Greg Schiano Dismisses Early-Whistle Debacle

September 23rd, 2012

A frustrated Bucs coach Greg Schiano spoke on the Buccaneers Radio Network following the game. Though he was polite, there was no denying the frustration in his voice amid the despair of lacking offense that blocked the Bucs from a valued road win in North Texas today.

When asked of what looked to be a scoop-and-score by Eric Wright off of a Tony Romo fumble, which would have given the Bucs a lead in the second half, Schiano dismissed any talk that the non-play cost the Bucs the win.

“It’s in the rule book,” Schiano explained. “When a whistle is blown on a play that is later determined to be a fumble, the ball is spotted at the point of the fumble recovery. It’s in the rule book.”

What Schiano did not dismiss was the rash of turnovers and stupid penalties that all but torpedoed the Bucs this afternoon.

“I thought the defense had a good day, played well and we had more pressure on the quarterback than we have had all year,” Schiano said. “But as a team, we were not ham-and-egging it too well. We had too many penalties, too many turnovers. We will get it fixed. We had an opportunity to win on the road and two weeks in a row we didn’t finish it and make it happen. That’s part of our growth, I imagine, but it is frustrating.

“It is disappointing. We did not find a way to win; I did not as a coach. Dallas is a good football team. I’m not going to make any excuses. We got whooped. The beauty of it is six days from now we will play the Redskins.”

8 Responses to “Greg Schiano Dismisses Early-Whistle Debacle”

  1. Patrick Says:

    @ JOE

    Does Bobby Fenton still have his radio show later on?

  2. Mike Says:

    Ya, that play sucked… but it’s not why we lost the game; we’re looking at that play under a microscope bc the offense is making us

  3. Joe Says:


    Does Bobby Fenton still have his radio show later on?

    Not sure.

  4. Miracle Says:

    Well if we can pull of a win vs Was next week, we’ll be 2-2 and could’ve ben 4-0. Our OC called a horrible game. There is literally no other way looking at it.

    But.. we may be able to put it all together real soon and have a very good team.

    last week, it was our def. This week is our offense. I’d say that next week we’ll put together a complete performance against a decent Was team. This will be promising since our schedule will start lightening up. I mean we do get to play 2 games against NO.

    Hopefully, Sullivan hit bottom and can look at this game as the floor of poor play calling.

    How about McCoy?

  5. Mike J Says:

    Miracle, I had the same thought. Or maybe the offense and the defense both will be bad…naw, no way.Please….

  6. Drew Says:

    Prediction… they won’t break .500 this year.

  7. Drew Says:

    Better yet… they won’t break .250 this year.

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Our season really rides on the Washington game. If we can be 2-2 with a tough opening schedule and despite giving away 2 games, I think we are actually in really good shape. 1-3 is a big hole to dig out of. Aside from Atlanta, no team in our division looks good at all. Our schedule softens up quite a bit, so hopefully we can take advantage and get some wins. However, we won’t win any games with Freeman playing like he did today. I don’t think it’s possible he can be that bad again. Then again, I thought Raheem Morris was a good coach, so perhaps my opinion isn’t always the most sound.