly” in every post you make. Well, “clearly” you don’t know a thing unless you’re working in the front office. Do you get coffee and bagels for Schiano? Maybe have a hidden camera in Dom’s office? Please.

  14. Macabee Says:

    Say what you want, I would have preferred Winslow make the week 1 roster. We would have gotten an upgraded 6th round pick!

  15. GurS Says:

    I will say that I don’t think there were that many Bucs fans upset about cutting Jackson, and that the biggest fan outcry by far was over Price. T-Jax was a holdover from the previous regime and no-one predicted Price’s injury, so you can give Dominik a pass on those, but Winslow did come at a relatively hefty cost, and I’m not sure two good seasons were a good enough return on the investment to give Dominik a passing grade on K2.

  16. MrGone Says:

    Where’s Eric? He’s still crying about Dom cutting Winslow every chance he gets.

  17. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    In Dom’s defense some of his high draft picks (McCoy, Price, Benn) were hampered by injuries that were completely unforeseeable and beyond any GM or head coach’s control. Price’s college injury wasn’t looked into deeply enough by the west coast scout so Dom didn’t even have the knowledge that he should’ve rightfully expected to receive from that scout. Thus that scout was fired. Dom couldn’t control any of this.

    Now I will agree with Apple that if a healthy McCoy and a healthy Freeman turn out to be flops then Dominik is in serious jeopardy of losing his job in the next year or two. But injuries alone will not jeopardize his job. No way, no how. Not in this lifetime or the next. It will be the performance of his high draft picks when healthy, over the course of several seasons, that determines his job status. Simple as that.

  18. Adam Says:

    So what you’re saying is that three players that Dominik picked up weren’t good enough to last a month on another team’s roster.

    And this is our top evaluator of talent? He’s the Master of “buying high-selling low.”

  19. NJBucsFan Says:

    I think both Dom and coach study the kaizen methodology. Continuous improvement and on going change. I have a feeling we will see plenty of moves during this era and we may not always understand them but I think we will end up better for most of them.

  20. gatorinarkansas Says:

    Funny how, so called fans of the Bucs rip them and can’t sell out games. Wish I still lived in Tampa where I grew up and was able to go to games. Reading some of ya’lls comments is really sad. Faithful BUCCANEERS fan since’75 when they were born. Get educated enough to run this team and replace the GM or buy them and fire him. Meanwhile, support them or lose them.GO BUCCS!

  21. Orlandobucfan Says:

    Are joe and Dominick the same person or is joe Dominick’s publicist because that was an interesting way I spin things. A second rounder turns out to be a bust and Dominick is praised for getting rid of him, and giving up a second rounder for soulja boy and he’s praised for getting rid of him. If Dom is judged on hindsight then yes rockstar it is. Players that started for us last year didn’t even make the teams roster this year that’s embarrassing.

  22. Capt. Jean Lafitte Says:


    Stupid comment, how do you really know that everyone who comments “IS” a Buccaneer fan? You don’t live in Tampa anymore and you seem to be registered to this site. And like your lowly one ticket would make a difference. If all the comments were goo goo ga ga all the time it would be boring. And if fans and the media were always contrite there would hardly be timely changes made.
    So if you actually grew up here, it means you probably have family and some friends still here. Buy them some tickets. You can access ticket master from there too.

  23. MAC Says:

    Mark Dominik is the third worse GM in football behind Jeff Ireland and Bruce Allen… All these guys being released were costly draft pics…. What are you laughing at? That we wasted second round draft pics on Winslow, Price and Benn and Bowers? Or that we wasted first round pics on Freeman and McCoy? Sciano is taking over the personnel decisions and Dominik needs to go work for Men’s Warehouse as a model… WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  24. Brandon Says:

    And don’t forget some of the important NON free agent signings. Cadillac Williams wasn’t resigned last season and is now out of the league.

    Barrett Ruud wasn’t resigned last season and lost his job to a rookie 4th rounder in Tennessee, then signed with Seattle and was beat out by a 2nd rounder and then traded to New Orleans where nobody is available or healthy at MLB and he still won’t be starting there.

    Also, they didn’t resign Josh Johnson and he got cut hy his college coach and was ousted in favor of an undrafted free agent in Scott Tolzien.

  25. Tbuc Says:

    Until Dom drafts a Pro Bowler he’s not a rocks tar GM. Horrible evaluator of talent and has put together a roster devoid of depth. Then you applaud him for dumping players he picked up? And yeah Gruden and Allen drafted T Jack put Doninik is the one who signed him to a extension after 1 game last year.

  26. gatorinarkansas Says:

    @capt jean.
    What are you saying? One fan can’t make a difference. Soooo, the Capt. Thing really means something to who? LMAO cut them some slack, Bucs history is what it is but they are my team REGARDLESS. Proud when they won their first game,(at New Orleans) their first NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and first of many SUPERBOWLS. So many transplants down there.

  27. Paul Says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and state that Dominik has no role in roster moves. Schiano definitely has all the say in roster cuts/signings. Dominik just writes out the contracts and then runs them by Schiano to make sure it is just the way he wants it.

  28. js1506 Says:

    So Dominik came on top because he traded 2 players for a bag of skittles? (Yeah yeah 2 7th round picks that will not make our team) On the positive side we got rid of two useless players that didn’t fit our locker room (winslow and jackson) and one who couldn’t play (price)

  29. albuc44 Says:

    we got draft picks for winslow and price… and then these guys get cut .. jackson has been suspended for the season… Im to the point where I will not doubt this duo of rockstar and shiano… go bucs!

  30. Dave Says:

    It would be nice if some of the haters gave props……..

    I mean, I was all for Okoye, but it is obvious that he can’t perform.

    I would love for them to re-sign Brian Price but they just can’t afford a future project, they need depth now.

    It was obvious to MANY of us last year that K2 had to go… kudos to Schiano and Mark D for doing it.

    And TJAX… I thought he had his head out of his A$$$ and would show up this year…. guess not. Again, kudos to coach and Mark D.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    I believe that the biggest problem for TJax was not knowing how to deal with an addiction. Now I’ve never heard of anyone truly being addicted to weed, but he obviously was in some way. I believe for Tanard, that he just wasn’t in the right environment and didn’t have the support group to help him stay straight. Then again, maybe he just didn’t want to, but when someone gets in trouble for breaking rules and they are continuously rewarded for doing it, there is no reason to stop. It’s a lot like giving an alcoholic money, and then telling him not to buy beer or vodka. Raheem is a fool and he should have invested more time in his charge. I’m not a big blame guy but I can’t help but believe Raheem knew what he was getting into and he didn’t take care of bidness. At least the Cowboys are providing baby sitters for Dez Bryant, and at his expense. Hard to believe rich grown men can’t take care of themselves.

  32. BedBug Says:

    Look its simple. Dom is in compliance with the way Greg wants his team to behave. Dom isn’t afraid to cut his guys. Dom admits a mistake and gets draft picks from them before its too late. Its not like we knew the end result of getting these three guys would be this or we wouldn’t have bothered with them. I say this is a good thing and not a bad thing… these guys might have started for the Bucs under Rah but this is a new team under Schiano

  33. Matt B Says:

    I go back to the point others have made. How was our GM supposed to see into the future and predict injuries? Price was the Pac10 defensive player of the year and was expected to go late in the first round. He was the star of training camp his rookie year before he got hurt. How could someone have predicted that? To say we got nothing for Winslow simply isn’t true. We got three productive seasons (which detractors seem to ignore completely) and a late round draft pick in exchange for a second round pick – not great but not bad. T-Jax was drafted by the previous regime and it initially looked like their best value pick ever – an immediate starter as a 5th round pick. Out new GM let him walk prior to his probable lifetime ban. Jeez, fans of every team love to rag on their GM as if they know better. We’ve got a pretty good one. Now, if Freeman and a healthy McCoy don’t work out, I’ll admit I’m wrong.